Player Submission: Common Man’s Guide to Dream Creatures

Dream creatures of all sorts are becoming more and more common these days, and thus the common man needs to know how to interact with them and how to defend oneself if necessary.


An artist’s rendition of a Smigget serving his favorite beverage: Tea.

As you may know, Magesta has it’s own dream realm, conveniently called “the Dream Realm”. When someone from Magestra dreams, the Dream Realm is where they go. Brimm is a different dream realm, a shared realm where people from a number of dimensions that don’t have their own dream realms go to dream. Brimm is home to a number of creatures that you may have heard of, such as Smiggets, Dozers, Jabberwockeys, and Jub-Jub birds. Many of these creatures are Tane.

Tane are dream creatures from Brimm that are shapechangers: they can change their form and mimic others. However, if a normally flighty and changeable Tane gets it in its head to be a specific thing, it is possible for it to — with dedication and effort — actually fundamentally change to become that other thing.

In part because of the influence of the Gatekeeper and his Dreamweaver, Hearkin, many of the dream creatures one encounters these days on Magesta are actually from Brimm.

You see, in order to usurp the natural order of things on Magesta and become the Incarnation of Death, the Gatekeeper must also usurp the mantle of the Incarnation of Dream, since Death and Dream together are what is known as a liminal (one being with two forms). The Gatekeeper is using the changeable nature of Tane to convince a pair of Tane to become the Incarnations of Death and Dream. If successful, he plans to take the Incarnationhood from the Death Tane. Thus, the Gatekeeper and his allies are shaping Tane and other inhabitants of Brimm to suit their own goals.

Tane are not inherently hostile, and most are intensely curious about whatever it is that they are choosing to be. Once they have chosen to become something else, they are not easily discouraged, but can sometimes be sidetracked by convincing them that a certain course of action is necessary in order to reach their desired goal.

Unlike other shapechangers, or undercover agents of the Portal Authority for that matter, a Tane has to identify itself as a Tane if asked directly. “Are you a Tane?” works wonders. How is this useful you might ask? Being dream creatures, Tane have some inherent weaknesses.

The most common and easily exploitable is that Tane are vulnerable to an Awaken spell, as such a spell causes a pain reaction in them. Remember that an Awaken spell can be cast at range with a thrown spell component, but psionicists should also keep in mind that within close range, Awaken can be cast with sufficient power to overcome spell resistance. It is possible to even dismiss Tane back to Brimm in some cases with repeated castings, although this does not always work.

I also have secondhand reports that dream creatures in general are vulnerable if you “bring their own tricks to bear upon them.” This requires more evidence to determine the exact effects, but psionicists are encouraged to use sleep, delusions, and other psychic spells when defending themselves against hostile dream creatures.

Which brings us to the tricks that Tane and other dream creatures have. Be alert and on your guard. Watch for your companions to suddenly fall asleep or act strangely from delusions. If you have ways to grant yourself or others psychic resistances, use them. Also, calling out to friends to let them know what is going on is extremely helpful.

For further information on dream creatures and Brimm, the best contact would be Minister Tellah Forgedheart in Hatchport. Unfortunately, there are no current Dreamweavers in town, but Tellah has been in Elmerton on a semi-regular basis lately.


Yours in Knowledge,


Rybin vanHoltRybinvanHoltseal

Historian and Scholar

Player Submission: Carzon Sazdar Blocked by the Heroes of Elmerton

This third report on the terrors of the Gatekeeper’s loyal servant, Carzon Sazdar, is a mixed story of death, demons, betrayal, and hope.  On the evening of the 30th day of Petalsong, the growing sounds of combat sounded from the woods in the center of Elmerton.  At the forefront was a man in a horned mask that many recognized as Lodi – a person who had helped rebuild parts of Gindinmere and provide aid to many who had suffered at the hands of the Gatekeeper.  A man who, up until mere hours before, had been considered an ally by the adventurers of Elmerton.  As his mask was lifted to reveal a wicked grin and mocking speech, it only served to confirm the suspicions that Carzon and Lodi were one and the same.

Carrying a coffin-shaped shield with a blood red glow, Carzon directed his troops and demonic allies to attack the town while he began to rip open a dimensional scar that crossed the town which had just started to heal.  The heroes of Elmerton resisted with sword and spell, but every time a large number of Carzon’s warriors were slain, he recalled them from the Gatekeeper, suspending their promised one true death in the name of necessity.  In return, Carzon lashed out with his own power, killing many who opposed him directly.  As for the demons, they continued to slip through the gap between dimensions almost as fast as they were destroyed.

Seemingly aware of the conflict, the Incarnation of Death himself established a space in the town to judge the recently departed.  At times, he was accompanied by some sort of assistant that I could not identify.  A great many spirits visited him during the night, some multiple times.  Each spirit had a hushed discussion that I could not make out, and Vorkarian consulted his dice.  More often than not, they were permitted to return, and most moved to continue the fight against the agent of the Gatekeeper.

After several hours of hearing the clash of metal and seeing the flash of spells, a cry went out for Elmerton to disengage – that someone had done what they needed to do.  Caught between wanting to investigate and wanting to live, I slowly moved towards where the noise had been the loudest, near the shrine to the Incarnation of Nature.  At the distant sight of Carzon’s glowing shield, I froze and strained to hear what was being said.  The voice of a single man spoke against the group that was led by Carzon, and though I could not hear clearly, I could tell that the tone was defiant.  There was a surge of the sounds of combat, which then quieted as quickly as it began.  The same single voice, now mocking, still spoke.  Carzon replied, sounding frustrated or tired.  After a short time, I no longer saw the trees lit by a reddish light.  The night was still.  Carzon was gone.

On Fortuneday, Elmerton celebrated their victory with music, games, and food near where Carzon was stopped.  I believe that this is the first record of defeat for Carzon Sazdar and The Gatekeeper.  I pray to the Incarnations, and especially to Vorkarian, that it is not the last.


I Knew I’d Be a Handsome Cadaver, But Not This Way!

Hey Elmerton!

I know my last visit probably soured you against me again, but I’m not working for Wreckanis anymore. I swear! I wanna be friennnds with youuuu, and I have information to give you as a peace offering!

The other day, I was in the forest outside of Elmerton and I met a young fae girl who was really sad. I sat down to talk to her and learned that she had found a necklace while exploring and she put it on, but then she couldn’t take it off! And what was worse than that, it was hurting her! I could tell from the Essence on the necklace that the last people to touch it were Jack Garren and Galynn, so I decided to try to make the thing my problem instead of this little fae girl’s; or, better yet, make it Jack and Galynn’s problem!

Together, the fae girl and I figured out how to get the necklace off of her and onto me, so now I can’t take it off! Shucks! Anyway, I studied it and, to my surprise, discovered it was a Tane item. Those crazy Tane are always making trouble! So, I went to Brimm and asked around and learned that the thing was made by a Tane named Jabjulalola, she used to be a Jubjub Bird, but now she wants to become a Morticent of the Gatekeeper. Lame.

(Oh, I should explain for those of you who may not know: Tane have the ability to turn themselves into other things. I don’t mean, like, just a shape change. I mean they can completely change into something else and actually become that thing, or an exact clone of that thing. It is kind of like fulfilling a dream, but in reverse since they started out in a dream world. Becoming certain things is harder than others, but ever since Tane on Brimm became aware of Magesta, many of them have set their sights pretty high. Making the change is a long road, and until a Tane completes it, he or she is still a Tane and must answer in the affirmative to the question, “are you Tane?”)

So, yeah, Jabjulalola decided that becoming a Morticent meant that she needed to have her own faithful servants and spiritual hosts, which all Morticents have, and those people are collectively known as The Cadaverate. To do this, she created cursed necklaces and gave them to people in Elmerton. Among other things, the necklaces are designed to instill their wearers with ability to host her Spirit once she finally becomes a Morticent, and becoming a Morticent is a task that is made easier for her if the necklace-wearers believe that she is already a Morticent, which is why she has been hamming up the monologues and maniacal laughter wherever she goes.

Well, there it is. Jabjulalola is no longer really a Jubjub Bird, but she is also not yet a Morticent. If she completes her journey, anyone in possession of one of these necklaces will become a member of The Cadaverate and recognized as a trusted servant by any Morticent of the Gatekeeper. While this will not mean that these people will lose control of themselves and go on a killing spree or anything, it WILL get in MY way of turning from Tane into a Redbush, and that junks for me! I hope I can get rid of this thing. It is pretty, though.

Your Dearest Friend Who Would Never Hurt YouWreckanisMadeMeDoIt,

-Mister Redbush

Another Village Falls To Sazdar and the Gatekeeper

Some may call it luck but that’s a word I would never utter with what I saw. I bore witness to the aftermath of an assault by a man named Carzon Sazdar just over a month ago, I never guessed that in my roaming wanderlust I would see one take place before my very eyes.

My wanderings that day brought me to Gindinmere a small village southwest of Elmerton just a GindinmereLocationInIrvanshirefew short miles from Bloomingport. That night I just finished dinner and was enjoying a rather large and tasty dwarven ale in the Salty Maidens tavern when disaster struck.

It happened all at once- the silence of the night torn asunder by a roof rocking blast that threw a few people off their feet. The tavern emptied as did the other houses and random businesses that remained open at that hour. People poured into the center of town to see a large and heavily armed group led by a large man who stood out in front of them. Before anyone could even speak or try and make an action, the man up front spoke in a booming tone. “I am Carzon Sazdar, the slayer of worlds and the man who is not only ready, but excited to send you all to the Gatekeeper’s Realm of True Death.” He paused then to watch the effect of his words on the town. His brow furrowed slightly as he continued, “The Gatekeeper, however wishes for me to convey his intent to you so that you will know the extent of his mercy. Listen to this well!” Sneering, and drawing a well-worn scroll from a pouch at his side, he bellowed in an even louder tone,

“’Magestans. I am the Gatekeeper. I am Death Incarnate and will take my place amongst the other Incarnations. You cannot destroy me. You cannot withstand me. However, be it known that I bear you no personal hatred nor animosity. I have no desire to inflict unnecessary pain or suffering upon any individual. I am willing to offer you this chance, Magestans. There need not be premature death and destruction, but know that I will grant the spirits of this desperate and pleading world eternal and pure rest, and with that will come the Dread of War. For those with the wisdom to bow before Destiny, I will provide places of safety in which you and your families will be permitted to live safely and comfortably and to live out the natural course of your lives or until such time as I am given a seat amongst the greater Incarnations. Those who enter this stronghold will be under my protection and will know the strength of my might. No harm will come to you.

However, I will warn you that those who do not enter this stronghold will be subjected to the Sword and Wrath of my Pledged. Carzon knows no mercy and has my leave to show no quarter to stragglers and heroes.’”

Carzon leered at the town and said, “You have until this time tomorrow to make your choice, Gindinmere. Make no mistake, I will return at that time, and will show you the strength of MY might and the extent of MY mercy.”

After all this was said, Carzon muttered a few words, made a complicated gesture with his hands, and a massive swirling portal opened in the center of town, complete with an elaborate gateway conjured out of thin air. After nailing the scroll to the gateway, Carzon and his men marched out of town. A few townsfolk rushed into the portal with zero hesitation after gathering their families and the valuables they could carry. Other argued the merits of accepting the Gatekeeper as the overseer of Death. Some disagreements turned into fistfights.

When it was all said and done over half the town went into the portal. Those who stayed behind prepped for a fight. I myself found a pig iron shed that the blacksmith uses and barricaded myself inside. True to his word, Carzon and his men marched back into Gindinmere at roughly the same time and unleashed a horror that the Abyss would be jealous of. Men, women and even children fell to their blades. Any building used as shelter was burned to the ground. There was no stopping Carzon and his men. I was literally the only one left alive as the portal in town began to pulse and then closed.

One of his men found the shed I was hiding in and tore the door open with alarming strength. He raised an axe to my head and was about to strike until Carzon himself grabbed his arm. “Ahh a roving scribe,” he said in a tone of voice full of poison. “No! She gets to live, no point in letting the story of a lifetime go untold. Run off little one and tell all what you have witnessed here.”

After letting me live to escape, he let out a whistle and his men formed up and marched out of town. He followed behind them with strong strides and left the town in ruin. When they left I quickly dashed away.
I can speak no more of the horror I witnessed…

Rasmona Susmark
Roving Scribe

Sacred Boneyard of Aegus the Emancipator

Boneyard of the EmancipatorHave you heard the good news? An ancient graveyard on the Northern shores of the Bay of Murmurs called the Sacred Boneyard of Aegus the Emancipator has been consecrated to the Gatekeeper and dedicated to the sanctity and purity of Death. It is a graveyard watched over by powerful spiritual sentinels that insure that once a body is interred, it is able to remain in a state of uninterrupted rest. It is a powerful place unable to be desecrated, where no bodies can be raised and any Necromancers that dare to enter will be stripped of their powers or simply turned to ash. Additionally, it is a place where one can insure that his loved ones buried there will not return to the mortal realm, as Vorkarian will sometimes allow.

Tell me, isn’t it worth it to give your loved ones the solace of eternal and lasting peace?

This boon is granted to the kingdom of Irvanshire through the hard work and dedication of Morticent Romaya Hearkin- a loyal and dedicated servant of the rightful Warden of Death.


Horrific Happenings in Irvanshire

We have just gotten word of a horrifying attack on a small hamlet called Ipsimere located just outside the burning-skull-in-hot-flamearea of Mathers Marsh. When I first heard of it I rushed there to witness the aftermath first hand
and to get reactions from those who survived it. This small town was devastated, the dead and dying were everywhere, the smell of burning bodies and burning buildings still hung thick in the air. The carnage
was staggering. Once I gathered my bearings I was able to find a survivor who was willing to talk to me about it. Her name was Claudia Loriard and this is what she had to say:

“The night started in a state of joy. A wedding announcement for the son of our town blacksmith and his long time girlfriend, the daughter of our town tavern keeper. Most of the town was in the  tavern celebrating and then all at once the roof above us caught fire. In a panic we all began to rush to the tavern doors. When we swung the huge doors open a scene of pure horror greeted us. A large contingent of strange men with crossbows, short bows and other weapons of war at the ready. There was a moment of silence.
Then it happened! The horrifying sound of the snap of the crossbows and the twang of the short bows filled the air followed by the blood-curdling screams of those struck by the weapons. People were dying all
around me. Our town guard, a man by the name of Captain Jurison did what he could to rally our guardsmen who weren’t struck down to attack these strangers. He mustered a charge but they were all quickly either shot or struck down. There was one man giving the orders to these strangers and a pile of the dead and dying quickly began to build at his feet as he laughed. Our defenses were broken and he knew it. In a voice that sounded as if he had a throat full of broken glass he said one word- ‘Stop,’ and his men stopped attacking.
The remaining survivors stood with me in a state of shock. He reached into the pile of bodies at his feet and pulled up our blacksmith by the throat, locking eyes with him at his height.
‘Do you fear death, do you fear your end?’ he asked.

‘No,’ the blacksmith answered in a stern tone, ‘I have no doubt that Vorkarian will welcome me and send me to my just reward.’
The stranger just laughed and said, ‘Vorkarian? Oh no, you should feel honored for you get to experience a true death. One free of the lies that he has told you. You get to meet the Gatekeeper and he will judge you and give you the true death that you have been denied for far too long.’ He then raise the blacksmith above his head and smashed his head against a rock, spilling the contents of his skull on the ground.

He then threw his arms up and spoke to the few of us still standing, “Those who are still alive are only that way out of my rapidly depleting mercy. I AM CARZON SAZDAR AND DEATH IS WHAT I TRADE IN. If you still live to hear this message, remember what I say and pass it on to all you meet. I was sent here to reap spirits and this is far from the first time I have done so, thousands have fallen to my blades. The so called ‘heroes’ of Elmerton are the reason this has happened today, for if it was not for them freeing me from my prison, this example of the Gatekeeper’s power would not have been possible. Do not mourn your dead for someday you will meet your loved ones in the Gatekeeper’s true realm of death. Someday you will thank us both.”
After he spoke those words he whistled and his men marched out of town as if it was no big deal.”

After she laid down the horror she saw I asked Claudia if she had anything else to say. In a mournful tone she said yes and the following is what she had to say:
“Damn The gatekeeper! Damn Carzon Sazdar! And damn Elmerton for bringing this horror to us.”

She then threw her hood up and walked away from me.

This is the conclusion of my report. I am still shocked by the horrors that happened here.

Rasmona Susmark
Roaming Scribe

Listen Up, Elmerton!

Alright kids: hear me out.

By now, you have all probably heard of The Gatekeepers and what Listeners are. Well, I’ve been doing some research (as though my life depended on it) and thought I’d share with my good old friends in Elmerton.

First things first: the Gatekeeper. He’s kind of a turd. Wants his own death dimension or something stupid like that. He actually is pretty bad news. He has “normal” followers like any baddie. But, he can also somehow take control of people (like yours truly) to temporary enlist troops. You know those people as Listeners.

Listeners always go deaf and lose control of their bodies. It’s hazy, but it’s like you’re riding on the cart but someone else is steering the horse. In every instance I’ve come across, Listening is temporary and a one time ordeal. Once it’s over, it’s over. That’s the good news. The bad news is that “temporary” is relative. For some people it only lasts a few minutes, for others well….let’s just say it could be weeks before they hear the new Farthings Four song.

More bad news: I have no idea what makes a person vulnerable to becoming a Listener. I’ve seen it happen in the Portal Authority (ahem), in guilds, on caravans, among merchants…I can’t find what connects them. Maybe nothing connects them?

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for information for now. If any of YOU have any information, I’d love to hear it. Keep me in the loop!

– Runcibal Delancey