Food Raid Thwarted by Unlikely Guardians!

A group of former members of the Disciples of Dissension successfully thwarted a raid on local food reserves.

Just two nights ago a small group of unidentified assailants attempted to rob one of the larger food stores that is shared between locals and the Blackgate family. As they broke through the fenced off area to the main storage area, the robbers were met with resistance by the former DoD members. After a short but very violent clash the would-be-robbers where driven off into the night.

When asked for a statement about the successful defense the unlikely guards refused, saying that they had work to do to repair the fence and make sure nothing was lost in the scuffle. They went off to work and nothing else was said.

Not sure what has them so inspired but these are men and women who are very serious about the defense of both food and people.


Limnis Brodracker

Traveling Scribe

Underworld in violent chaos!!

Two nights ago as of the writing of this article the most violent and blatant example of criminal violence occurred. In the past few months, there has been an increase of violent assaults on the average citizens of Elmerton up to and including kings guard and wayward travelers. However, that violence pales in comparison to what just occurred two nights ago.


Butchie Cavella, a man who was almost deemed to be a legend and nothing more made an appearance in public for the first time in many years. He made his way back into the public eye in an almost nightmarish fashion. He and a large group of Cavella family associates were seen on the edge of town by the main carriage road beating and slashing a group of 5 men. After killing four of them, Butchie grabbed the last remaining one alive by the throat and shouted out, “I am Butchie Cavella, the Cavella family is mine and mine alone. We fear no man and no law. Take notice, Mr. Motlow, this one’s for you.” He then caved in the skull of the man he was carrying and the group just walked away into the night. Four of the dead men were low level associates of the Motlow crime family. One was a man who held rank in the Motlow crime family. Vinnie “the groin” Flasamenchensia was the unfortunate man who had his skull caved in.


After a short period of peace that lasted almost a year, the last two months have been marred by gang violence that seems to be coming from all sides of the underworld. Kidnapping, Slave trading, murder, and robbery are starting to rise and it appears that there may very well be a full fledged war in the underworld. Butchie Cavella making himself known shows how serious things are starting to become.


All citizens are advised to stay aware and report any criminal activity.


Kisren Mirebun
Royal Information Service.

Open Stage at Crossworlds Tavern!

(An astrally-projected sheet of paper appears on the wall of the Crossworlds Tavern)


Come one, come all! It’s time for the 125th annual, interdimensionally wonderful and incredible Open Stage Night at the Crossworlds Tavern in Marshall’s Landing on Magesta! On the 27th evening of Maygrelian, in the 149th year of the Age of Arrival (Standard Magestan time), join us for a night of talent, wonder, and competition!

Are you the best dancer in Pyross? Got pipes that can bust glass from Pitch? Or a sideshow that would OOO and AHHH even the slimiest Greshenthallian? From poets to bards to comedians to magicians – now’s your time to share your talents with the entire Dabbleverse.

Dinner will be served and is complimentary to all guests! As always, the TOP prize is 10 gold. Oh my cats – that’s amazing!

Come, eat, drink, get famous. Now’s your time to shine!

Local Man Found Dead On Side of the Road

To the honored guests of Marshall’s Landing,

It is this chronicler’s deepest regrets to inform you that Scindow Tretiov was found stone dead by a local hero. Dogwood, the local hero, reports on the circumstances of the deceased’s passing. It was a bright and beautiful day. Birds could be heard singing among the freshly sprung branches. The sweet scent of morning drew swelled in the air. The leaves rustled calmly as a delicate breeze caused them to flutter. The sun had been rising quickly that morning. Short bursts of clouds moved through the sky giving relief to the heat of the day.

 Witnesses report that they heard Dogwood calling for assistance. “Help! Help!” He had said. The sun had kissed his cheeks and the wind caressed his hair as he attempted to thrust life back into the newly deceased. Dogwood tried with all of his might to bring back the man who had fallen to his doom, but he was simply out of luck.

Dogwood, a local hero, was asked about what happened. His tunic was slightly unbuttoned exposing his crisp chest hairs. Dogwood appeared slightly panicked, a rich musk of honey and something more primal wafting from him. He paused, “Uhh he looked real dead. I didn’t really know him that well.” When asked if he tried to help the deceased, Dogwood remained composed glimmering with a shadow of elegance. “I mean a little bit. It was sad. It looked like he fell and smashed up his face real good.”Image result for snake eyes dice drawing

Though Dogwood could not save the life of the person who died this day, he will be remembered for his acts of kindness. He will be known for the valor he showed as he did all that he could to help. Dogwood had a chivalrous message for the people visiting Marshall’s Landing,  “Careful! Sometimes its real slippery.”


Lyrc Fret

Lav’Endros to Investigate Marshall’s Landing

Battleday, the 5th Day of Newgreen and of the Year 127 of this Age of Fortune

Heroes of Elmerton,

It is my pleasure to wish you a prosperous new year and to thank you once again for your help in proving the innocence, honor, and integrity of the Noble House Lav’Endros before the Noble Conclave during the month of Boneharvest last year. Our success means that we have been elevated to the status of Major Noble House and have been awarded roughly one third of House Windlock’s land and assets. While House Windlock was able to maintain jurisdiction over the City of Eddinberg and the massive expanse that is the East Farthings, Lav’Endros has gained jurisdiction of the former Windlock land that borders our land in the South Farthings, as well as an additional larger tract in the eastern Icewind Mountains and western Great Frostwood.

Most of my winter has been spent working to assimilate the acquired Winlock assets and records into our own while giving that house’s subjects the time they need to vacate the areas we have taken stewardship of. As some of you already know, House Lav’Endros had been preparing formal invitations to several of our allies, including you Heroes of Elmerton, to join a number of House officials in mapping out the northern land and giving some assurance to the locals that we will use every tool at our disposal to protect them from the War King, whose troops have been allowed by Windlock to move into the area and establish many military forts and supply routes. However, due to a very recent development, we are going to instead entreat King Adamar to lend us Irvanshirian soldiers for this purpose. Something more pressing requires the skilled and specialized attention of the reader.

Just yesterday, both the Elmerton Manor House and one of the Banta Kinswae encampments were attacked by truly strange, vicious beings, the likes of which I have never seen before. They had the faces of giant spiders but their bodies were humanoid. They carried an energy about them that seemed astral in nature, but strangely so. They were very quick and their attacks were efficient and deadly. My soldiers and wolfkin were largely ineffectual against them. The attack was only a warning, though, and after the spider creatures had made their point and returned from where they came, we discovered a ransom letter had been left behind. The letter stated that assaults such as these would continue unless House Lav’Endros began paying an immense amount of gold as a continuing “protection fee” since we had been responsible for the former “clients” halting their payments. The price was high enough that, even if we intended on paying, we would be unable to.

My wolfkin managed to track the strange creatures back to an area known as Marshall’s Landing: as the crow flies, twenty-two miles southwest of Elmerton. While this was one of the areas ceded to us by House Windlock, it was not something we had considered worth investigating until today.

Based on what I have witnessed, I can say honestly that this is not a thing that House Lav’Endros nor the Banta Kinswae can handle on their own. Therefore I am appealing to you, Heroes of Elmerton, to help us investigate and bring to justice those who would threaten our House, Pack, and Territory. Unfortunately, I know very little of what to expect from this area, save that there were many small structures built there, possibly to house soldiers, though they have been abandoned for many years. Our investigation of Marshall’s Landing should begin as soon as possible.


Calling You Back Into Service,

-Baroness Lobea Lav’Endros

News From Terl Ayre!

Reports have been coming in about the violence that has ravaged Terl Ayre for years.

Francine Libre, the self-styled leader of a group calling themselves the Terl Ayre slave resistance was killed in combat in the small town of Quiltshire, which was a sort of home base they where using.

Francine and her rag tag band of fighters and escaped criminals where soundly defeated by a mercenary army paid for by local nobility in the hopes that the violence against them and the local common folk would finally come to an end. One of these Nobles a man by name of Linmar O’ Rourke was quoted as saying this:

“Finally the good people of Terl Ayre have nothing to fear. Francine Libre and her band of Rogues will never again be able to hurt anyone. The long nightmare is now over and things can finally return back to normal for our country. We owe the brave men and women who fought these vicious thugs a huge debt of gratitude that coin cannot even provide. My fellow nobles and I spared no expense to ensure the defeat of this so called resistance and now all across our great land can sleep soundly.”

In the weeks following the defeat at Quiltshire it seems that the violence is finally quelled. Exports from the countryside have exploded as of late and the economy is in a giant upswing not seen since the start of the violence. Residents have noticed a sweet if not strange quiet and all seems well.

Purifinia Lightright

International Traveling Scribe.

A Report From a Traveling Merchant

It was an unseasonably warm day, a welcome change from the bleak winter, so I decided on a walk that took me to the small town of Elmerton. As I was coming upon a crossroads on the outskirts of the town, there was a large explosion and a flash of fire shot out of the ground in front of me! Startled, I hid behind a tree peeking around cautiously so I could see what was going on. What I saw next completely rattled my mind.

A strange man with a large, strange device on his back climbed out of a new, still smoking hole in the ground. He was pulling a litter behind him on which was tied a shorter, stout man’s body. He dragged the litter off to the side of the crossroads and, laying it down gently, he went back into the hole he had made. He resurfaced a few moments later with a large stone pillar on his shoulder and planted it vertically at the crossroad. He reached down and untied the other man (from the rigidity of the body, I could only assume he was dead and likely had been for days) and lifted the corpse, propping it against the pillar.

The strange man then took the thing off his back and placed it at the dead man’s feet. From my vantage point it looked like he was messing with some kind of black vines that were sticking out of a pair of red cylinders. After a few minutes, the man stood up and looked at the dead man, a deep sadness crossing his features. It was then I began to hear a faint humming sound that slowly and steadily grew louder and louder, eventually reaching a level that made me think my eardrums were going burst! It stopped for a brief second before a powerful pulse of force emanated from the pack and I saw a pillar of blinding white light shot into the skies. A secondary ring of energy pulsed out from the white light and stretched as far as I could see in all directions before disappearing completely.

In the dancing shadow impressions the dazzling light left on my eyes, I could see that the strange man was still standing there looking at the dead man, but something was different. The stone pillar had disappeared and the dead man was standing along, unsupported, holding a gleaming sword, as if he had been a statue of a knight in a tomb. The strange man spoke softly to the statue, “ Now uncle, you can watch over all this area, and protect it all forever.”

With a final glance, the strange man walked back into the hole he made, and it seemed to seal up behind him, like it was never there. After a few moments, I walked over to inspect the sword of the dead man- logic dictates that one shouldn’t leave a good sword for someone else to steal- and as I got close, I could see that the dead man was made of stone. It looked as though he had become a statue, though, oddly, his stony hair seemed to move in the breeze. Undaunted, I reached for the sword, but as I did, the statues eyes opened up, bright and clear.  At that point, my wits had had enough and I ran for it leaving sword and statue-man for the next traveler to deal with.

Grotesque “Puppet Show” Found in Riverton

alleywayA gruesome scene was found in an alleyway near the Spinster’s Sister Inn and Tavern in Riverton on the 11th day of Reapingdusk. A small stage had been erected in the darkened streetway and two bodies were discovered hanging by strings connected to their wrists, ankles, and necks as if they were puppets in a macabre show. Each of these bodies appeared to have been strangled by the ropes around their necks and had been brutally mutilated- a still-tinkling music box placed into a hole in their chests where their hearts should have been. The words “For Mother” were scrawled in black paint on the front of the stage.

One of the bodies has since been identified as Rhence Gelk, a relatively famous circus master from a Tohmshirian Circus that had visited Irvanshire recently. The other is a Septani woman with dark hair in her mid-late twenties. She has not yet been identified.

Anyone with information about these two brutal murders should contact the Town Guard in Riverton as soon as possible.