2019 Winter Party Raffle Prizes!

Magestans! Apologies for the delay in announcing this year’s raffle prizes. Magestry’s annual Winter Party is THIS SATURDAY! And the Raffle Prizes are finally here! But first, a bit about how the raffle works:

Raffle Tickets are $3.00 each or 2 for $5.00, and you will earn one Brownie Point for every dollar you spend whether you win or lose the drawings. You may purchase raffle tickets online or at the party itself. To buy tickets online, go to Magestry.com, press the button labelled “$5 for 2 Tickets,” and select the number of pairs of tickets you would like to purchase.

You can buy tickets online until the party begins (3PM on Saturday, February 16th). After that, you can purchase tickets at the party for the same price by seeing one of the GMs. (We will be able to accept cash, check, or credit.) If you can’t make it to the party but would still like to enter the raffle, you can instruct us as to which lots you would like your tickets to be put into by emailing info@Magestry.com. The drawing will begin around 8:30pm this Saturday, February 16th.

** Multiple Draw Categories**

All of the categories in the raffle will feature multiple drawings! This means that several winners will be drawn from each category. The first winner in each category will get what we have deemed the top prize, and each winner after that will receive prizes in descending order of distinction. For example, the first name drawn in the “Skill Points” category will win 100 skill points(!), while the second name drawn will win 75 skill points; etc. Each person will only be able to win once in each category. We will allow winners to trade their winning prize for a prize of less distinction if they wish. For example, if your name was drawn second in the “See That Glowing?” category, but you would rather have the 4th prize in the category, you may relinquish your 2nd Draw prize and take the 4th draw prize, instead. You may also trade prizes with someone after the party if you and the other person both agree, but you may not trade to end up with 2 prizes from the same category.

We rely on the Raffle to be Magestry’s best fundraiser of the year (The new camp owners more than tripled our event rental fees!), so please dig deep!  Now, without further ado, allow us to introduce this year’s Winter Party Raffle prizes!

**Lot 1: Skill Points!**

  • -1st Draw: 100 Skill Points
  • -2nd Draw: 75 Skill Points
  • -3rd Draw: 50 Skill Points
  • -4th Draw: 45 Skill Points
  • -5th Draw: 40 Skill Points
  • -6th Draw: 35 Skill Points
  • -7th Draw: 30 Skill Points
  • -8th Draw: 25 Skill Points
  • -9th Draw: 25 Skill Points
  • -10th Draw: 25 Skill Points

**Lot 2: See That Glowing?**

  • For all of 2019, you will have up to 6 castings per day of a particular weapon enchantment spell.
  • -1st Draw: Shadow Weapon
  • -2nd Draw: Astral Weapon
  • -3rd Draw: Spiritual Weapon
  • -4th Draw: Psychic Weapon
  • -5th Draw: Essence Weapon
  • -6th Draw: Fire Weapon
  • -7th Draw: Ice Weapon
  • -8th Draw: Lightning Weapon
  • -9th Draw: Acid Weapon

**Lot 3: Gold or Glamour?**

  • -1st Draw: 30 Gold & 5 Brownie Points
  • -2nd Draw: 25 Gold & 25 Brownie Points
  • -3rd Draw: 20 Gold & 50 Brownie Points
  • -4th Draw: 15 Gold & 75 Brownie Points
  • -5th Draw: 10 Gold & 100 Brownie Points
  • -6th Draw: 9 Gold & 150 Brownie Points
  • -7th Draw: 8 Gold & 200 Brownie Points
  • -8th Draw: 7 Gold & 300 Brownie Points
  • -9th Draw: 6 Gold & 400 Brownie Points
  • -10th Draw: 5 Gold & 500 Brownie Points

**Lot 4: Skillfully Done!**

  • -1st Draw: Enjoy a single event with a 4500 Skill Point character build of your choice to replace your normal character skills. (You must notify the GMs at least one week before you use this prize in-game and this prize must be redeemed in 2019.)
  • -2nd Draw: For all of 2019, every Magestream and Shadowstream will grant you Great Health (8 temp Hit Points).
  • -3rd Draw: Enjoy a single event with a 3000 Skill Point character build of your choice to replace your normal character skills. (You must notify the GMs at least one week before you use this prize in-game and this prize must be redeemed in 2019.)
  • -4th Draw: You gain Skill Specialization for all of 2019. You may choose any skill of grade 5 or lower.
  • -5th Draw: You gain Skill Specialization for all of 2019. You may choose any skill of grade 4 or lower.
  • -6th Draw: One gesture-based casting of, “Repel, Essence 5.” (Must be used in 2019. If ineffective, the spell is returned to you, but you may not attempt it on the same target more than once in the same day.)
  • -7th Draw: One gesture-based casting of, “Confuse, Psychic 5.” (Must be used in 2019. If ineffective, the spell is returned to you, but you may not attempt it on the same target more than once in the same day.)
  • -8th Draw: You gain the skill Favored Enemy for all of 2019. You must choose which enemy to favor.
  • -9th Draw: Once during 2019, you may use any one skill from the Magestry Player’s Rulebook or from the Professions & Prestige rule supplement. (Please notify the staff by email after the game that you use it.)
  • -10th Draw: You gain the use of two additional Cantrip options, plus 2 additional Cantrip Slots) for all of 2019.
  • 11th Draw: Same as 9th Draw.

**Lot 5: Haunted by History**

  • -1st Draw: A Mysterious Inheritance: You receive something from someone from your unknown past. It may not be identifiably useful or valuable at first, but if you follow its clues successfully, you will find great reward!
  • -2nd Draw: Righteous Ritual Recipient: Someone(s) from your character’s past had performed a ritual which resulted in the strengthening of the Spirit of one of their descendents. Guess what? That’s you! This prize will remove one Death from your character card and also end any lasting negative effects from previous deaths. Alternately, you may choose to gain a Get Out of Death Free card (even if your character already has one).
  • -3rd Draw: Ancestral Spirit Advisor: You come into contact with a departed ancestor who not only knew a lot in life but also has connections to an “Afterlife Realm” and can deliver reliable knowledge on almost any topic (mostly to be used as a Gather Info contact but may be useful in other ways as well).
  • -4th Draw: Grade School Rival: Someone from your past comes back into your life. Not necessarily a villain… perhaps a jerk from childhood who was always trying to outdo you. Now they have grown up, but they  haven’t changed and are looking to prove they were always better than you.
  • -5th Draw: The Scouring of Your Shire: Something from your character’s background was the catalyst for the formation of some adversarial group that, among other aims, want to make your life “diffacult.” Who they are and what scale of trouble they’ll present is yet to be seen.
  • -6th Draw: Phenomenal Cosmic Sour: An indentured, powerful being, that must serve a mortal as punishment for some misdeed, has been assigned to serve YOU (for a reason related to your character’s history). The only catch is that this being is lazy and disinterested in helping, so you must do something to “win it over” if it is to be of best use to you.
  • -7th Draw: Resistance Ritual Recipient: Someone(s) from your character’s past had performed a ritual which resulted in granting you resistance from one effect of your choosing, as long as that effect is Power Level 5 or lower. (There is no time limit on this prize. Please notify the staff by email after the game that you use it.)

**Lot 6: Boom’s Bags of Bombs and Balms**

  • This year’s potion grab bag also features some explosives that Boom Blackgate constructed and then carelessly left unguarded for your character to happen upon. Before each draw, you will get to choose if you want to draw from the Potion Bag (Alchemy and Toxicology items of Grades 6-10) or the Bomb Bag (Single-Use Area-Effect bombs that have effects ranging from raw damage to healing to… who knows?!). All items pulled from either bag will last 3 years before expiring. (If you are not able to be at the party or will not be present for the drawing, we will have someone draw for you.)
  • -1st Draw: 8 pulls from the Bags + 1 Bomb of Essence Refreshing (restores all skill slots of grade 9 and lower for everyone in area of effect)
  • -2nd Draw: 7 pulls from the Bags
  • -3rd Draw: 6 pulls from the Bags
  • -4th Draw: 5 pulls from the Bags
  • -5th Draw: 4 pulls from the Bags
  • -6th Draw: 3 pulls from the Bags
  • -7th Draw: 3 pulls from the Bags
  • -8th Draw: 3 pulls from the Bags

We are excited for this Saturday’s party and we hope you are, too! See you there!

A Sermon On Promises, Decisions, and Loyalty

A resident of Elmerton recently came to me for advice on a matter that was troubling them. They had given their agreement and loyalty to more than one thing, and they worried that the pledges they had made would soon come into conflict.

The question that was troubling this person is a question that troubles us all at one time or another — how do you decide which promise to keep and which to break when you can’t keep them both?

It should come as no surprise to those of you who know me that my answer came from the Head, but valid answers also come from the Heart and the Hand.

The Head’s Answer

I said: “We all make decisions with imperfect Knowledge. Try to make the best informed decision you can. When you learn more about the situation, sometimes your loyalty is tested. Then you have to reevaluate what you know and use any new knowledge to make a new, better decision.”

Perhaps you made a promise to a patron who turned out to be different that you though they were. Maybe this patron had ulterior motives and was manipulating you, or even lied to you. Maybe your patron was simply misinformed, and sent you to do something which you later discovered was wrong. It is incumbent on you to be aware and to read changes in the situation, and if you discover that what you are doing is not the right course of action, stop and reevaluate.

The Heart’s Answer

Alianora (who would like to note that she is not affiliated with the Allegiant) gave the following advice: “Trust your gut. When you have to make a decision, listen to your conscience to do the right thing.”

If you’re in a situation that feels wrong, you have the right to leave. If the thing you are participating in doesn’t feel right, stop participating. You can speak up for yourself and others. You can speak up to the person in charge and and tell them what they’re in the wrong about.

Maybe you thought it was okay at first, but then you got into a situation that violated your beliefs, principles, and loyalties you have to others.  If you’re involved in something that you no longer want to be involved in, stop.

The Hand’s Answer

Simon’s reply was. “You don’t know what you’re going to do — until you do it.”

There are times when worrying and fretting about the situation won’t help at all. Your loyalties will be tested, or they won’t. If you are tested, you will respond with some kind of action. What any given person will do in any given situation is difficult to predict. People are complicated beings. And you, audience, are heroes of Elmerton — you are defined by your actions.

If you don’t like where you are, keep moving. You have the power to change your situation, even if only a little bit. But remember that your actions have consequences, some of them unforeseen — even your best actions. Accept your consequences, and never stop trying to do better.

Rybin vanHolt

Cordent of Elmerton

The Magestream Episode 2-6

On this Episode of the Magestream: We’ll talk about the Second and Third games of the Spring Season, hear a performance by Simon Garren, interview artisan John Schuster, and hear what Rybin has to say about his favorite booze and the Concession of Concessions!



Thanks to Alexander Miller and Elise Linich for submitting questions for Rybin to answer, and Thanks to Artie for his submission to our Command: Perform Segment. Thanks again to Sam Rochford for writing our theme music- you can find more of her music at Facebook.com/SamRochfordMusic. And Thank YOU for listening!



Click and save to download here!

Here are some examples of John’s work:

Spinster’s Sister Attacked and Damaged!!

Only a day ago, late at night, a group of men hooded and cloaked set upon the popular Riverton alehouse. They burst into the bar rendering the doorman unconscious. They seemed to ignore the majority of bar patrons opting to instead storm to the back of the bar to a private area few even knew about.

Patrons say they heard the sounds of battle come from the back of the back. By all accounts the hooded men had the upper hand of surprise and superior fighting skill and the skirmish was quickly over.

Just as fast as they came in they then ran out. Flickers of flame began to escape from the back of the bar and all of the patrons escaped. The owner of the Spinster along with some concerned locals managed to control and put out the blaze before it damaged the main parts of the tavern.

The tavern owner said they would remain open during renovations to the private area of the tavern.

Anyone with any information is asked to report it to your local law enforcement agency.

Quinn Moldanado
Traveling Scribe

Harvestwane’s Best of 128

Here are our pics for the Best of Sept 31- August 2 game! (We’ll add pictures soon!)

This event’s Best PC goes to Adam Wambolt for his intense performance as Bram Norvin.

As a character who is already known for intense role-playing moments and in-game interactions, it’s not truly a surprise to see Adam with the prize this month. However, for the last 2and a half games, Bram has had to role-play incredibly tense situations that are hard to portray and he did so with a grace good nature without letting it drag him Out of Game. Bram truly represented a stellar PC during these games and we are both proud and wowed to have him at game! Thanks, Bram!

Honorable Mention for this month definitely needs to go to Ukobach who suffered under the same tension and did so with classic Uko stoicism and a well-defined and in character style. It was a tough couple of games, but we are impressed with what we’ve seen with this character! Congratulations, Uko!

And this event’s Best NPC can go to none other than Anthony LaRosa! Whether he’s trying to whip us into shape behind the scenes and help where he can or pushing himself to go out on two more plots even as everyone else has collapsed into the couch, he has been an inspiring and energetic addition to the plot team! And of course, out in game, he is always on point with his role-playing, safe fighting, and constant desire to entertain as many people as he can! We are so happy to have him with us now! Thanks, Toner!

Forgotten Battle Site Desecrated

In late autumn of the year 2004 AoA, one of the lesser known battles of the Partisan War took place just a few miles east of the border between Irvanshire and Tohmshire, along a ridge of hills in The Go-Betweens. An elite force of knights from the Kingdom of Lowex, only 90 strong, attacked an Irvanshirian encampment manned by a company of almost 900 of the kingdom’s soldiers. The battle resulted in a perfect stalemate despite how outmatched the Lowexians should have been. There were heavy casualties; both sides, it is said, were killed to the last man.

The Partisan War, up to that point, had been primarily fought between the kingdoms of Irvanshire and Tohmshire. Lowex had only recently gotten involved, mostly politically, on the side of Tohmshire. Some say the Incarnation of War, weary of all the saber-rattling between Irvanshire and Lowex, had incited the encounter and bestowed upon its battlefield a blessing of great morale under which both sides were affected. So much blood was spilt on that day that when the short-lived battle was over, the very ground upon which it was fought was stained a deep crimson and had remained so for more than a century. It is also said that the spirits of those who were slain during the battle still haunt the site in search of the victory that never came. Truly a forlorn memorial that so few of this generation even know exists.

So why, now, do I teach this little-known lesson in history? I do so because I am not the only one who remembers the Battle of Red Ridge. Recently, others of ill intent have returned to the forgotten battle site under the cover of night and invoked dark and unholy magic upon its crimson soil. Eye witness accounts report of such things as “…ebony fire raining down from the sky” and “…crimson lightning exploding from the ground” and of “…the very earth crying red tears of pain and sorrow” accompanied by “…a cacophony of mournful wails escalating into the chorus of a rage-filled battle roar of an army of the damned.”

But, these were all things scried from afar by old men wearing long white beards and silly conical hats emblazoned with such things as shooting stars or lightning bolts. What was actually discovered by those who were tasked with investigating such colorful claims was far more unsettling. The foregone battlefield was indeed desecrated along with the surrounding hillside on which it was fought. All plant and animal life found there had been drained of all Essence, and the landscape was as barren, as though Death himself dwelled there. Furthermore, all across the battlefield, the earth had been scorched and pockmarked and lay turned over in heaping mounds, and an acrid mist reeking of the grave clung to the ground which no longer maintained its blood-colored tint. Instead, the soil is said to appear as grey and cold as a lifeless corpse.

Further exploration of the site uncovered the tracks of what could only be described as a large force whose numbers could not easily be estimated. More perplexing was the fact that this reputed force divided into three fairly equal squads before marching off in different directions and, when followed, each led to the lands of one of three of Irvanshire’s noble houses… House Brexiano, House Camis, and House Falstoke.

Tricia Ravenhope

Roving Scribe and Historian

The Magestream Episode 2.5

We start off this episode with two actual emails that were sent between Angela and Andy as we struggled to get back on the podcast horse. However, we’re finally back from an unintentional hiatus! On this Episode of the Magestream: We’ll talk about the 2018 Spring Season, hear a performance by Anthony LaRosa, Clara-fy a couple of rules questions, learn about the DoD, and hear what Rybin has to say about the Changing of the Ages!



Thank you to Pete Dey and Nate Carr for submitting rules for Clara to … Clara-fy. Thanks to Simon T Garren for submitting questions for Rybin to answer, and Thanks to Toner  for his submission to our Command: Perform Segment. Thanks again to Sam Rochford for writing our theme music- you can find more of her music at Facebook.com/SamRochfordMusic. And Thank YOU for listening!

You can find Anthony’s Rock Opera Here

Right click and Save the Podcast Here

Annual Brewers’ Auction to be Held in Elmerton On the 29th of Harvestwane!!!

The Irvanshirian chapter of The Brewers’ Guild will be hosting their world-famous Brewers’ Auction on Wakingday, the 29th of Harvestwane in the Ampitheater in Elmerton in the late afternoon hours. Individuals seeking to bid on lots during the auction should come prepared with their coin on hand so that they may lay claim on a wide assortment of items including, but certainly not limited to:


-dinner with nobility!
-luxurious vacations!
-noble steeds!
-treasure maps!
-alchemical components!
-magical artifacts!
-much much more!


For those seeking to auction off lots during the auction, a representative from The Brewer’s Guild will collect information on these lots at the Tavern in Elmerton on the eve before the Auction. Individuals should have the following information prepared on a piece of parchment to ease the process:


-what it is
-starting bid
-a description of the lot for the Auctioneer. Try to limit this to 2 or 3 sentences.
See you in Elmerton!

An Open Letter to Elmerton on My Appointment to Magistrate

Fellow residents of Elmerton, it is my privilege and honor to announce that I, Rybin vanHolt, have been named to the position of Magistrate of Elmerton by Baroness Lobea Lav’Endros. It is with an admixture of excitement, trepidation, resignation, and — I will admit — a small amount of pride that I accept the responsibilities of this new position.

Despite living here for over 4 years now (5 next Petalsong) I still have a hard time admitting to myself that I am now a participant in the History of this town, rather than an outside observer.

My friends, I will need your help in this endeavor. I don’t wish my new position to create distance between us, or put into jeopardy the friendships I have formed with all of you.

In the past I have strived to offer the best advice I could to each and every one of you, to the best of my Knowledge. I have done my best to avoid making your decisions for you, but rather to assist you in making the best decisions for yourself. I sincerely hope to continue to do so, but my new role as Magistrate demands that the decisions for the welfare of the town and House Lav’Endros are my burden to bear. As you know, I am only human. Therefore, I humbly request your assistance in the tasks that lie ahead of us, and ask for your forgiveness for any unpopular judgements I may be required to make.

I promise to do my best, as I always have, to continue to work toward the betterment of the town of Elmerton, the Kingdom of Irvanshire, and the Dimension of Magesta.

If History has taught us anything — and I would very much like to believe it has — it is that events in Elmerton have repercussions that stretch far beyond its boundaries. Let us work together to make the future into the best possible timeline. It is essential.


Yours in Knowledge,

Rybin vanHolt

Historian and Scholar