My dear readers. I’m not one to write a snarky review, especially to a venue as public as the Magestic Messenger. But, after what I saw at the Celebration of Faith event a few weeks ago in Point Edgar, I just can’t help myself. Some people deserve roasting. 

While at the event, I noticed that Minister Heartsong of the Allegiant was scheduled to provide the keynote address about the Incarnation of Faith and their importance in agreement as the baseline to all worship and, thus, incarnational magic. Although a young minister, the Celebration welcomed Heartsong due to the long-established Heartsong name and reputation. At least that’s what the pamphlet said. I couldn’t believe my eyes when the Minister approached the podium. How old was this kid? 16? And a minister? You know what they say – some people fail upwards. 
Case and point to that, when Heartsong approached the podium and the crowd shushed down, all he did was stand there, stumbling through his notes, talking about the weather. Didn’t mention A WORD about the Incarnation of Faith. Eventually, the crowd turned on the sorry child, booing him, demanding SOME mention about their chosen incarnation – or any incarnation!

And yet, nothing. Heartsong appeared INCAPABLE of reciting any knowledge about the Incarnations AT ALL. Some Minister, right? Gotta say, it was pretty sad until the breadsticks were tossed at him. Then it was pretty funny, actually. Saved the whole evening. I was too busy laughing, but I think I saw him wiping tears away as he fled the stage, probably to head back to the Academy for more lessons.

In any case, dear readers. If this is what the Allegiant has come to – ministers who are children with zero knowledge about the incarnations in the world – are they even worth our time?

Disappointed Faith Worshipper

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