Listen Up, Elmerton!

Alright kids: hear me out.

By now, you have all probably heard of The Gatekeepers and what Listeners are. Well, I’ve been doing some research (as though my life depended on it) and thought I’d share with my good old friends in Elmerton.

First things first: the Gatekeeper. He’s kind of a turd. Wants his own death dimension or something stupid like that. He actually is pretty bad news. He has “normal” followers like any baddie. But, he can also somehow take control of people (like yours truly) to temporary enlist troops. You know those people as Listeners.

Listeners always go deaf and lose control of their bodies. It’s hazy, but it’s like you’re riding on the cart but someone else is steering the horse. In every instance I’ve come across, Listening is temporary and a one time ordeal. Once it’s over, it’s over. That’s the good news. The bad news is that “temporary” is relative. For some people it only lasts a few minutes, for others well….let’s just say it could be weeks before they hear the new Farthings Four song.

More bad news: I have no idea what makes a person vulnerable to becoming a Listener. I’ve seen it happen in the Portal Authority (ahem), in guilds, on caravans, among merchants…I can’t find what connects them. Maybe nothing connects them?

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for information for now. If any of YOU have any information, I’d love to hear it. Keep me in the loop!

– Runcibal Delancey

Widespread Famine Countered by Elmerton

The last weeks of Reapingdusk saw the start of a wave of famine and pestilence started by a Vampire Lord named Zaria from House Amphelise. Thankfully, Zaria was destroyed at the beginning of Boneharvest, so the famine was not as widespread as it could have been. Unfortunately, that still means that many of the storehouses in the cities in the South Farthings and the Fiddlehead Hills have been affected. The winter has seen families suffering from starvation and entire communities have been abandoned as their inhabitants seek places that can offer them solace. However, a small township located in the South Farthings has provided a glimmer of hope for the starving people of this area. The farmers of the town of Elmerton have reported a record harvest for this year and have gladly opened their own storehouses and homes to help those in need.


This relatively obscure farm town has proven to be a blessing for the kingdom, as well as breadan unexpected diamond-in-the-rough. Those who have taken grains, baked goods, and fruits from Elmerton’s farms have described them as the juiciest, most flavorful, and most filling foods they have ever had! And though Elmerton’s farmers are seeing more business than they have in years, most of them do not seem to be overly worried about the prospect of running out of food. They are, for the most part, happy to be able to help- something their harsh winters and “unique” situations don’t usually allow them to do.

Elmerton, the South Farthings are grateful and wish you the best in the upcoming planting season!

The Time of War Is Now

My name is Eiliki Meienkanakinshi and I, as well as many other people in my order, have received a powerful and disturbing vision. I felt it was my duty to share it with as many people as possible, since the repercussions have already begun to make themselves felt. This vision is as accurate as I can remember and, though it seemed directed to me, personally, those in my order who also received it said they felt the same way. It seems as though this was received by many, particularly by those who have had a connection to the Incarnation of War. This vision has caused strife amongst my order and among many of the Faithful to war. Even in the Allegiant, this has become a topic for heated debate. Some members believe that we should be loyal to Hyurog, while others feel as though that is a bad idea and we should try to help Armego regain his position. Still others wonder whether or not it is our place to take sides at all. In any case, it is my hope that word about this vision spreads.


I want you to be ready for the grand opportunity I am creating. It has become apparent that the creatures of this Age are soft and complacent. The need for action has brought me forth, as prophesied, to rectify the lack of character that is all too commonplace.

In the Age of War, true battles were fought, evil was vanquished, foes were crushed, and the brave and worthy were raised to a fuller existence. These were the times when people lived, really lived, to their full potential. And this is the gift I bring to you.

I, Hyurog, the Incarnation of War, am bringing War back to the forefront of existence so that you can realize your truest selves. The weak will perish quickly and the worthy will flourish. Your cold, dead days of mediocrity are past.

Prepare! The days of Struggle and Glory- the Dawn of Victory!- will soon be upon us!

My Spirit Soars

Over the last year, those loyal to the Incarnation of War have been thrown into a Chaos the likes of which has not been seen in Ages. The Vampire Queen Amphelise, acting as a de-facto Incarnation of Nightmare, was able to put Armego, the Incarnation of War, into a deep, crippling slumber. Many of his agents no longer felt their connection to him; they became the Lost, and many of us were in danger of succumbing to the emptiness of Spirit that resulted. However, Amphelise has been defeated and Armego has woken once more. Though his awakening brought joy, it also brought confusion- both his and ours. He has claimed to be Hyurog, Magesta’s first Incarnation of War, and has mentioned alliance with someone called the Gatekeeper (to what end, we are unsure), though he also recognizes his role as Armego.

This duality has caused a great deal of excitement throughout the Allegiant because it seems we are nearing the fulfillment of a prophecy written long ago:

When the spirits duel in War, the Dawn of Victory is at hand.

In the original prophecy, the word “duel” was difficult to distinguish; it looked as if it might have, instead, read “dual.” Interpreters at the time agreed that the intended word must have been “duel,” but they made a marginal note about their hesitance. In light of this recent event, we now understand that the intended word was, in fact, “dual,” so, as officially noted by the historians in Battlekeep, the prophecy now reads:

When the spirits, dual, in War, the Dawn of Victory is at hand.

Magical verification has been undertaken, and our Spiritual Theorists have confirmed that there are, indeed, two spirits residing within the Incarnation of War. It is my fervent belief that the Dawn of Victory is upon us and we are fortunate enough to be alive to witness it!

Oh, Faithful ones! The Spirit of War has come into his rights once more on Magesta. My being is alive and aflame with the passion of battle and I hunger for the glory and brilliance that it brings. I long to see men rise from the bleakness of the battlefield and take on the vividly colored mantle of bravery and courage. I yearn to see the depth of character of warriors the world over, and to see all peoples reach their true potential. Hyurog has reclaimed his title and is bringing about an Age in which War is revered and glorified! He has come to us as prophesied, and the effects are being felt the world over as the bloodfire is ignited once more in the hearts of Magesta.

This recent change has inspired me to relate, briefly, the story of the beginning of the Age of War in order that we can use the past to help us interpret and accept the present and to look forward to the future.

The end of the Age of Repose saw fundamental shift in the positive and negative energies of Magesta. The very components of Magesta’s eight Realms were being altered by some force in ways that impacted nearly every person, plant, and animal on Magesta. For a reason never determined, the Incarnation of War was especially affected by what was happening- many of his Warlords had their Agreement somehow inverted, still receiving their power, though from someone or something other than Hyurog. The hearts of many of his remaining agents became timid and their spirits lost the spark that gave them courage and the will to live fully. Hyurog was losing his family to this force, and it is said that his wrath grew exponentially even as his feelings of helplessness and loss increased. Finally, as a father will do when his family is attacked, Hyurog struck back with all the power granted him by his Incarnationhood. Though his actions were born from an attempt to shift the balance of energies back to normal, his vision was filled with bloodlust, the glory of war, and the inexorable and valiant spirit of, as-of-yet unrealized, Potential. His will poured over the land, and the Age of War shaped the next thousand years.

Now Hyruog is returned to us, and though we are charged to figure out why, we are also charged with Duty and Obedience to our Incarnation, even as we would give to a visiting commanding officer. Perhaps the energies have been tampered with once again and he has returned to us in our time of need- a time when we need War to bring about change. A time when the beings of Magesta need to be tempered with blood and battle and come through the Forges of War stronger and more resilient. The strength of War has given rise to a strength of character that has been lacking and is sorely needed. We may not be able to understand fully the nature of this merger of Incarnations, but it is my hope that we will embrace it and use it to better and strengthen ourselves. Nowhere is the glory of a person’s character as well-defined as on the battlefield.

Hyurog's war

The Dawn of Victory is upon us! Make yourselves ready. And Praise Hyurog!

~Garraunt Warsson

Agent of War

Devoter of the South Farthings

Vampire Houses in turmoil! Our nation to be restored!


Last Petalsong, I was forced to invoke the Right of Perdition as our nation faced a grave danger, with many of the nation’s nobility under a terrible control.

It brings me great pleasure to announce that – on a case by case basis – The Allegiant are revoking the Right of Perdition.

The Vampire Houses are in disarray. Even now, months later,  they succumb to power-plays and in-fighting. They are killing each other more quickly than any of us could.  The Vampire Queen is dead and with her passing, so too passes their sway over our nobility. The creatures are retreating without their noble lords to hide behind.

Already Point Edgar and Tradegate have been returned to the able hands of our nobility. Once the  investigations into each town and city are complete, all of Irvanshire will be back to normal. I want to thank each and every one of you for the smooth transition of power to us. I anticipate the conversion back to be just as easy.

As the Allegiant, it is our duty to serve, especially when others cannot. Thank you for your cooperation, Irvanshire.


-Valvik Gallows, Incarnist of All Incarnations,
Arch-Minster of the The Allegiant in Irvanshire

A Graveyard of the Innocents

Hey there Magesta!

Snozza Bowrinkle here to give you the latest news that is currently affecting the innocent lives of Magesta. There seems to be an uprising of a new type of undead. Don’t these monsters know to just stay away from us until Reapingdusk? The good news is they aren’t exceedingly difficult to defend against! The bad news is you will feel terrible for doing so. Oh the humanity!

This is indeed a truly sad “tail”. It would appear that the death toll of a variety of seemingly innocent creatures is rising rapidly. We’re talkin’ kittens, puppies and chubby little chipmunks type of innocence here. Whether someone is sacrificing them in some dark magic ritual or some little boy is just going crazy with power is yet to be seen. Whatever the case may be, lock up your pets! Upon further investigation, I’ve found that these fluffly little creatures were all given a proper burial after being brutally ripped apart, complete with headstone marked with strange symbols that seemed to be under the effects of a Darkness spell. Curious indeed, Magesta!

Even CURIOUSER is that days later, these grave sites were tampered with. Someone out undead Kittythere has desecrated the graveyard of innocence and has raised these creatures from the dead. What I found to be even more strange is that it would appear only the cats have been raised. Vicious undead cat attacks have been reported and evidence of zombie rot has been appearing on the victims of the attack. Hide your children, hide your cats because they’re attacking everybody out here.

A Tribute and a Warning

My Friends of Elmerton,

I wish I could write to you under better circumstances. It seems that lately I have only been the bearer of bad news and, unfortunately, there is worse news to come. However, before I get to that, I would like to say a few words in the honor of a dear friend, Osirus Mesmirum, our recently fallen towns member and hero of Irvanshire.

Osirus was born the 21st of Reminiscence in the Age of Arrival. He grew up in Port Hensworth on a large and beautiful ship with his late father, Captain Cyrus Mesmirum, and his late best friend, Tonerius Cypress Frosthill. He selflessly sacrificed his life for the good of Magesta in the town of Elmerton early in the morning on the 3rd of Boneharvest in the Age of Fortune.

Upon first meeting Osirus, I noticed immediately how, although he was mute, he never let Osirus Obitthis stop him from pantomiming jokes in order to keep the town’s spirits high during its often dark times. He cared deeply for those around him and only ever sought peace and comradery.  Because of his inability to speak, Osirus would go on to study the school of psionics and quickly became the first Master of Psionics Elmerton has ever known. After many difficult years of struggle, he eventually gained his speech back with his first words being, “Tonerius, you’re an idiot.” Though we laughed along at the light heartedness of his comment, it was at this moment when Osirus would begin to grow into the man we remember today.

Years later, after witnessing the death of Tonerius, Osirus silently walked away and was not seen for hours. Upon his return, his fists were bloody from the rage of the loss he had felt. As time went on, I watched as Osirus would begin to turn that loss and sadness into devotion for the  greater good of Magesta. He would claim there was not much left that Magesta could take from him and how he wanted to use what little he had to bring righteousness back to the world.

Helping Solun to begin the Mages Guild, helping myself with the Brotherhood and becoming a dear friend to the Incarnation of Memory are but a few accomplishments in his short life, though becoming a vampire was by far the bravest feat in my opinion. Many towns members believed his actions to be misguided and would begin to distrust Osirus, but he persevered and kept faith in the goodness of Elmerton. I am proud to tell those who did not approve of his actions, you were wrong about him. The most important thing for Osirus was for Elmerton to come together as a unified town who did not falter under petty disagreements. He strove to help us stand strong and together when times were difficult and tensions were high. Slowly Osirus grew from a young boy whose innocence charmed those around him into a man whose once muted voice shook the ground as he defended Elmerton against the monster, Amphelise.

I will always remember Osirus speaking to me of his fear of the known inevitability of his spirit ending up in the Void. His voice trembled at first but would then smile and say “I’m doing this for them,” as he motioned toward the town. He was ready to sacrifice something that he has been passionate about ever since I’ve known him: memories. He understood that becoming a vampire meant his spirit would belong to the void, and that our memories of him would slowly fade away into nothingness. Osirus selflessly gave those up for the betterment of Magesta. It was not until his final moments when he learned that he would become something even greater, a Dream Warden. Though his body may be gone, we will carry him on in our mind, in our hearts and in our spirits. On behalf of all of Elmerton, rest peacefully Osirus. You will be greatly missed.


Now sadly, there is worse news to come. I have been noticing lately that spirits from all over Magesta and the Spirit Realm have been going into and out of the Void fairly quickly. It is my belief that the Gatekeeper is behind this in order to siphon spirits into his own personal Death Dimension. I am not sure how he is doing this, but I am sure that he must have some remarkably powerful help. Be warned, Elmerton, that the Death Dimension the Gatekeeper has created is nothing like the Spirit Realm we know. If a spirit goes into it, there is no coming back. There are no breakouts, no Agents of Death to judge us, there is no peace. Trust me – the Gatekeeper is a bigger threat than we all realized. I urge you all to take caution and to look into this matter.

Do not let the sacrifice of Osirus Mesmirum be in vain. Do not let him become one of the spirits taken from the Gatekeeper, fight in his honor, fight for Elmerton, fight for Magesta.

Most importantly, look after one another.

Nevaeh Phoenix

Player Submission: Fiery Vigilante Discovered in Point Edgar

At approximately five hours into the morning of Fortuneday, the 16th of Bloodthaw, the burning-skull-in-hot-flameauthorities of Point Edgar discovered a gruesome scene, where the charred remains of a currently unidentified male was found in an alleyway beside the marketplace. The race, age, and exact extent of the wounds on the victim are unable to be confirmed at this time due to the extensive burns, but preliminary evidence indicates that the victim was bound and tortured prior to his death. Written in blood behind the victim were the chilling words:

Once a kidnapper, now a corpse. You are welcome, fine people of Point Edgar.

Officials are uncertain if this incident is of any relation to the rash of similar murders that have been cropping up in the west and appear to be traveling eastward, but stressed that regardless of connection, residents should take care when traveling at night, and are urged not to do so alone, and to stick to well-lit, public walkways.

More details will be released pending investigation.

Player Submission: “Orphan City” Pleads for Help

Deer Lmertun,

Orfun Sitee needz help pleez. We orfunz dont hav a lot ov munnee and we arr alwayz hungree and cold. Magno Monkee Man brings bananananaz but mor orfunz com evree day and we need mor fud. Bad peepl tri to hert us sumtimz and JanJan iz big and tuf but cant kill all bad gaiz. He sez we need to bi mor wepenz to dfend owrselvz and stuf. We also want to lern and Dragmar Smarteepantz sez he can teech us if we can bild a skool. Mama Stasia haz sum munnee and givz us alowanses and stuf. We al luv her lotz and ar lukee to hav a gud momee lik her. But sumtimz alowanses ar not enuf to by wat we need.

JanJan told us abowt the niees and smart and brav Osirus orphans-inksMezmirum and we want yoo all to no we arr sad he is ded but hapee and tankful he savd us. JanJan Dragmar Smarteepants and Magno Monkee Man sez Osirus iz forevr reemembrd az “Orfun Frend” and if we can bild a skool it wil be calld “Da Osirus Mezmirum Skool for Orfunz”.

If yoo want to help pleez send to Rivrton fud or wepenz or munnee or udder stuf and JanJan wil get it for us. Tank yoo veree mush and hav a niees day.

Orfun Sitee

P.S. In reetern we wil keep kilin tings for yoo. Also remembr we dont hav momeez and dadeez and dats sad.

Magestry’s Best of Boneharvest 123

Here are our picks for the Best of the November 1st-3rd event:

Best PC starThough we were not surprised that Casey Pastore was Boneharvest’s Best PC, we were a little surprised at the magnitude of his shining performance during his last game as Osirus Mesmirum. Casey has always been a dedicated role-player and a helpful PC both in and out-of-game, but this event we saw him perform at peak levels. He has always demonstrated qualities that we admire and value in our PCs, and we are excited, not only to give him Best PC for this month, but also to have him on staff for as long as he’ll stay! Thanks, Casey, and congrats!


Boneharvest was another month in which is was hard for us to pick the Best NPC since Best NPC starour staff has just been so incredible. However, we have a dynamic duo that really put their all into this game and helped to make it even more amazing. Chris and Tim Stricker really spent a lot of time, effort, and money into this event, and were a huge help before and during game. They are masterminds in the mod building, monsters when it comes to fighting, crunching, and prop-making, and overall great NPCs.  We are glad that they are around. Thank you, guys, for all your hard work!