The Magestream Episode 1-7

On this Episode of the Magestream: We’ll Recap what happened at the April 7th-9th event, Rybin will talk about Daquamoore husbandry, and we’ll talk about spiders and Clarify some things about weapon-based and missile based poisons!

Thank you to several “anonymous” listeners for their questions for Rybin. Want to be a part of the show? You can send questions, feedback, and performances to [email protected].

Our next episode will likely be after the next event, but we will try and sneak the Death Episode in there as soon as possible!

Our theme music was written and performed by Sam Rochford. You can find more of her music at Thanks, Sam!

Right click here and save to download this Episode.

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One Response to The Magestream Episode 1-7

  1. Patroklos Leo (Cutler Kindel) says:

    The first episdoe I watched of the Magestream and It’s great! Also Sams song was great. Some couldsay it’s… Magestic.

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