A Sermon On Promises, Decisions, and Loyalty

A resident of Elmerton recently came to me for advice on a matter that was troubling them. They had given their agreement and loyalty to more than one thing, and they worried that the pledges they had made would soon come into conflict.

The question that was troubling this person is a question that troubles us all at one time or another — how do you decide which promise to keep and which to break when you can’t keep them both?

It should come as no surprise to those of you who know me that my answer came from the Head, but valid answers also come from the Heart and the Hand.

The Head’s Answer

I said: “We all make decisions with imperfect Knowledge. Try to make the best informed decision you can. When you learn more about the situation, sometimes your loyalty is tested. Then you have to reevaluate what you know and use any new knowledge to make a new, better decision.”

Perhaps you made a promise to a patron who turned out to be different that you though they were. Maybe this patron had ulterior motives and was manipulating you, or even lied to you. Maybe your patron was simply misinformed, and sent you to do something which you later discovered was wrong. It is incumbent on you to be aware and to read changes in the situation, and if you discover that what you are doing is not the right course of action, stop and reevaluate.

The Heart’s Answer

Alianora (who would like to note that she is not affiliated with the Allegiant) gave the following advice: “Trust your gut. When you have to make a decision, listen to your conscience to do the right thing.”

If you’re in a situation that feels wrong, you have the right to leave. If the thing you are participating in doesn’t feel right, stop participating. You can speak up for yourself and others. You can speak up to the person in charge and and tell them what they’re in the wrong about.

Maybe you thought it was okay at first, but then you got into a situation that violated your beliefs, principles, and loyalties you have to others.  If you’re involved in something that you no longer want to be involved in, stop.

The Hand’s Answer

Simon’s reply was. “You don’t know what you’re going to do — until you do it.”

There are times when worrying and fretting about the situation won’t help at all. Your loyalties will be tested, or they won’t. If you are tested, you will respond with some kind of action. What any given person will do in any given situation is difficult to predict. People are complicated beings. And you, audience, are heroes of Elmerton — you are defined by your actions.

If you don’t like where you are, keep moving. You have the power to change your situation, even if only a little bit. But remember that your actions have consequences, some of them unforeseen — even your best actions. Accept your consequences, and never stop trying to do better.

Rybin vanHolt

Cordent of Elmerton

An Open Letter to Elmerton on My Appointment to Magistrate

Fellow residents of Elmerton, it is my privilege and honor to announce that I, Rybin vanHolt, have been named to the position of Magistrate of Elmerton by Baroness Lobea Lav’Endros. It is with an admixture of excitement, trepidation, resignation, and — I will admit — a small amount of pride that I accept the responsibilities of this new position.

Despite living here for over 4 years now (5 next Petalsong) I still have a hard time admitting to myself that I am now a participant in the History of this town, rather than an outside observer.

My friends, I will need your help in this endeavor. I don’t wish my new position to create distance between us, or put into jeopardy the friendships I have formed with all of you.

In the past I have strived to offer the best advice I could to each and every one of you, to the best of my Knowledge. I have done my best to avoid making your decisions for you, but rather to assist you in making the best decisions for yourself. I sincerely hope to continue to do so, but my new role as Magistrate demands that the decisions for the welfare of the town and House Lav’Endros are my burden to bear. As you know, I am only human. Therefore, I humbly request your assistance in the tasks that lie ahead of us, and ask for your forgiveness for any unpopular judgements I may be required to make.

I promise to do my best, as I always have, to continue to work toward the betterment of the town of Elmerton, the Kingdom of Irvanshire, and the Dimension of Magesta.

If History has taught us anything — and I would very much like to believe it has — it is that events in Elmerton have repercussions that stretch far beyond its boundaries. Let us work together to make the future into the best possible timeline. It is essential.


Yours in Knowledge,

Rybin vanHolt

Historian and Scholar


A Letter from Linarien

– My friends and fellow Elmertonians:

Soon we will venturing into the unknown, and on behalf of the Town Guard, I’d like to remind everyone that since we’re going to a new place I’d like to suggest that we all try to stick to a buddy system. It may not be needed, and you’re certainly allowed to roam by yourself, but your safety is important.

Thank you for your time,

Linarien Steiner, Captain of the Guard

PC Submission: Harvest Festival Bardic Competition!

Attention performers in and around Irvanshire!

You may have heard of me; my name is Simon T Garren, Master Maestro and musician. On the 8th of Reapingdusk, I will be one of the judges for a Bardic competition held at Aces in Elmerton for their Harvest Festival. I am hoping to bring performers of all kinds to Elmerton to compete for coin and prizes! As we all know, Reapingdusk will soon be upon us [or is upon us depending on the speed of the courier and publisher]. The weather is getting cooler and the tendency is for people of all kinds to seek warmer insular climes. Having read a few creation stories in my time, I came upon an interesting passage which reads as follows:



“… since death was one of the reasons for music, Music was to be the reason for Death …”

We all know that Reapingdusk is the moon dedicated to the Incarnation of Death, and so I would like to play along with this passage. Performers of all kinds will be competing for multiple prizes. Entry fee is five copper per participant. Prizes will be as follows:

1st place: 
Half of the entry fees, plus 5 gold from me, Simon T Garren. As well the winner gets first choice from our specialty prizes to be named on site [but will be exciting]
2nd place: 

One quarter of the entry fees plus 25 silver pieces from me, Simon T Garren.  The second place finisher will also get to choose a prize from the specialty prizes.

 3rd place: 

25 silver pieces from me, Simon T Garren and third choice from our specialty prizes.

 Bonus Prize: 

 Performance best symbolizing Death or paying best homage to Him [while respecting the safety of the audience and the judges] will receive a masterwork instrument crafted by me, Simon T Garren. We will discuss the crafting after the competition and the prize will be delivered within one years time.

Donations to add to the pot or for the specialty prizes will also be accepted by me, Simon T Garren.

So stop by the Aces Harvest Festival in Elmerton and put on your best bardic act for the crowd!

PC Submission: Aces in Tradegate Grand Opening!


The Owners of Aces cordially invite you to join in a day of festivities, followed by dinner in Tradegate for the grand opening of Aces Tradegate!

Aces Tradegate Dinner
Formal attire strongly encouraged

On the evening of Wakingday, the 8th of Reapindusk, a Fegorian-themed dinner will be held at Aces Tradegate in celebration of the classy establishment’s grand opening. Light appetizers, exquisite drinks, as well as a full dinner and dessert will be served.

Aces Harvest Festival
On Wakingday, the 8th of Reapingdusk, Aces Elmerton will be sponsoring competitions in celebration of the town where it all began!

5 copper entry fee per competition.

cakeBaking Contest
1st Place Prize: Free Food/Drink at Any Aces Establishment for a Year

Can you bake?  Have you ever tried? Now is the time to show off your skill!  All items must be completed prior to entry as there will not be any place to make your baked goods on site. The winning item will be decided by taste, appearance, creativity and name of the baked good.  Please make sure there is at least enough for 4 people to taste and please provide a list of ingredients, but the actual recipe may remain a secret.   

Fighting Competition
1st Place Prize: Heroism Cast On You Every Day for a Year by Majento

Come and put your skill on the battlefield to the test! No abilities will be allowed, for this competition we want to see your raw skill.

Bardic Competitionlute_19094_lg
1st Place Prize: Coin from Simon and the Opportunity to be the Opening Act at Our Grand Opening

Can you sing, dance, tell stories? We know lots of you have the talents. Come and show everyone what you can do! You have one act to impress! For more information on this event, please see the newsletter article written by Simon T. Garren, Master Maestro (Prizes listed in that article combine with the prizes listed in this section).  

Best Potato Contest
1st Place Prize: A Potato Trophy

Bring in your potato to be judged in front of a panel of potato-appearance experts. All types of potato encouraged.

Strong Man Competition
1st Place Prize: A Strong Man Sash Kissed by Elmerton’s Beautiful Community
Show Your strength by picking things up and throwing heavy stuff around.

Magical Competition
1st Place Prize: A Golden Wand and a Bestowed Spell of the Winners Choice Every Day for a year from Mira
Dodgespell. Last man standing wins.

PC Submission: An Open Letter to Rebekkah Skye

An Open Letter to Rebekkah Skye

On the 17th of Harvestwane self-proclaimed Queen of Shadows Rebekkah Skye held court beneath the light of the full moon. This so called queen sought to rush the end of the Mores Consorti, a long standing tradition in the process of choosing a new Shadow Queen. In an effort to show her dominance Rebekkah invited the town of Elmerton to bear witness to her “triumph”
And what a triumph it was. Rebekkah’s favored champion, Vampire Lord Tarrygon brought forth the keystone that was required to both control the Darkwalker and win the Mores Consorti. Or so he thought…

When it was revealed as inert and therefore fake Rebekkah cut ties with Lord Tarrygon in hopes of distracting observers from what a sham her “court” had devolved into. Ordering her Shadows to attack both Lord Tarrygon and the observing Elmertonians, the “self-proclaimed Queen of Shadows” then fled her Court hoping to escape the shame it could bring.

Well, now I write to you Rebekkah Skye, well done with the show. I truly mean it. You sought to make a point and you certainly made one. You showed your Desperation in seeking to end the Consorti unprepared. You showed your Arrogance when you invited your enemies to observe your Crowning achievement. You showed the shadows who follow you how easily you will discard them and send them to their deaths. And most of all you showed your COWARDICE when you fled from your court.

You like to think yourself Queen of Shadows, but you and I know that title is not for you. Instead I name you Queen of Cowards, a fool who has perverted the traditions of the Shadow Realm in desperate grasp for power. I hope the defeat you suffered that night stings Rebby. But know soon you will face a permanent defeat and although i may not be the one to deliver the final strike, Know that I will watch you die with great joy.
Till Next Time Coward Queen
Dante Stormwind