Grave Robbers Vandalize Manor House Catacombs

House Lav’Endros is currently investigating a burglary which occurred during the late night hours of Gatheringday, the15th of Boneharvest. According to an eyewitness, a small group of a half dozen or so shady looking figures were seen around the midnight hour traveling along Elmerton’s southern road before disappearing into the hillside below the Manor House grounds. It was later discovered by Lav’Endros guards that a secret entrance, hidden and long forgotten, had been unearthed within the property’s overgrown hedge maze and had been used to access a narrow tunnel leading to the deepest levels of the estate’s catacombs. Reportedly, the tunnel had been deliberately collapsed by the criminals to evade pursuit after they had robbed the graves of dozens of the dead buried within.
Baroness Lav’Endros is rumored to be furious with the audacity of these criminals and is offering a reward for any information leading to their capture. It is also being said that she has assigned responsibility of the investigation not to one of her senior House Guards, but instead to a relatively new member of her servant staff, a man by the name of Dolamus Dunfarri. For purposes of the investigation, Dunfarri has been given the interim position of “House Inquisitor” along with the rank and entitlements of a lesser noble.

Any and all information related to the case is to be directed to Detective Dunfarri.

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