Livestock, Townsfolk Missing From Area Around Elmerton

Over the last month, a rash of disappearances have left the citizens of Elmerton baffled.abandoned-5[1]

Dozens of people and pets and livestock have gone missing, with no witnesses. The only clues are some large paw-prints (similar to that of a cat) left in the mud. House Lav’Endros has taken a special interest in the disappearances, suspecting some new sort of were-creature. But some of the people investigating believe that to be a false lead, since while there are occasionally signs of a struggle, there is rarely any sign of violence. Normally, a werewolf attack will leave behind blood and body parts of the victims. This has proven to not be the case.

The Purifiers, werewolf-hunters and experts of the unnatural, have committed to investigating the town. They will try and find out who may be afflicted with this disease, so they may be cured or slain. Anyone with any information should contact Baroness Lobea Lav’Endros or Derrick Firsthand, of the Purifiers.

Town of Hatchport Consumed by Sadness!

Having been there myself – literally and figuratively – I can say the phenomena I observed in Hatchport is nothing short of amazing.

sad_orc_by_harhon-d6glktn[1]Every individual has become so self-absorbed that outside stimuli barely register to them. The trading posts and general stores don’t bother to open. In the few weeks that this has taken place, the ships in port are already starting to show signs of neglect. The Allegiant hall is empty, save Minister Forgedheart, who I found sleeping most hours of the day. Even the orcs of the town, so free and rambunctuous, are somber. They sit and drink in quiet contemplation. Interestingly, none are moved to tears but instead, they just sit at their tables and sigh. There is no bartender – she stopped showing up days ago. The orcs pour the drinks themselves, and drop a few coins on the counter. Not only do they pass up the chance to get rowdy on free drink, bu they don’t even count the money they are leaving.

Upon entering the town, I felt it instantly. Certainly, not to the same degree as those who are living here in the funk but still, there it was in my heart. I wish I could say it was my ambition and scholarly drive that pushed me on in my findings but alas, it was not. You see, when I am feeling morose, I turn to journaling. It is a fortunate thing too, having so many notes (and amateur poems and rudimentary line drawings…) to look back at my few days there. Oh the days, how each felt like an eternity. I am certain that the only thing that got me out of Hatchport and its influence was my decision to give up the pursuit of knowledge and move back in my with my mother and father. Oh, thank the Incarnations I snapped out of that!

I suspect I know the source of this misery, and am following his trail to Riverton. I fear even that city has already been lost and he has moved on. I am hesitant to reveal my theory for fear that I am incorrect, but I suspect that it is none other than the Grand Gloomis, a being who has existed since the Age of Creation! A fascinating entity, who leaves nothing but sadness and despair in his wake. He has gone by many names in his time and I believe him to be one of the Neverborn. I would be delighted if anyone were to send me any information they have on him!

– Robin Sweetthistle

Huntsmen Society Start-Up

Greetings once again, citizens of Elmerton!


Atian Grimsby here…Yes!! That Atian Grimsby!!

head-display-of-a-wall-mounted-werewolf-1[1]I was back in my home town of Elmerton about two moons ago to recruit people to join up with the huntsmen society that I intend to get off the ground very shortly. Turn-out was unimpressive (to say the least). My group will teach the following:
  • Basic wilderness survival skills. For those who excel in the basics, there is a more advanced class.
  • Basic hunting skills, as well as advanced classes for those who excel.
  • Gathering skills that can keep you alive even in the most barren of places.
  • Fish and game skills, including proper skinning and meat & fur preservation that can not only sustain you, but even make you money.
  • Tracking skills.
All this and more will be taught to those who wish to learn!For the small fee of only two silver every two moons you will learn what is needed to stay alive in almost any sort of terrain in any area.

Interested? Sign your name on the sheet that will be hung in the Wining Spirit Tavern with what you would be most interested in learning. Even if you signed with us in the past please sign your name again just to keep our records up to date.I look forward to new adventures with all of you!

– Atian Grimsby

Listen Up, Elmerton!

Alright kids: hear me out.

By now, you have all probably heard of The Gatekeepers and what Listeners are. Well, I’ve been doing some research (as though my life depended on it) and thought I’d share with my good old friends in Elmerton.

First things first: the Gatekeeper. He’s kind of a turd. Wants his own death dimension or something stupid like that. He actually is pretty bad news. He has “normal” followers like any baddie. But, he can also somehow take control of people (like yours truly) to temporary enlist troops. You know those people as Listeners.

Listeners always go deaf and lose control of their bodies. It’s hazy, but it’s like you’re riding on the cart but someone else is steering the horse. In every instance I’ve come across, Listening is temporary and a one time ordeal. Once it’s over, it’s over. That’s the good news. The bad news is that “temporary” is relative. For some people it only lasts a few minutes, for others well….let’s just say it could be weeks before they hear the new Farthings Four song.

More bad news: I have no idea what makes a person vulnerable to becoming a Listener. I’ve seen it happen in the Portal Authority (ahem), in guilds, on caravans, among merchants…I can’t find what connects them. Maybe nothing connects them?

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for information for now. If any of YOU have any information, I’d love to hear it. Keep me in the loop!

– Runcibal Delancey

Vampire Houses in turmoil! Our nation to be restored!


Last Petalsong, I was forced to invoke the Right of Perdition as our nation faced a grave danger, with many of the nation’s nobility under a terrible control.

It brings me great pleasure to announce that – on a case by case basis – The Allegiant are revoking the Right of Perdition.

The Vampire Houses are in disarray. Even now, months later,  they succumb to power-plays and in-fighting. They are killing each other more quickly than any of us could.  The Vampire Queen is dead and with her passing, so too passes their sway over our nobility. The creatures are retreating without their noble lords to hide behind.

Already Point Edgar and Tradegate have been returned to the able hands of our nobility. Once the  investigations into each town and city are complete, all of Irvanshire will be back to normal. I want to thank each and every one of you for the smooth transition of power to us. I anticipate the conversion back to be just as easy.

As the Allegiant, it is our duty to serve, especially when others cannot. Thank you for your cooperation, Irvanshire.


-Valvik Gallows, Incarnist of All Incarnations,
Arch-Minster of the The Allegiant in Irvanshire

Jail Break!

This past week several guards at the Veilhaven maximum security prison were found dead on the prison grounds!


One guard, Bern Pisky was coming back inside from his break when he saw the tragedy before him. “I just don’t understand who would do something like this.” Says Pisky “These are all good men and women. They help protect Irvanshire by keeping these scum out of the streets”. Luckily for Pisky, all of the prisoners remained locked away in their cells, with the exception of one individual named Mason Mikal who managed to escape from solitary confinement. Further investigations are being done as to what exactly could have done so much damage in such little time.

Local authorities believe whoever was helping Mason to escape is extremely dangerous. Any information on the whereabouts of Mason Mikal or his lackies are urged to contact Sergent Becker Ramsey as soon as possible.


-Snozza Bowrinkle Agent of Community

Queen Amphelise Courting the Old Gods!

Never did I imagine I would put the following words to paper: Morkanthos, the Incarnation of Pestilence and near-eternal adversary to the Fellowship of Gwendolar, did the right thing.


The Vampire Queen, Amphelise, approached Morkanthos and asked for his allegiance. Who knows why he turned it down? I have to assume it was something like pride or arrogance or jealousy or another equally petty compulsion that caused him to rebuff her advances. Regardless of the reason, he did decline and the Queen…well, the word is, she assaulted the minor incarnation, murdered no small number of his followers, placed him in some sort of stasis, and simply left.

Now, the Fellowship is no longer the passive organization it once was. We keep track of our enemies and I can say with surety: this actually happened. And because of it, the Knights of Nocturne are gone. Perhaps they are in hiding? Perhaps, without their lord, they have disbanded? I can’t say for sure. But I do know that no one has seen nor heard from them since. They have all but disappeared.

What I do know is that Amphelise also approached Gwendolar and was similarly turned away. I don’t know if she tried to attack The Lady or not. While I’m sure Amphelise felt insulted, testing her abilities against a Major Incarnation would certainly have been foolish – so maybe she thought wiser of it.

What’s my point? Anyone reading this now remembers Morkanthos before he took the mantle of Pestilence. But how can many recall that just a century ago, Gwendolar was a goddess before she was Nature? Amphelise has been spotted all the way over in Swardia. For the sake of those who believe Rael is still alive, I hope she didn’t find what she was looking for in those mountains (the irony of a vampire searching out a sun deity is not lost on me).

Irvanshire, I believe Ampehlise is seeking out the old gods of Magesta. I don’t know what her angle is or why they are important to her. I just know that she must not be allowed to get what she wants.

– Revered Master Picco Wryn, Agent of Nature


Finding The Lost: Two to Go!


I wanted to thank you for your efforts in assisting my brother, Myrmidon Xanford last Fortuneday the 13th. Your courage, strength and wisdom are qualities well-known throughout Irvanshire and you proved them all to my brother and I. Some of you are aware of what taking down that battle standard meant. For those who do not, heed my words: this is not over. From my understanding we have two more battle standards to take down and they will not be as easy a feat as the first one.

You may have heard rumors of Agents of War now being called “The Lost”. These poor souls have been controlled to join the Nightmare War on the side of Mr. Hi. They are my brothers- and sisters-in-arms. Your instinct may be to spare them when you meet on the field, but I fear they are too dangerous to be kept alive. Not only is it exceptionally easy for a Warlord to heal our unconscious comrades, but I have also learned that some nightmare blessing has them regenerating. Let me warn you: they will fight you the hardest they can. If Lord Vorkarian chooses to send them back they may regret their actions, but they will be proud of the battle. As we say, “Experience is shown in bruises and blood.”

Lastly, there were other rumors circulating that the Incarnation of War himself has joined sides with Mr. Hi. I can assure you that this is not true. We believe these Battle Standards are keeping the Incarnation himself asleep and that Mr. Hi has put these agents into a sleep-walking type of control. We know how to destroy these standards. Beating up bar tenders was for once, not the solution.

We will be in touch, Elmerton, I expect the rickshaw to be repaired the next time my brother and I are in town.


Praise War!

-Deanndra Karusk,
Agent of War

Allegiant Invoke Right of Perdition


It is with heavy-heart that I survey the state of our nation. The undead awaken, and would claim our home as theirs. They kill our sons and daughters. They take what they please and ignore everything we as a people have struggled to create.

Our lands are constantly troubled by one thing or another, it is true. Always, we have been able to rely on the great houses of Irvanshire to keep us safe. Not so with this new threat. The vampires have our noble families under their sway. They use foul magic to twist their wisdom and skew their justice.

Many think the Incarnations are the first priority of the Allegiant, but that is not so. Our first duty is to those who would serve our patrons: the people. We exist to lift up the common man and guide the nobles. We promote the people so they may promote the Incarnations. But the vampires slay the common man! They ensorcell the noble! These monsters dare to call themselves kings and queens. They disregard our laws and toss away the society we built.

In times of uncertainty, when the path we are on is fraught with tribulation and our destination can only be ruin, we must invoke the Right of Perdition. In these times, the Allegiant must step-up. We will not let these usurpers rule us! They do not revere our lords, nor the Incarnations! The only things they worship are themselves.

We will not stand idly by. We invoke the Right of Perdition. Those villages and towns that miss the gaze of the great noble families of Irvanshire will now look to the Allegiant as their leaders. Already the orcs of Hatchport look to their Minister to command them. Already the gnomes in Craftshire have found succor in our open hands. While House Lav’Endros looks inward, we look to Elmerton. While House Camis and Falstoke ignore not only the raiders of the Lakeshires, but now also the vampire menace, we create a ministry in each hamlet. Soon Port Hensworth will be able to count on us. Soon Lakedale.

The Allegiant call ourselves the Head, the Hand, and the Heart. But you Irvanshire, you are the rest. You are the Arms, out-stretched and welcoming. You are the Feet, ever advancing. You are the Back, upon which this nation was built. You are the Eyes, and you can all see the blight that is consuming our land.

This does not bring me joy. I am not happy to have to call upon the Right. But I will do so with pride and honor, because Irvanshire deserves no less.

-Valvik Gallows, Incarnist of All Incarnations,
Arch-Minster of the The Allegiant of Irvanshire

City-Wide Rioting Quelled in Leapei

Mongrellian militants in the town of Solguarida were dispersed before they could march on any nearby settlements, but not before causing immense damage to their own homes and businesses.

The chaos began with the assassinations of their mayor, a turtle mongrellian named Roltar Iglia and the only human citizen in the town, an Agent of Community named Marlon Trueborn. From there, the militants – feral supremacists bent on reclaiming cities and giving them back to the wild – trapped those who refused to march in their homes, setting them ablaze.

A peace-keeping order named The Dreams of Men arrived and attempted to negotiate with the militia group, to no avail. The militants refused to treat with “the baldfaces” and told them that “their beastless children would become prey, while they were suffocated in their towers”. An altercation started when one of the militants, an unidentified leopard mongrellian, cast death magics at the negotiating force.

The Dreams of Men evacuated non-violent citizens, while apprehending the rioters. Dozens of homes have been destroyed, with countless dead. Solguarida has become the burnt husk of a town; an eerie reminder to us all of the danger of the untamed.