Allegiant Invoke Right of Perdition


It is with heavy-heart that I survey the state of our nation. The undead awaken, and would claim our home as theirs. They kill our sons and daughters. They take what they please and ignore everything we as a people have struggled to create.

Our lands are constantly troubled by one thing or another, it is true. Always, we have been able to rely on the great houses of Irvanshire to keep us safe. Not so with this new threat. The vampires have our noble families under their sway. They use foul magic to twist their wisdom and skew their justice.

Many think the Incarnations are the first priority of the Allegiant, but that is not so. Our first duty is to those who would serve our patrons: the people. We exist to lift up the common man and guide the nobles. We promote the people so they may promote the Incarnations. But the vampires slay the common man! They ensorcell the noble! These monsters dare to call themselves kings and queens. They disregard our laws and toss away the society we built.

In times of uncertainty, when the path we are on is fraught with tribulation and our destination can only be ruin, we must invoke the Right of Perdition. In these times, the Allegiant must step-up. We will not let these usurpers rule us! They do not revere our lords, nor the Incarnations! The only things they worship are themselves.

We will not stand idly by. We invoke the Right of Perdition. Those villages and towns that miss the gaze of the great noble families of Irvanshire will now look to the Allegiant as their leaders. Already the orcs of Hatchport look to their Minister to command them. Already the gnomes in Craftshire have found succor in our open hands. While House Lav’Endros looks inward, we look to Elmerton. While House Camis and Falstoke ignore not only the raiders of the Lakeshires, but now also the vampire menace, we create a ministry in each hamlet. Soon Port Hensworth will be able to count on us. Soon Lakedale.

The Allegiant call ourselves the Head, the Hand, and the Heart. But you Irvanshire, you are the rest. You are the Arms, out-stretched and welcoming. You are the Feet, ever advancing. You are the Back, upon which this nation was built. You are the Eyes, and you can all see the blight that is consuming our land.

This does not bring me joy. I am not happy to have to call upon the Right. But I will do so with pride and honor, because Irvanshire deserves no less.

-Valvik Gallows, Incarnist of All Incarnations,
Arch-Minster of the The Allegiant of Irvanshire

PC Submission: The Cult of the Fiery Voice wants YOU!

Join the hottest new cult in all of Irvanshire! Amaze your friends with new found magical powers, rediscover the lost art of Oration, and never again fear being called a nerd because of all the time you were forced to spend in the library.

For too long have the people of Magesta been confined and restricted in their learning, for too long have the strong oral traditions of our past been cast aside in favor of silent libraries and restricted classrooms, for too long have you been sheep. It is time to rediscover the ways of Nature, to embrace the world around you, and cast off the chains that city folk seek to wrap around you. They send you to schools, to libraries, to other various establishments of learning. And why? So that you will be no different than them, so that you will fill the role they want for you and so that you will never shine so bright as to dim their pathetic, meaningless, dull lives.

But no more my friends, I offer you a new way. A way back to theFery mouth embrace of Nature, A way back to the natural world, a way to break free of the chains of monotony that bind your lives and keep you from becoming the predators you were always meant to be. Come to us, embrace our ways, and we will teach you to live as Nature had intended before Labor bound you in its iron webs of industry and civilization. We will teach you to live from the land, we will show you how to gather prodigious magical power, teach you to fight and live as a predator, and above all we will show you how to carry this truth across Magesta so that you may free others.

Come to me on the first fortuneday of petalsong. We will gather in front of the Allegiant
building in Elmerton at one hour before high sun and travel to a place flush with life and the blessing of Nature. There we will begin teaching you the true way to live, and from that point on you will have a whole world of opportunity opened before you. Come to us, join in our worship of Nature, and learn the secrets that Labor would hide from you. Free magical power to the two best initiates!

These words have been spoken in fiery glory by Samson, high cult leader of the Cult of the Fiery Voice.

Magestry’s Best of Newgreen, 2013!

Magestry’s Best of Newgreen, 2013!

Here are our picks for the Best of the April 12th-14th event:

This month’s Best PCs were easy to spot in the PELs, on our Good Role-playing sheet in Ops, and across Magestry’s Facebook! Chris Galantich, Ben Cohen, Gabe Begun, Josh Howard, and Matt Mayo really astounded and impressed us in their roles as the orphans Jansang, Dragmar, Magno, Serik, and Phineas. Nearly every interaction that our NPCs had with this group was reported as fantastic, and we noticed that they were thoroughly In-Game the entire weekend. Your PELs talked about how wonderfully they did with their role-playing and how smoothly they were able to transition into the game and the world around them. We were extremely pleased to have them at game and are excited to see what they can do in the future. Outstanding game, gents! Thank you!

This month’s Best NPC was someone who has been with us for a while and has always been a great NPC. This event, however, Shawn Robbins really showed us how much of a rock star he really is behind the scenes. Whether it was playing new face characters like a champ, showing us all how to crunch like crazy, or offering his height to help make mod set-up easier, Shawn was the ideal NPC. He seems to have endless energy, a helpful attitude, and an easy smile- all qualities that make NPC HQ a better place to be. Thanks, Shawn, for being so awesome!

Fire in Bloomingport Library!

This week in Bloomingport a fire broke out at a small local library following three large castle burnsexplosions. The fire started late in the night, injuring six of its librarians who were trying desperately to extinguish the flames and destroying hundreds of scrolls and books. Five citizens were lost in the blaze, their bodies found in the smoldering building. The head librarian, Curator Brouswick, has not yet been found. It is believed that he is still alive and is wanted for questioning. Please report any information to the Bloomingport Town Guard.

PC Submission: Fae Party!

Greetings fellow Elmertonians,

House Morlaix and yours truly are hosting an event on the twenty fifth day of Petalsong in honor of House Irune.  You are all invited.  I have that kind of sway. However, events are lots of work and I am looking for anyone willing to assist to contact me as soon as possible.  I would appreciate some servants, some music and a herald.  Do not fear, servanting will pay pretty well in magic, coins and gratitude.   We can work out how much of each you require later.  There will be food, drink, games and prizes.  Bring some food and drink if you want to partake.  House Irune of course need only bring their fiery selves!  If you have ideas for a game you want to run or entertainment you want to provide, do tell.  You can never have too much fun.

– Solun


Cat Removal Service

Do yowling cats keep you up at night? Do you get itchy and sneezy every time one of those fur balls crosses your path? Does the sight of their beady eyes make you want to pay a visit to Vorkarian? If you answered YES to any of those questions, I have a solution for you! Mary Elizabeth’s Cat Cleanup Service will remove those pesky felines free of charge!

Isn’t it time you bring some peace back into your life?

Contact Mary Elizabeth for details.