Finding The Lost: Two to Go!


I wanted to thank you for your efforts in assisting my brother, Myrmidon Xanford last Fortuneday the 13th. Your courage, strength and wisdom are qualities well-known throughout Irvanshire and you proved them all to my brother and I. Some of you are aware of what taking down that battle standard meant. For those who do not, heed my words: this is not over. From my understanding we have two more battle standards to take down and they will not be as easy a feat as the first one.

You may have heard rumors of Agents of War now being called “The Lost”. These poor souls have been controlled to join the Nightmare War on the side of Mr. Hi. They are my brothers- and sisters-in-arms. Your instinct may be to spare them when you meet on the field, but I fear they are too dangerous to be kept alive. Not only is it exceptionally easy for a Warlord to heal our unconscious comrades, but I have also learned that some nightmare blessing has them regenerating. Let me warn you: they will fight you the hardest they can. If Lord Vorkarian chooses to send them back they may regret their actions, but they will be proud of the battle. As we say, “Experience is shown in bruises and blood.”

Lastly, there were other rumors circulating that the Incarnation of War himself has joined sides with Mr. Hi. I can assure you that this is not true. We believe these Battle Standards are keeping the Incarnation himself asleep and that Mr. Hi has put these agents into a sleep-walking type of control. We know how to destroy these standards. Beating up bar tenders was for once, not the solution.

We will be in touch, Elmerton, I expect the rickshaw to be repaired the next time my brother and I are in town.


Praise War!

-Deanndra Karusk,
Agent of War