Livestock, Townsfolk Missing From Area Around Elmerton

Over the last month, a rash of disappearances have left the citizens of Elmerton baffled.abandoned-5[1]

Dozens of people and pets and livestock have gone missing, with no witnesses. The only clues are some large paw-prints (similar to that of a cat) left in the mud. House Lav’Endros has taken a special interest in the disappearances, suspecting some new sort of were-creature. But some of the people investigating believe that to be a false lead, since while there are occasionally signs of a struggle, there is rarely any sign of violence. Normally, a werewolf attack will leave behind blood and body parts of the victims. This has proven to not be the case.

The Purifiers, werewolf-hunters and experts of the unnatural, have committed to investigating the town. They will try and find out who may be afflicted with this disease, so they may be cured or slain. Anyone with any information should contact Baroness Lobea Lav’Endros or Derrick Firsthand, of the Purifiers.

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