Livestock, Townsfolk Missing From Area Around Elmerton

Over the last month, a rash of disappearances have left the citizens of Elmerton baffled.abandoned-5[1]

Dozens of people and pets and livestock have gone missing, with no witnesses. The only clues are some large paw-prints (similar to that of a cat) left in the mud. House Lav’Endros has taken a special interest in the disappearances, suspecting some new sort of were-creature. But some of the people investigating believe that to be a false lead, since while there are occasionally signs of a struggle, there is rarely any sign of violence. Normally, a werewolf attack will leave behind blood and body parts of the victims. This has proven to not be the case.

The Purifiers, werewolf-hunters and experts of the unnatural, have committed to investigating the town. They will try and find out who may be afflicted with this disease, so they may be cured or slain. Anyone with any information should contact Baroness Lobea Lav’Endros or Derrick Firsthand, of the Purifiers.

Magestry’s Best of Petalsong 124

Here are our picks for the Best of the May 2nd-4th, 2014 event:

Best PC May 2014This month’s Best PC is one who jumped into the game wholeheartedly not too long ago, but with so much energy that we are still happily reeling from it. We are very pleased to have Chris Galantich as Jansang at the game, and apparently so are you! Here are some comments from PELs about Chris’s performance this game:

-“Jan ,Orphan 57, was great all game, running amok and doing all of the things.”

-“His never ending enthusiasm and heart is really delightful to be around, and this game he did a great job organizing the new players and helping make sure they knew what was going on for final battle as well as trying to make sure the town was always fighting near the tourney field instead of in front of the tavern.”

-“Without a doubt this goes to Mr. Galantich as his wonderful orphan. He went through the entire game with an energy and enthusiasm that was just impossibly infectious. He offered his help whenever he could, fought with conviction, and more importantly, safety, and was just all around enjoyable to be around.”

-“Jansang’s energy was near unparalleled the entire event. He was always up for anything and gave 100 percent all the time. Plus he’s hilarious.”

Great job, Chris! Congratulations!

Best NPC May 2014



This month’s Best NPC is one of those NPCs you know you can always count on, no matter what needs doing. Casey Pastore really shined behind the scenes at last event as he helped out where he could, did whatever roles were asked of him, and made many PCs very happy just by being out in game. We are super glad to have him on staff and are grateful for everything he has done for us! Thanks, Casey!!

Town of Hatchport Consumed by Sadness!

Having been there myself – literally and figuratively – I can say the phenomena I observed in Hatchport is nothing short of amazing.

sad_orc_by_harhon-d6glktn[1]Every individual has become so self-absorbed that outside stimuli barely register to them. The trading posts and general stores don’t bother to open. In the few weeks that this has taken place, the ships in port are already starting to show signs of neglect. The Allegiant hall is empty, save Minister Forgedheart, who I found sleeping most hours of the day. Even the orcs of the town, so free and rambunctuous, are somber. They sit and drink in quiet contemplation. Interestingly, none are moved to tears but instead, they just sit at their tables and sigh. There is no bartender – she stopped showing up days ago. The orcs pour the drinks themselves, and drop a few coins on the counter. Not only do they pass up the chance to get rowdy on free drink, bu they don’t even count the money they are leaving.

Upon entering the town, I felt it instantly. Certainly, not to the same degree as those who are living here in the funk but still, there it was in my heart. I wish I could say it was my ambition and scholarly drive that pushed me on in my findings but alas, it was not. You see, when I am feeling morose, I turn to journaling. It is a fortunate thing too, having so many notes (and amateur poems and rudimentary line drawings…) to look back at my few days there. Oh the days, how each felt like an eternity. I am certain that the only thing that got me out of Hatchport and its influence was my decision to give up the pursuit of knowledge and move back in my with my mother and father. Oh, thank the Incarnations I snapped out of that!

I suspect I know the source of this misery, and am following his trail to Riverton. I fear even that city has already been lost and he has moved on. I am hesitant to reveal my theory for fear that I am incorrect, but I suspect that it is none other than the Grand Gloomis, a being who has existed since the Age of Creation! A fascinating entity, who leaves nothing but sadness and despair in his wake. He has gone by many names in his time and I believe him to be one of the Neverborn. I would be delighted if anyone were to send me any information they have on him!

– Robin Sweetthistle

Player Submission: A Letter From the Magistrate

To my fellow citizens of Elmerton,

As your Magistrate, it has been brought to my attention that several of our fellow citizens were the victims of crimes last moon.  As such, I shall be holding court at approximately one bell past high sun on Wakingday at the amphitheater to deal with this matter as the incarnations see fit and allow victims to bring charges against their transgressors.

It was reported to me, that the possessions of several individuals went missing from their cabins.  In addition to this, several citizens were looted during battle with reports of fellow citizens being involved.

I wish to take this opportunity to educate and provide recourse for those that would prey on the heroes of Elmerton.  To educate, please realize, that the individuals that you steal from are indeed heroes, and I do not use the word heroes lightly.  These are the mortals who stood against and defeated Queen Amphelise the vampire queen who would subjugate nations.  They are also the heroes that defeated the Earth Caller Durias Unddybar, who attempted to merge dimensions with Magesta and stopped the deaths of thousands.  Some of these heroes fought the Sleeping Lord himself, and with it saved all of creation and advanced the Age of Fortune.  How dare anyone think that they should deprive any riches of these heroes.  For those that have stolen from our heroes, I can only consider you villainous in every manner of the word, and should the incarnations see fit, I shall reveal you and let the heroes decide how they should defeat you.

But as I also mentioned I would offer recourse, I shall allow any of the guilty to confess their crimes to me prior to high sun on Wakingday, so that the matter can be dealt with in a most honorable fashion and with mercy.  This first offer, my offer to deal with you in an honorable manner expires one minute past the sun reaching its peak and I shall turn my back on mercy towards these crimes moving forward.

As an additional offer to those that would remain in the shadows and stick to their villainous life, I make this offer to you.  If you must steal from a member of the town, do so from me directly.  I shall from this point forward carry a gold piece just for this necessity.  Should you have the desire to strike down a fellow townsperson, or to even rummage through their possessions while their blood spills for defending Elmerton, do it directly to me.  I shall reserve the wrath of the incarnations directly for you, villain.

From this point forward, I am suspending the sheriffs duties previously enacted during the Rites of Perdition, and I have approved the reinstatement of the town guard.  The town guard will be responsible for investigating crimes between citizens as well as being charged with investigating troubles as often comes to our town.  In this town of heroes, the town guard is not the substitution of heroic action. They are merely individuals who will strive to help the members of Elmerton above all else, and for that they have my respect.

My last plea is to the victims who have found their riches, be they coins, weapons, potions or jewels taken from them.  I shall do what I can to find the criminals who have taken items from you.  Currently, I have been given a list of suspects and shall share with the town guard so that they may investigate these crimes further.  Yet, my request is that you take it upon yourself to exercise the most minimal of precautions and hide your goods.  Treat them as the treasures that they are. Bury them, trap them, and protect them in some fashion other than leaving them in the wide open, only to find them gone and wondering who could have betrayed you and your apathy towards your gold.  At least make the effort to have good thieves work for their prizes, and do not let the pathetic ones profit from your foolishness.

Any other items that must be brought up at court should be brought directly to my attention either Gatheringday or Wakingday prior to court being called into session.  Although not mandatory, I am requesting a representative from any of the guilds of Elmerton be in attendance so that I might request council during our discussions.

And as always, thank you Elmerton for all the good works that you do.

Minister Oliver Finnesterra, Magistrate of Elmerton


Two Smiths Missing!

Several weeks ago my beloved husband, Frederick, and his brother, Igor, never returned home. They left for an important meeting about their weapon and armor smithing business but would not tell me where they were going or who they were meeting with. They were very nervous about the meeting but assured me they were going to be somewhere extremely safe.lostboys

I am  sick with worry for their safety. If anyone has seen either of these gentlemen or can offer useful information about what happened or where they might be, please contact me. I do not have much to offer but can provide a small reward for any information that will lead me to them.

Willow Mayfield

Player Submission: Elmerton’s Smiths’ Guild No More!

ELMERTON – On the 4th of Petalsong,124 Age of Fortune, almost 127 years to the day from its founding on the 7th of Maygrelian (now known as Petalsong) in year  2004 Age of Arrival, the The Elmerton Smiths Guild, founded by Rakesh the Smith and Haku Steelwind with apprentice Kaybin Stormsill, is changing its name.


The meeting began with current members Rakesh, Lex, and Kendrik unanimously approving the admission of Janseng the Orphan as a Journeyman (Janseng, if someone is reading this to you, congratulations).

The next order of business was a motion to change the name of the organization from the Smiths Guild to the Metalworkers Guild, followed by motion of intent to build a “mechanical dragon-body” for the imp alchemist Pendel’s assistant Murray. Both motions passes unanimously.

It should be noted that this is not the first time residents of Elmerton promised to perform such a task. Several month prior to the founding of the Smiths Guild, Haku promised Pendel a “special metal dragon body for Murray” (see the Magestic Messenger Vol.I, Issue 6) Per Pendel and Murray’s requests, “fire-breathing” is a “mandatory” feature of the draconic from, with flight being “optional.”

Rybin vanHolt, Historian and Scholar

Player Submission: Scholar Seeks Help in Writing “A History of Elmerton”

To the Good People of Elmerton:

As many of you know, I, Rybin vanHolt, am recently arrived in Elmerton to study and record the amazing events to which residents of this small Irvanshirian town contribute. Events in Elmerton often have far reaching consequences that effect all of Irvanshire, Magesta, and even dimensions beyond!
You may not know it, but the Magestic Messenger is read far and wide, and is often the only source of reliable information about the happenings in Elmerton. I am here in an attempt to remedy that. I have talked to many of you in my efforts to compile information for my forthcoming book, tentatively titled “A History of Elmerton,” but there are many to whom I still wish to speak.
In particular, I am very interested in learning more about the early history of Elmerton, particularly its politics, and Elmerton’s connection to the elemental planes. Anyone with information or expertise in these areas is urged to contact me.
Rybin vanHolt, Historian & Scholar

To the “Friends” of Cornelius Who Mowed Through My Greenhouse…

bouquetI am very upset! I bristle at the thought of what you did to my babies in their nursery. A few weeks ago, a bunch of Cornelius’s “friends” arrived to gather an item the Green Thumb was keeping safe for him. The details of the encounter are hazy since getting information from my attendant has been like pulling weeds, but the chaos I unearthed when I returned was extremely unappealing.

First of all, the Elementals were distraught; Rocky had dug a hole deep enough to hide a body and River almost flooded the path outside! Floamy, my dear Floamy, was smoldering on the floor. The attendant was so upset, she refused to shine any light on the situation! Xyle was watering the plants with his blood. Do you know what blood does to the plants? Me neither, but I assure you all that you will find out… Most distressingly, my beautiful, precious, spectacular experi-plants were trampled, bruised and very sad. It has taken me weeks to coax the flowers to bloom and the vines to unwrap. The most terrible and offensive thing one humanoid can do to another is destroy their cherished creations.

If the contents of my Greenhouse weren’t enough to plant the seeds of fear into your hearts, then maybe I will introduce you to my latest creations. No one disrespects the experi-plants. No. One.

Vines and Branches,

PC Submission: Bloodriots Memorial Dinner and Fundraiser

Just over one year ago tragedy befell the citizenry of Riverton. The tragedy known as the Bloodriots caused damage to not only the buildings, but the people and indeed the very soul of Riverton. We seek to put that right.
To provide a beacon of light and hope in these dark times the Playhouse right here in Riverton will be hosting a dinner and a performance to raise funds to benefit local orphanages and hospitals on the 31st day of Petalsong in this, the 124th year of the Age of Fortune. This memorial event will also serve as a feast dedicated to Music as Petalsong comes to a close.
The entertainment for this event will be coming from the heart of Irvanshire! Riverton’s native son and famed maestro Simon Garren will be performing his final show as a student, as that night he seeks to perfect his learnings and join the annals of history as a master maestro.

While dinner will be free of charge, there will be a recommended donation of one silver for those who can spare it. Those who donate will be entered into a raffle for the chance to win fabulous prizes including gems and potions. Hope to see you there!

Huntsmen Society Start-Up

Greetings once again, citizens of Elmerton!


Atian Grimsby here…Yes!! That Atian Grimsby!!

head-display-of-a-wall-mounted-werewolf-1[1]I was back in my home town of Elmerton about two moons ago to recruit people to join up with the huntsmen society that I intend to get off the ground very shortly. Turn-out was unimpressive (to say the least). My group will teach the following:
  • Basic wilderness survival skills. For those who excel in the basics, there is a more advanced class.
  • Basic hunting skills, as well as advanced classes for those who excel.
  • Gathering skills that can keep you alive even in the most barren of places.
  • Fish and game skills, including proper skinning and meat & fur preservation that can not only sustain you, but even make you money.
  • Tracking skills.
All this and more will be taught to those who wish to learn!For the small fee of only two silver every two moons you will learn what is needed to stay alive in almost any sort of terrain in any area.

Interested? Sign your name on the sheet that will be hung in the Wining Spirit Tavern with what you would be most interested in learning. Even if you signed with us in the past please sign your name again just to keep our records up to date.I look forward to new adventures with all of you!

– Atian Grimsby