Magestry’s Best of Newgreen, 2013!

Magestry’s Best of Newgreen, 2013!

Here are our picks for the Best of the April 12th-14th event:

This month’s Best PCs were easy to spot in the PELs, on our Good Role-playing sheet in Ops, and across Magestry’s Facebook! Chris Galantich, Ben Cohen, Gabe Begun, Josh Howard, and Matt Mayo really astounded and impressed us in their roles as the orphans Jansang, Dragmar, Magno, Serik, and Phineas. Nearly every interaction that our NPCs had with this group was reported as fantastic, and we noticed that they were thoroughly In-Game the entire weekend. Your PELs talked about how wonderfully they did with their role-playing and how smoothly they were able to transition into the game and the world around them. We were extremely pleased to have them at game and are excited to see what they can do in the future. Outstanding game, gents! Thank you!

This month’s Best NPC was someone who has been with us for a while and has always been a great NPC. This event, however, Shawn Robbins really showed us how much of a rock star he really is behind the scenes. Whether it was playing new face characters like a champ, showing us all how to crunch like crazy, or offering his height to help make mod set-up easier, Shawn was the ideal NPC. He seems to have endless energy, a helpful attitude, and an easy smile- all qualities that make NPC HQ a better place to be. Thanks, Shawn, for being so awesome!

Fire in Bloomingport Library!

This week in Bloomingport a fire broke out at a small local library following three large castle burnsexplosions. The fire started late in the night, injuring six of its librarians who were trying desperately to extinguish the flames and destroying hundreds of scrolls and books. Five citizens were lost in the blaze, their bodies found in the smoldering building. The head librarian, Curator Brouswick, has not yet been found. It is believed that he is still alive and is wanted for questioning. Please report any information to the Bloomingport Town Guard.

PC Submission: Fae Party!

Greetings fellow Elmertonians,

House Morlaix and yours truly are hosting an event on the twenty fifth day of Petalsong in honor of House Irune.  You are all invited.  I have that kind of sway. However, events are lots of work and I am looking for anyone willing to assist to contact me as soon as possible.  I would appreciate some servants, some music and a herald.  Do not fear, servanting will pay pretty well in magic, coins and gratitude.   We can work out how much of each you require later.  There will be food, drink, games and prizes.  Bring some food and drink if you want to partake.  House Irune of course need only bring their fiery selves!  If you have ideas for a game you want to run or entertainment you want to provide, do tell.  You can never have too much fun.

– Solun


Magestry’s Best of Boneharvest, 2012!

Here are our picks for the Best of the November 2nd-4th event:

This month’s Best PC wow’d everyone with her dedication to her character’s obsession this weekend. Jess Dey as Umberleah not only brought page after page after page of drawings with her to game, but she was truly spectacular in her ability to keep adding obsessive drawings all throughout the event while still being able to role-play convincingly. She really added depth to her character and made the world around her a little more realistic and a lot edgier. We loved to see this side of Umberleah and are psyched to see more. Awesome job, Jess!


This month’s Best NPC was someone who, while pretty quiet, was a wonderful addition to the Dark Side. Andy Doucette really showed his role-playing chops this event, with several tough roles that he really excelled at. Aside from bringing tears to some eyes, Andy was full of energy and always willing to help out with whatever needed to be done, and always with a smile. We are extremely grateful to have him NPC for us, and we hope to see him again soon!

Fae Festival Named!

The Story Queen of Northeast Aszuron, Caressa Delphinne, has recently made the decision to name the Springtime Fae Festival that is generally recognized throughout Aszuron, and many other places on Magesta as well! This festival celebrates the onset of spring and the celebration of the New Year through the creation process, the playing of games, and the blessing of the land. Participants join together as couples to create a fae doll out of various new-grown grasses and twigs, which they then name. After playing a game with one another, the couple will hang their doll in the woods as an offering to the Fae. It is said that if the fae approve of the faeling, they will take the doll, bless the land, and give the couple a gift in return.

Though popular among farmers and townsfolk, this festival has not had a proper name- until now. Caressa has decided that this celebration will be called, at least among the fae of this area, the Festival of Ayawe. Let us usher in the New Year with celebrations of Life, fun, and blessings galore!

Strange Happenings All Over Magesta!

For reasons that haven’t been easily explained, people have, at random, been disappearing and reappearing out of thin air! Folks from far-off, strange lands have been popping up all over Magesta, confused as to how they have gotten to those locations. Strange animals and violent creatures that are not native to the areas they have been sighted have been appearing as well. Additionally, there have been reports of people disappearing from their homes, shops, and right off of public roads all over Magesta. The Portal Authority has had little to say thus far, releasing only one statement:
“The Portal Authority is investigating this very aggressively. Although we are not convinced that portals have anything to do with this activity, we are best equipped to handle it and will do all we can. Anyone with any information or have had sightings to the effect of these descriptions should report them to the Portal Authority at the soonest time possible.”
Rossevelt Surehand
Publicly Roving Scribe

Prove Yourself to be the Best!


It’s time once again to step up to the line and prove who the best archer in the South Farthings is! You may normally fight with sword, but now is the time to draw back your bow. Come challenge yourselves in accuracy and speed.
Time and location have not yet been determined but feel free to find me in the woods or write me, Waywatcher Raven, if you are interested in participating or helping with the preparations. Any help will be welcome!
When this is over, the South Farthings may just have a new Champion!
Waywatcher Raven

Donations! Donations! Donations!

If you are looking to spend time or money before this season, and are itching for some sweet Brownie Points, the staff has made requests for donations. We need:

  • Large (Wide) Popsicle Sticks
  • White Christmas Lights
  • Spell Packets
  • Glow Sticks (6″- 8″ sticks)
  • Black Sheets
  • NPC Consumables (snacks, baby wipes, cosmetic wedge sponges, etc…)

These are the highest priority right now, but there are always things we need. Please email Angela at [email protected] with any interest or questions. Thank you in advance!