PC Submission: Fae Party!

Greetings fellow Elmertonians,

House Morlaix and yours truly are hosting an event on the twenty fifth day of Petalsong in honor of House Irune.  You are all invited.  I have that kind of sway. However, events are lots of work and I am looking for anyone willing to assist to contact me as soon as possible.  I would appreciate some servants, some music and a herald.  Do not fear, servanting will pay pretty well in magic, coins and gratitude.   We can work out how much of each you require later.  There will be food, drink, games and prizes.  Bring some food and drink if you want to partake.  House Irune of course need only bring their fiery selves!  If you have ideas for a game you want to run or entertainment you want to provide, do tell.  You can never have too much fun.

– Solun


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One Response to PC Submission: Fae Party!

  1. Nevaeh Phoenix says:

    I’ll help in anyway you’ll need, Solun. Especially for house Irune! Explode the Phoenix could make for an interesting game… I’m joking! Get that glint out of your eye!

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