Fae Festival Named!

The Story Queen of Northeast Aszuron, Caressa Delphinne, has recently made the decision to name the Springtime Fae Festival that is generally recognized throughout Aszuron, and many other places on Magesta as well! This festival celebrates the onset of spring and the celebration of the New Year through the creation process, the playing of games, and the blessing of the land. Participants join together as couples to create a fae doll out of various new-grown grasses and twigs, which they then name. After playing a game with one another, the couple will hang their doll in the woods as an offering to the Fae. It is said that if the fae approve of the faeling, they will take the doll, bless the land, and give the couple a gift in return.

Though popular among farmers and townsfolk, this festival has not had a proper name- until now. Caressa has decided that this celebration will be called, at least among the fae of this area, the Festival of Ayawe. Let us usher in the New Year with celebrations of Life, fun, and blessings galore!