Magestry’s Best of Boneharvest 126

Here are our picks for the Best of our November 4th-6th event:

Finley was TREMENDOUSLY helpful to us.

This month’s Best PCJ.D. Bates, has really created a persona with Finley Porter that shines at game. Finley is such a different character than Bastion and J.D.’s ability to role-play very well is very evident with the switch. J.D. also works to welcome new players to the game and shows a lot of dedication to his character’s garb and personality. It is a joy to watch Finley and we are happy to have J.D. at game! Congrats!


“Finley, because he as so energetic and is a sympathetic man.”

“Finley – great role-playing as always but being able to quickly digest the situation and deal with it effectively due to being a quick thinker and very knowledgeable with his and other abilities.”

“Finley did a great job role-playing and keeping the tavern running.”


Without this month’s Best NPC this game, some of the coolest moments of the game would not have been able to happen. Taryn Thomas was ESSENTIAL in setting up the totem on the island, acquiring row boats, and helping to make sure that people got across to the island and back safely. She is always incredibly helpful before, during, and after game with all sorts of things that need to get done behind the scenes and has recently joined the plot-writing staff to help in writing the game! We are so glad that she decided to come to game! Thanks for everything, Taryn!

Another huge help with all the coolest and biggest moments at this game was Cara Backman, who gets the Honorable Mention for this month’s award. We loved having Cara back at game and she was another HUGE help with all the physical arrangements that needed to happen for the game and really helped to keep us sane as we tried to do a million things at once. Thanks for all your help, Cara! Come back soon!


Magestry’s Best of Reapingdusk, 126

Here are our picks for the “Best of” the October 7th-9th Event

Sandow, since he got to be an incarnation and didn’t let it go to his head.


This month’s Best PC is a wonderful guy with a heart of gold and a strong, if sometimes subtle, presence at game. Jesse Lemieux as Sandow has really shown us the depth of his role-playing ability recently and has always worked to be a welcoming and helpful person at game. Additionally, he is always a safe fighter and we are glad to be able to recognize him here! Thanks so much, Jesse!

“Sandow takes it this game for me! He kept very true to himself even put in the crazy position of an incarnation! Anyone who can do that and not break their values with the new power is impressive to say the least.”

“Sandow was adorable in his discomfort with the incarnation of community thing.”

“Sandow. I just think he did a great job not only as the impromptu Incarnation of Community, but he was wonderfully in character throughout the entire event.”

“This one will have to go to Sandow this time, his role-playing while the incarnation of community was fantastic, as well as his reactions from the baking contest!”

Mira and Majento and Simon did a great job hosting and organizing the different events for the harvest festival they put on this game.


We would also like to add a huge “Thank You” to Amanda Mooney and Anthony LaRosa as well as the rest of the Aces crew for putting on an amazing Harvest Festival. They wrote and coordinated each of those events and pulled them off with great aplomb and then helped out a ton with making a beautiful and delicious dinner! It was a lot of fun and we are very grateful for all the hard work! Thanks, guys!


“The whole Aces crew held a really amazing event for Aces Tradegate.”

“Amanda and Toner as Mira and Majento. They did an amazing job as PCs with an almost decidedly NPC role, hosting multiple events for PCs as well as helping prepare dinner for everyone and hosting it as well, all the while staying in character.”

Nick. He spent a great deal cooking and still made time to go out and be interesting characters



This month’s Best NPC is not a newcomer to this particular award! Nick Donoghue is a rockstar on staff, always helping and always ready to do what needs to get done. You all know how well he role-plays, and let’s not forget his amazing culinary skills that he lends so graciously to us! We are super lucky to have him on staff. Thank you so much, Nick!

“Nick when he was playing Sir Xanthos. The emotion he put in his role-playing was breath taking, I felt the pain he had.”

“Nick – Dude doesn’t stop, he’s always doing something and it’s almost never the same kind of thing. When he NPCs a monster he adjusts his fighting style to match the flavor of that monster. And his food… is magestic!”

“I loved the Wilhelm moments this game.”

“Xanthos, I never thought that he could get that pissed.”

“Nick as Sir Xanthos for being an important mentor for Linarien, and a believable performance and table flip after finding out some important documents were given to the wrong people. Also Wilhelm, he’s always great to see in town, always helpful.”

Grotesque “Puppet Show” Found in Riverton

alleywayA gruesome scene was found in an alleyway near the Spinster’s Sister Inn and Tavern in Riverton on the 11th day of Reapingdusk. A small stage had been erected in the darkened streetway and two bodies were discovered hanging by strings connected to their wrists, ankles, and necks as if they were puppets in a macabre show. Each of these bodies appeared to have been strangled by the ropes around their necks and had been brutally mutilated- a still-tinkling music box placed into a hole in their chests where their hearts should have been. The words “For Mother” were scrawled in black paint on the front of the stage.

One of the bodies has since been identified as Rhence Gelk, a relatively famous circus master from a Tohmshirian Circus that had visited Irvanshire recently. The other is a Septani woman with dark hair in her mid-late twenties. She has not yet been identified.

Anyone with information about these two brutal murders should contact the Town Guard in Riverton as soon as possible.

Noble Conclave Called for Windlock/Lav’Endros Dispute

Friends of House Lav’Endros,

It was two years ago this month that the Noble House of Windlock put forth the Declaration of Enmity against our House in an attempt to not only humiliate and discredit its members, but also with intent to acquire our lands and assets should the Act of Acquisition be approved. It is our understanding that at the onset of this Declaration, House Windlock was operating under the influence of a coven of Vampire Princes who have culled the bloodlines of many of Irvanshire’s Noble Houses into submission under their control. How strong this control is and how deeply it is felt within the Noble Houses is not yet determined, though it seems that House Lav’Endros and House Acciora are free from this control.

That said, though the initial Declaration of Enmity may have been influenced by these Vampire Princes, the actions of House Windlock since then against our House and the constituents under our care have been ignoble, deplorable and worth investigation.

As you may or may not know, a Conclave has been called and has been scheduled for the 4th night of Boneharvest in order to put an end to the dealings between House Lav’Endros and House Windlock. At this Conclave we will be expected, as a House, to present evidence of wrongdoing perpetrated knowingly and maliciously by house Windlock against House Lav’Endros. The Conclave will be overseen by a panel of impartial witnesses that will act as both judge and jury in the case. These are likely to be nobles knowledgeable in the Irvanshirian Noble House Code of Conduct, and possibly also an Adjudicator of The Allegiant.

There is a lot at stake in outcome of these proceedings. According to the Act of Acquisition, because House Lav’Endros is considered a minor house, if we are found to be at fault or to have misrepresented House Windlock, it could mean the end of our house entirely. It is likely that ranking nobility, primarily those at the top, would be stripped of our titles, at best, or imprisoned or executed, at worst. Our lands, assets, and all of our constituents would be absorbed into House Windlock, and those who have worked against them these long years would be punished. It is even rumored that the anger of House Windlock is so great towards Lav’Endros and particularly to the township of Elmerton, that the town itself will be disbanded and razed to the ground, its inhabitants arrested, banished, or exiled.

Alternatively, if we were to win the day with a solid display of evidence confirming Windlock’s malicious and ignoble behaviors, we would likely be promoted within Irvanshire’s Nobility to become one of the kingdom’s major houses. Additionally, we would acquire a significant portion of Windlock’s lands and assets in reparation for the damages caused to our House and its reputation. Though this would indeed be a boon to the House, it would mean that we would be stretched very thin as we attempt to provide representation for and protection to our new holdings. Should this happen, we intend to petition all of you to aid us in settling and taming our new territory.

Members of the township of Elmerton have been instrumental in gathering a solid presentation of evidence proving not only the innocence of House Lav’Endros in the crimes addressed in the Declaration of Enmity, but the wrongdoings of House Windlock as well. It is hoped that members of the town will be present during the Conclave on Gatheringday, the 4th of Boneharvest to not only present the evidence they have collected on behalf of House Lav’Endros, but to show their support for their ruling house. Observation of the proceedings will be opened to all who wish to witness them, though neither disrespect nor violence will be tolerated during this time.

Though Windlock seems confident in their claims against us and has said that they have sufficient evidence to back their accusations, we are confident that we have enough evidence to present a case that will keep House Lav’Endros and all who fall under our purview safe. We ask for your support and faith during these trying times. However things turn out, it has been an honor to have you with us since the first of your travellers accepted Lord Renwar’s Harvest Festival invitation oh so long ago, and we sincerely hope to be able to work alongside you in the

Yours Under the Tree and Wolf,


Baroness Lobea Lav’Endros

Lord Renwar Lav’Endros

Sir Xanthos Lav’Endros