Academy Students Stage Walk Out!

In an event that has never happened since the inception of the school’s history, students at the prestigious Irvanshire Academy of Point Edgar staged a walk out earlier this month. Even more shocking, the students have resisted returning to class ever since. When questioned as to why this was occurring, Emma Rawlings, who currently sits top of her class and president of the student council, explained: 

“After staring and staring at pages and pages of books and failing to retain anything, I kind of just gave up. What’s the point of trying to learn if you can’t recall anything? That’s what a lot of me and my friends were complaining about, anyway. Besides, everyone else bailed on class. Why wouldn’t I?”

Currently the Academy is still open, but its classrooms remain predominantly vacant as students blow off coursework, classes, and more. Local parents have grown desperate.

“When I deliver my son to school and find out that he plays hookey shortly thereafter, I have to ask: what are the teachers even DOING at that school?” one parent who wished to remain anonymous commented. “We pay a lot of coin for this school and I remain truly unimpressed with how the staff have been handling this issue. Just keep the students in class; how hard could it even BE? Shame on them!”

Weeks after the initial incident, attendance issues continue at the Academy. Anyone with any information or advice on how to curb this behavior is encouraged to reach out to the Academy directly.

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