New Magistrate Appointed

Citizens of Elmerton,

Recently I have met with a number of you in town. In receiving a brief on what has occurred since the relocation back from Marshall’s Landing, it seems to be in the best interest of the town to allow the current Magistrate, Rybin Van Holt, to step down from his office. As of the 14th of Enlightening in the year 129 of the Age of Fortune, current Acting Magistrate Griswald Ganymede is to be appointed Magistrate. He has met the requirements for the position via virtue of his current position as Assitant Magistrate and regular residency.

I understand that this transition comes with it’s own challenges and trials. Magistrate Griswald Ganymede has been briefed on what his duties are, and I ask you help him in filling the role Rybin has responsibly upheld these past years. Any concerns regarding this matter may be sent in writing for further discussion.

Baroness Lobea Lavendros

Tradegate Cured! Army of Disease Unleashed! Vondus Under Fire!

It appears the great plague of Tradegate has ended, but not without significant cost.

Spiritualists report the energy of the disease began siphoning away to two distinct locations on the 19th of Petalsong—one located on the outskirts of the major city, one within. Though no turbulence has been reported from the location on the outskirts of the city, the one located within Tradegate erupted with danger as a massive abomination of the laughing plague crushed its way from the basement of a dilapidated home on the east end.

Horns blared as the town guard and stationed members of the Irvanshirian army took up arms against the vile creature. Despite fighting valiantly, the armed forces had to retreat shortly after being summoned, overwhelmed by the manifestations of the disease and a cackling band of followers who appeared humanoid. Dozens fell to the disease’s corruption, but no townsfolk were reported deceased.

The violence ended as the abomination crushed its way through an outer wall, its back towards Tradegate as it fled. Scouts report the abomination has manifested thousands of iterations of the disease, its numbers climbing by the day—an army of disease and laughter untamed.

Irvanshirians nervous about the disease began flocking to the Crown’s gates in Point Edgar, demanding answers and reassurances, screaming for an update from the High Inqusitior and Crown. When pressed, Ambrose Glass, Herald of the Crown, House Brighthand, issued a statement about the recent activity:

“The King offers his sincerest sorrow for what has occurred in the great city of Tradegate. His thoughts are with its people and the families of those who have suffered or lost loved ones due to this devastating affliction. . .

The Crown, steadfast in its resolve to keep Irvanshire safe, has been reassured by High Inquisitor Vondus that he will personally oversee that the army of disease, and its abomination, will be dispatched as swiftly as possible without any more loss of human life. Our complete confidence rests within his abilities.”

At last note the army of disease was moving eastward on the coast. Citizens between Tradegate and Bloomingport are urged to take extreme caution and prepare for a potential plague on their doorsteps.