Magestry’s Best of Boneharvest, 2014

Here are our picks for the November 7th-9th event:


[Eraku] has always been genuine and honest and honorable to the point that anyone felt like his opinion was valid regardless of what side of an argument they were on. He didn’t always make it easy to get that opinion, but when it came, it often dissolved PC disagreement.



This month’s Best PC is another someone who has been with us for a long time and who has really developed and grown his character into someone wonderful to interact with and an asset to the game. Chris Adams as Eraku did an excellent job with the hard decisions he had to make and execute this game. It was a lot of fun to witness his portrayal of Eraku and it is always a joy to have Chris at game. Congrats, Chris! Here’s what you had to say about Chris this game:


I would like to commend Chris Adams/Eraku though in the way he interacted with Luther friday night, it was an interesting interaction to say the least.

Eraku did a great job this game with all that was going on and will be missed, always fun to chat with and a great sword to have by your side.

Eraku and his climactic plot were epic.

Karen Best NPC

Karen is a joy to play with! I consistently enjoy the role-playing experience I get when she’s out.



This month’s Best NPC has done SO much work for us behind the scenes from costume donations to plot writing and a bunch in between. Karen Hobbes really showed her dedication to the game as well as her love of making plots that are fun and interesting for PCs. We are really and truly blessed to have her at Magestry, and we are extremely grateful for everything she has done and continues to do for us! Thanks so much, Karen!

From the Riverton Town Watch: Be Advised!

Excerpted from the Watch blotter of Riverton:

14 NEWGREEN – Sir Gareth van Doren is seeking the assistance of the populace in his pursuit of an escaped criminal.  He styles himself a Bandit King who has escaped from the van Doren dungeons, and was last seen fleeing north to the Fiddleheads. Sir Gareth would like the criminal to be captured alive, but will offer a lesser reward for his corpse and effects, should it come to blows.   Please offer any and all cooperation in the apprehension of this dangerous criminal.

22 NEWGREEN – Concori Magesti reports to the watch that they had their magical storehouses broken into by a gang of criminals led by a large, bespectacled wizard, considered by some in the order to be Silas Stonecipher, a member who has been wanted for questioning by Concori Magesti for some time.  They would not divulge what components were stolen, but will reward any information leading to the capture of the thief and his coterie.

Sacred Boneyard of Aegus the Emancipator

Boneyard of the EmancipatorHave you heard the good news? An ancient graveyard on the Northern shores of the Bay of Murmurs called the Sacred Boneyard of Aegus the Emancipator has been consecrated to the Gatekeeper and dedicated to the sanctity and purity of Death. It is a graveyard watched over by powerful spiritual sentinels that insure that once a body is interred, it is able to remain in a state of uninterrupted rest. It is a powerful place unable to be desecrated, where no bodies can be raised and any Necromancers that dare to enter will be stripped of their powers or simply turned to ash. Additionally, it is a place where one can insure that his loved ones buried there will not return to the mortal realm, as Vorkarian will sometimes allow.

Tell me, isn’t it worth it to give your loved ones the solace of eternal and lasting peace?

This boon is granted to the kingdom of Irvanshire through the hard work and dedication of Morticent Romaya Hearkin- a loyal and dedicated servant of the rightful Warden of Death.