Magestry’s Best of Reapingdusk 125

Here are our picks for the Best of the October 16th-18th event:

Rybin is one of my favorites, he has been super helpful and is an absolute joy to role-play with.

Rybin is one of my favorites, he has been super helpful and is an absolute joy to role-play with.



This month’s Best PC has been an asset to the game since he started NPCing with us a few years ago. However, this event Andy Doucette was truly amazing as Super Rybin vanHolt! We have been impressed with his role-playing ability for a while, but we have truly come to appreciate the hard work and dedication he puts into his character from non-stop note-taking to collecting taxes to stepping up to take charge with Fortune’s Vanguard and the new players. We are especially appreciative of his work on keeping the storylines of our various plots cohesive and helping to keep all the players informed. Andy, we are so glad to have you at game. Thanks!

Rybin did a fabulous job this game, he did really great role-playing his winter party skill point prize, and keeping everyone informed about what’s going on. He’s become an integral part of the town.

Rybin was really awesome acting crazy.

#1 was Rybin. He was such a solid presence, and personally gave me the opportunity to participate in a quest when it may have been tactically better to bring in a more powerful party. He not only involved me, but made sure I got out alive, and allowed me a critical role in a tight spot. That was awesome.

Rybin for great roleplaying of being overjuiced.



It’s not something we have ever done, but we feel as though it is warranted this event: Taking Best NPC for an unprecedented two games in a row is none other than Dave Kopchick! Dave has really worked hard since joining the staff to not only keep us on our toes, but to learn as much as he can about the rules, the previous plots, and all the lore that has been going on at game, as well as writing his own stuff. He busted his butt to get things done before game, showing up hours and hours early, then worked hard all event crunching, making sure plots got out, and keeping up morale, and then stayed late after game to help get things completely cleaned up. He has been a wonderful addition to the team and we are extremely grateful to him for his help. Thanks, Dave!

 Dave K – Great to see him in game, he’s a veteran with a lot of skill and always has a smile

I hate to sound like a broken record, but Dave again. [He] continues to stand out from the crowd and does a great job as both serious face characters and as slapstick crunchies (and the occasional slapstick face character and serious crunchy).

Dave continues to amuse me every time he comes down. I think my favorite appearance was when he came down as Dave Kopchick and proceeded to be killed by town. So sad.

Magestry’s Best of Harvestwane 125

Here are our picks for the Best of the September 25th-27th event:


Linarien stood out to me this moon. She was very involved in helping the town in every way she could.



This month’s Best PC is one of the sweetest people we know and we have recently started to see her shine both IG and out. Whether Steph Lindquist is taking on the job of Setup Coordinator before game or Linarien is standing up to Carzon (even if it means going on a crazy emotional roller coaster ride), Steph has stepped up her game to levels we have just not seen from her before, and we are thrilled and extremely grateful to have her at Magestry. This season would have been much more stressful without her and the game, in-game and out, would have suffered without her here. Thanks so much, Steph! We really appreciate it!



“Linarien did a great job of keeping an eye on what was going on in town stepping into the spotlight to lead when necessary.”

“Linarien isn’t always noticed, but she has gotten increasingly faster and stealthier. Her role-playing has also evolved and Linarien is coming into fruition. She was really getting in there and fighting for what she believed in and for the good of the town.”





Our Best NPC for this month was truly a lifesaver this event. Did you interact with people in the Broch? Did you find little interactions you could do with another PC throughout the Tourney Field? How ‘bout them components? Yup! Almost all of that was done this event by Dave Kopchick. Dave just recently joined staff and has been a breath of fresh air behind the scenes. He is so full of positive energy and unrelenting enthusiasm that he really energizes the staff and helps us to stay motivated and ready to go. We are so very glad to have him back at game and happier than we can say that he joined the staff. Thanks so much, Dave!

“Dave K. did an amazing job this event no matter what he was out as he put in 100 percent. I’m really glad to see him back. Whether he was out crunching or out talking to the town we had great interactions with him.”

“My favorite NPC this game has to be Dave Kopchick. He’s a great guy to have around, and really shines when it’s time to goblin.”

Magestry’s Best of Stillbreeze 125

Here are our picks for the “Best of” for the August 28th-30th event:

KennyBest Of


This month’s Best PC is a quiet type, but Kenny Rocci really showed us his colors this event as Azareth. Every interaction we had with him this weekend was great and his role-playing and intensity during the final ritual battle was truly fantastic. Kenny also goes out of his way to make sure that he is helping behind the scenes and doing what he can to help make the game run more smoothly. We are so very happy to have him with us! Thanks, Kenny!



Azareth’s intensity during the final battle when he got tasked with stopping the ritual was great! He did a fantastic job!

I always enjoy role-playing with Kenny. He’s always helpful and nice and does a great job.

Azareth was on-point during the tzigane ritual on Sunday and took that plot very seriously, which was great to see!



It’s tough to put into words just how much we appreciate and really value this month’s Best NPC. From the moment he joined our staff, Nick Donoghue has become an integral and important member of Magestry’s team. His extremely helpful attitude, kind disposition, and awesome role-playing abilities are waaaay above par and we are so incredibly lucky that we have him with us. He is always looking to help write the game or help out during the event wherever he can. This game he even bought and donated half of the game’s dinner (not to mention all the food he brings and makes for our NPCs)! Nick always goes above and beyond our expectations and we are so very grateful to him for everything. Thank you so much, Nick!


Nick Donoghue. His combat roleplay is fantastic

Nick it is always fun role playing with Nick, either in combat or just a talking role.

Nick Donoghue one of my perennial favorites he puts a lot of character in every character.

The tough guy who wanted to be the incarnation of toughness. Pretty funny, hope to see him evolve in the future.

Magestry’s Best of Enlightening, 125

Here are our picks for the best of the June 19th-21st event:

Aralia bathes in the glow of the Best PC star.

Aralia bathes in the glow of the Best PC star.

This month’s Best PC has been with us for a long time and has recently begun to show us not only the quality of her role-playing during game, but also the quality of her character out-of-game. Tonya Mathiason has spent her in-game time as Aralia Faerydae and has really been killing it! Both staff and players have noticed her stellar interactions during game and have been extremely pleased with her ability to create a unique and believable character in Aralia. Before, after, and in-between games, Tonya has been a superhero, always looking to help in whatever way she can and being an incredible asset to us behind the scenes. We are so very blessed to have her at Magestry! Thanks, Tonya! here’s some nice things you had to say about your time with her:

Having spent some time with her recently I have found that she is a great player with a great sense of humor.

I thought she did a great job role playing this weekend. She is always in character and its great to have seen her grow as a player over the years.

Aralia is someone that I usually accidentally overlook when it comes to this question. She is rarely the center of attention, but she is always there and is always immersed.

Cara gets pounced by Sandow!

Cara gets pounced by Sandow!


Our Best NPC this month has been with us for about a year, and we are glad she joined! Cara Backman spent this weekend out and about dying (and recycling) just about 100 times over the course of the weekend! (Yes, we kept track!) She is always ready to go do things out in game and is slowly getting comfortable with the role-playing aspect of the game as well! Throw in the fact that she is constantly helping where she can before and after game, and you’ve got yourself the makings of an incredible NPC. We are very grateful for all her help and are sure glad that she’s here! Thanks, Cara!

Magestry’s Best of Petalsong 125 (Part Two!)

Here are our picks for the May 29th-31st event:

Role-playing with Mark always ends with great and enjoyable encounters.

Role-playing with Mark always ends with great and enjoyable encounters.

This event’s Best PC is someone who has contributed to the game in so many different and absolutely essential ways. Magestry would not be the same place without Mark Dey who plays two very different characters over the course of the weekend: Felix and, of course, Rakesh the Smith. There are not enough good things that we can say about Mark’s hard work and loyalty to the game, but he has also continuously proven himself to be an outstanding role-player, an adept tactician, a dedicated and enthusiastic PC, and a great role-model and mentor for newer PCs. We were especially impressed this game with his passion and energy during the Carzon fight and his push to get people to stop him. It is an understatement when I say that this game would definitely not be the same without him. Congratulations, Mark, and thank you.

“Mark Dey as Felix is the trippiest thing I have ever seen at game. It is such a far cry from Rakesh and a great example of moving from one character to another, and making your new PC different from the previous.”

“Felix, because he was comedic with the fae baby and was an overall good player.”

“As always, I enjoyed interacting with Rakesh.”

We also want to include a Best PC Honorable Mention for  Tom Sadler as Kai. Tommy is another veteran player who is consistently helpful and a top-notch role-player. Even though his time at game was limited this event, he still managed to impress quite a few folks. Thanks, Tommy!

“Looking back over past PELs Helik always seems to wind up here, and with good reason. He is always spot on, in game, and extremely believable. Typically I use him as an example of a high water mark of a player. ”

“Kai for being another old guy to complain with.”

Jeff did a great job in a dangerous and important role!

Jeff did a great job in a dangerous and important role!



This event’s Best NPC has recently started to show his chops at Magestry from plot-writing to role-playing and this event, Jeff Pennachio did a great job in his starring role! Jeff has been an enthusiastic and dedicated presence at the game for a while and has added a lot of LARP experience, wonderful costuming, and interesting ideas to Magestry as a whole. We are happy to have him on staff and are excited to see what the future holds! Many thanks, Jeff, and congratulations!

 “Jeff Pennachio as Lodai/Carzon was superb. By the time the town grew suspicious it was too late. An excellent long-play.”

“Jeff Penache! I loved the way he showed his versatility off this game. From the big bad Sazdar to the talkative and polite pirate friend of mine. Awesome guy to have walked beside this game.”

Retro- Magestry’s Best of Petalsong 125

I did not get a chance to do this after the first May event, but I wanted to be sure to give shout-outs to the folks who made Best PC and NPC! So, here are our picks for the May 8th-10th event:

Kraven - Wonderful role-player, very funny and a great ally in combat, and a wonderful friend.

Kraven – Wonderful role-player, very funny and a great ally in combat, and a wonderful friend.



This month’s Best PC is a veteran player who always puts on a good show. Chris Vater as Kraven is always a wonderful example of a fantastic role-player and a model PC. He is always around to help out after each event and does his best to be a help as a Player Rep during and after game. You all thought he did a great job as well. We’re certainly happy to have him at game. Thanks, Chris, and congrats!!

“I want to give Kraven the credit he deserved: He did a really good job confronting the purifiers about demons and handled the whole thing pretty well, in my opinion. I think Chris often gets overlooked but he’s a solid role player. The way he goes into and out of Loki vs. Kraven is pretty impressive.”

“Kraven’s show against the purifiers was truly epic. I thought I was in a movie watching that!”

“I have to shout out to Kraven though for his neat trick with absorbing Jerimiah’s life force and spitting him back out.”

“Kraven’s always a great performance. Such a solid roleplayer. We’re lucky to have him.”

Tim Stricker did an awesome job as his Windlock noble. He rocked it.

Tim Stricker did an awesome job as his Windlock noble. He rocked it.




Sometimes I just don’t know what we would do without this event’s Best NPCTim Stricker. Tim is always incredibly helpful behind the scenes, whether it’s setting up amazing mods, building fires (and waiting for PCs to show up!), sprinting back and forth between the Gypsy camp and Ops several times, or rocking out like crazy in crunchy mode as well as intense role-playing roles. We sure are happy to have him with us and we know you love him, too! Thanks, Timmy!


“Tim Stricker was great this weekend. Jeremiah the demon is a fascinating individual, and the Windlock noble he played was also great. His characters always have a depth to them, a subtlety that I really appreciate from a story immersion perspective.”

“Once Tim Stricker gets in character he fully immerses himself in that role and does very well with it. He always fights clean and role plays his hits well which I always appreciated.”

“Tim was that one fighter this event that never let me have an easy fight.”

Magestry’s Best of Newgreen 125

Here are our picks for the April 10th-12th event:

Best PC Alex

Dogwood – very well done! Hope to see you back soon!


We had a blast with this month’s Best PC! Alex Fabian as Aspen Dogwood really brought a lot of much appreciated energy and enthusiasm to the event and made the game more fun for everyone who interacted with him. On top of that he was a big help after game during cleanup. We’re so glad to have him back, and apparently, so were you:



Dogwood was really enthusiastic and cheerful, his costume was great, in general he added a lot to the game.

Dogwood was fantastic, always energetic and in character.

My favorite PC this game has to be Dogwood of Dogwood, (The Thrice-Censured). His costume was great, and he roleplayed complete innocence exceedingly well. Many times I would look over and see him miraculously perched on top of some high object, watching everything with a naive intensity.

Matt Richard Best NPC

Matt. Richard. Was that guy EVER not out doing something?


When this month’s Best NPC comes to game, you best have… well… ALL your belts buckled tight! Matt Richard was truly outstanding this game from start to finish! He was always around when we needed something done and never hesitated to do anything we asked. He was cheerful and energetic and much needed behind the scenes! We were so happy to have him at game again and hope to see him again soon! Thanks so much, Matt!

Magestry’s Best of Boneharvest, 2014

Here are our picks for the November 7th-9th event:


[Eraku] has always been genuine and honest and honorable to the point that anyone felt like his opinion was valid regardless of what side of an argument they were on. He didn’t always make it easy to get that opinion, but when it came, it often dissolved PC disagreement.



This month’s Best PC is another someone who has been with us for a long time and who has really developed and grown his character into someone wonderful to interact with and an asset to the game. Chris Adams as Eraku did an excellent job with the hard decisions he had to make and execute this game. It was a lot of fun to witness his portrayal of Eraku and it is always a joy to have Chris at game. Congrats, Chris! Here’s what you had to say about Chris this game:


I would like to commend Chris Adams/Eraku though in the way he interacted with Luther friday night, it was an interesting interaction to say the least.

Eraku did a great job this game with all that was going on and will be missed, always fun to chat with and a great sword to have by your side.

Eraku and his climactic plot were epic.

Karen Best NPC

Karen is a joy to play with! I consistently enjoy the role-playing experience I get when she’s out.



This month’s Best NPC has done SO much work for us behind the scenes from costume donations to plot writing and a bunch in between. Karen Hobbes really showed her dedication to the game as well as her love of making plots that are fun and interesting for PCs. We are really and truly blessed to have her at Magestry, and we are extremely grateful for everything she has done and continues to do for us! Thanks so much, Karen!

Magestry’s “Best Of” Rewind!

It was such a crazy end to the Spring Season that we forgot to post the Best Of for the last event of the Spring! This will not stand! Therefore, in a rewind move worthy of a 90’s movie rental return policy, here are our picks for the Best of the May 24th-26th event

Best PC starPetalsong’s Best PC revealed herself once again to be a true leader and a model PC at Magestry. Amanda Mooney in her last time playing Nevaeh Phoenix demonstrated outstanding role-playing, helped to push along plots and get other PCs involved, and truly raised the bar of what it means to earn this distinction. In addition to all her positive in-game qualities, Amanda readily donates her time and energy before and after most games to help set-up and clean up and is relentless in her efforts to get players- old and new- to each event. We are truly grateful to Amanda for everything she has done for the game. Thanks, Mooney, and Congratulations!


Recently it has been hard to pick out a Best NPC for each month since we have suchBest NPC star a rockstar cast these days. However, your PELs tell us that this month’s award should go to none other than Jess Serra! Jess is an amazing and dedicated staff member, putting time and effort into plot writing before each game and giving her all during each event. She is always energetic and happy and loves to put smiles on the faces of PCs and NPCs alike. Sometimes, we just don’t know what we ever did without her! Thanks, Jess! We truly appreciate it!

Magestry’s Best Of Reapingdusk 2013

Here are our picks for the Best of the October 11th-13th event:

Best PC starReapingdusk’s Best PC is one of our veterans who has consistently shown us a great performance at game, but outdid himself this time. Chris Vater really got into character this game as Kraven and showed both PCs and NPCs the best of his best. From engaging in intense honor combat with demons, to his spot-on role playing the whole event, to helping out after the game was over, Chris demonstrated many of the qualities we like to see in our PCs. Thanks, Chris, and Congrats!

Best NPC star

This moon’s Best NPC, Mark Vadney spent his whole summer (and a load of his own cash) on creating an amazing costume and great prop for this event, and practiced with it to ensure his safety and that of the PCs. His monster looked amazing, and his performance as the creature was rock solid. Behind the scenes, he was helpful and positive, helping us to work through the chaos and get our game on. Thanks, Mark! Awesome job!