The Festival of Souls and Its Traditions


The end of Reapingdusk and the beginning of Boneharvest is a time of year that is uniquely identified Thinning Veil-300by both tradition and circumstance. It is during this time that the Spirit Realm most closely overlaps Magesta and the time when the veil separating the two Realms thins and flutters. Spirits- friendly, hungry, angry, curious, and restless- walk the world, their purposes as unique as they are. It is during this time that we are also able to experience the various imprints that inhabitants of this world have left on the world around them. These are known as Souls and they differ from Spirits, though exactly how they differ is not 100% certain.

The most popular understanding is that a soul is a kind of reverse projection of a spirit that resides in the Spirit Realm or possibly elsewhere. By reverse, it is meant that one’s spirit is the very definition of the self, which is mostly determined by how he understands himself or how he is understood by higher powers than himself. A soul, on the other hand, is the projection of how others understand and understood that spirit. These “others” are generally thought to be that spirit’s peers or lessers. During the Festival of Souls, it is our privilege and honor to be able to experience these moments in people’s lives and to remember their time on this world.

Many folks throughout Magesta have different ways of celebrating this solemn and sacred time of year. One widely practiced tradition is that of Ayslee. Started by the fae as a means of allowing the fae children created during Ayawe (the Spring celebration of Life) to pass into the Fae Realm and be taken into one of the Fae Houses there, it has also been used as a ceremony of remembrance, mourning, and celebration of the passing of our loved ones to the Spirit Realm. Dolls are made out of the dead and dying crops and plant life, and a solemn procession is made to a fire. There, around the fire, those gathered will toss their dolls into the flames and recount tales of their loss, sing songs, or simply allow grief to pass. Though originally a fae celebration, it has since become a tradition for much of Magesta as well.

In many areas, the carving of pumpkins or gourds is traditional. It is common to carve faces, protective runes, and designs into a hollowed out gourd and then to put a candle inside it and place it in a window or on the porch of your house. This tradition started as a means of keeping Wandering Jack, a thrice-cursed spirit who prowls through the world carrying a lantern made from a carved turnip away from your house and loved ones. Superstition says that if your household does not bear one of these lanterns, Wandering Jack will find you and your Spirit will be in danger of being fed to his Abyssal Hounds. Beware the howling dog, for it is said that it heralds the approach of Wandering Jack.

Festival of SoulsAround the world you can find practices that show the deep respect and even fear that Magestans have for the long dead around us. In some places, fruits, gifts, breads, are placed at shrines and altars in an attempt to welcome and honor Magesta-bound, wandering spirits and remind them of their time alive. It is also a means to try and satisfy their spiritual hunger and fill them with a sense of belonging and gratitude.

And finally, in some parts of the world, you will see the streets filled with people in costume, gallivanting and celebrating. It is said that dressing up as the various creatures wandering the earth would fool the evil spirits into thinking that you were one of them so that they would not try to take you away with them. There are also superstitions that claim that the visiting spirits could disguise themselves in human form, such as a beggar, and knock on your door during the Festival of Souls asking for money or food. If you turned them away empty-handed, you risked receiving the wrath of the spirit and being cursed or haunted.

With so many interesting traditions and experiences, it is no wonder that the Festival of Souls is such an honored and much-loved time of year. I wish you the best during these days, and hope your celebrations and traditions are wonderful.

Fervent Umi Vashgarden

Hearkin on the Run!


Boneyard of the EmancipatorYou were so very close to being able to being able to wrest the Dream Reaver completely from the control of Dreamweaver Hearkin. From what I can tell you were eight or so threads short of granting it complete freedom. As it stands, Hearkin still maintains some control over the Reaver and she will still be a problem for you and the rest of Magesta once she has time to tend her wounds.

However, you should know that it was smart to let her live- for now. Members of the Hearkin line have been cursed to serve the Gatekeeper and simply killing them will not remove them from their posts. Doing so would only have triggered a contingency that would have undoubtedly turned the Dream Reaver against you completely, and her command would almost certainly have been to destroy you. You must devise a way to remove her from her post and strip her of her connection to both Brimm and the Gatekeeper, similarly to the way you managed Lt. Hearkin. The sooner you can do this, while she’s more vulnerable, the better.

I will do what I can to help,

Minister Tellah Forgedheart

Elmerton to Host Gauntlet Run

Denizens of Elmerton,Running_the_gauntlet

Thank you for hosting the Warden’s Gauntlet Run in which several runners will be making the second check point in their race on the 7th day of Boneharvest.  Mistress Skye has recommended Elmerton as a checkpoint specifically for the unique ability of its inhabitants to interfere and present highly defensible and deadly obstacles for the runners. As our contestants have been told that you are exceedingly hostile and aggressive, they will be very vigilant and will be looking to gain the upper hand in making it through the Gauntlet. It is in your best interest to to defend one another to prevent any unfortunate incidents during this event, and we are interested in seeing which of our runners survives the night.

Neither participation nor aloof observation offers guarantee of safety from any of the contestants or their pursuers. 

-Warden Lyrissa


Magestry’s Best of Reapingdusk 125

Here are our picks for the Best of the October 16th-18th event:

Rybin is one of my favorites, he has been super helpful and is an absolute joy to role-play with.

Rybin is one of my favorites, he has been super helpful and is an absolute joy to role-play with.



This month’s Best PC has been an asset to the game since he started NPCing with us a few years ago. However, this event Andy Doucette was truly amazing as Super Rybin vanHolt! We have been impressed with his role-playing ability for a while, but we have truly come to appreciate the hard work and dedication he puts into his character from non-stop note-taking to collecting taxes to stepping up to take charge with Fortune’s Vanguard and the new players. We are especially appreciative of his work on keeping the storylines of our various plots cohesive and helping to keep all the players informed. Andy, we are so glad to have you at game. Thanks!

Rybin did a fabulous job this game, he did really great role-playing his winter party skill point prize, and keeping everyone informed about what’s going on. He’s become an integral part of the town.

Rybin was really awesome acting crazy.

#1 was Rybin. He was such a solid presence, and personally gave me the opportunity to participate in a quest when it may have been tactically better to bring in a more powerful party. He not only involved me, but made sure I got out alive, and allowed me a critical role in a tight spot. That was awesome.

Rybin for great roleplaying of being overjuiced.



It’s not something we have ever done, but we feel as though it is warranted this event: Taking Best NPC for an unprecedented two games in a row is none other than Dave Kopchick! Dave has really worked hard since joining the staff to not only keep us on our toes, but to learn as much as he can about the rules, the previous plots, and all the lore that has been going on at game, as well as writing his own stuff. He busted his butt to get things done before game, showing up hours and hours early, then worked hard all event crunching, making sure plots got out, and keeping up morale, and then stayed late after game to help get things completely cleaned up. He has been a wonderful addition to the team and we are extremely grateful to him for his help. Thanks, Dave!

 Dave K – Great to see him in game, he’s a veteran with a lot of skill and always has a smile

I hate to sound like a broken record, but Dave again. [He] continues to stand out from the crowd and does a great job as both serious face characters and as slapstick crunchies (and the occasional slapstick face character and serious crunchy).

Dave continues to amuse me every time he comes down. I think my favorite appearance was when he came down as Dave Kopchick and proceeded to be killed by town. So sad.

A Howl in the Night

A howl echoed across the land, so loud it seemed to shake the trees and the stars around the full moon. But this howl was not full of rage like most people have heard; it was a call full of longing and welcome. Those werewolves created by the Great Alpha heard this call and headed towards it, and even some of those not created by the Great Alpha were stirred to investigate the source. I, Matrius, was also moved by this howl, and decided to see what was happening. This is my account.

In a clearing not far from the town of Elmerton, standing before a bonfire, stoic and waiting, was Palgar, brother of Renwar of House Lav’Endros. I managed to find a well-hidden spot in order to see what was happening. I may have great ties to the moon, to be sure, but trying to explain that to a group of confused and hungry werewolves; well, I was not going to take that chance. Little by little, werewolves from across Irvanshire entered the clearing. Some came in pairs and others in small groups. Still others came alone. I recognized that most of the pack that had aligned themselves with the White Wolf were present, but there were a great many werewolves from other packs as well. As the clearing filled up and the trickle of werewolves entering the clearing slowed, tensions, and hackles, began to rise as the territorial creatures vied for space in the crowd. All notice of Palgar seemed to be lost in the throes of chaos until he raised his arms as if to spread a calm over the clearing. The ruckus calmed and eventually the clearing became utterly silent while everyone turned his or her focus to Palgar.

“My family,” he began, his voice ringing throughout the clearing. “Thank you for answering my call. To those of you whose creation was not by my hand, I bid you welcome. I am Palgar. I am known as the White Wolf, and I am the embodiment of the Great Alpha.” Some murmurs rippled through the clearing, but were quickly silenced. “However, I am not the Great Alpha that many of you have been recently aware of. The rage that has blinded me for decades has been purged from me, and with that, I have found a new clarity. I have discovered a longing to help our kind become more than mindless animals that kill without regard for hunger or for sport, but a true cross between human and wolf. The werewolf needs a place in this world, free of fear from not only those that would hunt us, but from the fear, rage, and bloodlust that runs through our veins. For, though we come from different packs, we all share this curse, this disease, but it is my hope that this shared ailment will come to create a strong bond between us. It is my goal to help those of us who wish to control the monster within and embrace the wolf to do so – and to find a family in the meantime.”

Some among the gathering of werewolves and men howled or cheered hopefully, while some scoffed and scorned his message, calling him blinded by hope and optimism. Still others lay silent, curious as to what else Palgar had to say.

“I have seen a path of death for us if we do not change. There are many out there who have and will take the sword to us, simply because we are werewolves, with no regard to our human personage or our lives. And I say this has to stop now. We shall form a new pack, here and now. Those of you that wish to stay, I welcome you as my family. Those of you that wish to go, I hope you live long lives, but I wish that you will come to see that this is the best way for us to survive, to grow, and to become stronger than any werewolf has ever been alone. However, it is not my intent to use this power to ravage and kill, but to defend our family and protect the land that has given us this gift. Those that leave will not be hunted by us, but do not think that you will be allowed to prey upon us; you will quickly find that to be your last mistake in this world.”

The words were barely out of his mouth when a huge monster of a werewolf started charging towards Palgar, snarling, a vicious howl half-formed on his lips. He attacked with blinding speed, but was met halfway by Palgar and thrown violently to the ground. As the wolf lay pinned and struggling beneath the hand of Palgar, the latter sighed and bowed his head and muttered something under his breath. Within seconds, the werewolf had turned back into a large man. Palgar bared his teeth in a solemn snarl and said reprovingly, “Leave. Now. I will not kill you, unless you try to attack me or my family again. Then I will remove you like a healer removes a canker.”

As the large man stomped out of the clearing, followed by several snarling, snapping werewolves, Palgar turned to the others. “There has been far too much killing and death. Let our new path change those ways, and possibly change those that think of us only as cursed creatures. Now is the time to choose. What path shall you walk from this time forth?” The air seemed to clear suddenly and many of the werewolves slunk away from the clearing, howling as they made their way back to their own territories. However, there were a few who stayed close to Palgar and the fire.

I must admit, I was stunned to see how many remained – werewolves are generally not creatures that can be reasoned with. However, it was at that point that I started to notice something different about Palgar- a slight golden glow that seemed to be coming from him. I was so puzzled by this, I almost missed what Palgar said next.

“My family, we have much to do. But I shall watch over and guide you. I shall always be here to help and protect you. As a pack, we need to be strong together. My time is nearing its end here. With my passing, I shall share with you what was given to me. I hope that it helps you all as it has helped me.”

It seemed that everyone gathered could now see the golden glow around Palgar. It became stronger and took shape in the outline of a wolf. With another howl full of warmth and longing, Palgar turned and walked into the darkness of the night, his golden wolf form lingering behind him, gazing at all those gathered there. The golden, wolfish outline grew and circled the gathering before lying down and engulfing the entire pack, myself included, in its glowing form. As the glow slowly faded, I was filled with the knowledge the pack would need in order to begin its quest for control. And though Palgar’s form seemed to have disappeared into the night, we knew that when they have need of him, the Great Alpha will be there.

Player Submisison: Message From Sevn

Dearest friends, and anyone else who happens to be reading this,

It strikes me with an uncomfortable feeling that I am incapable of being able to describe at this current point in time due to certain circumstances to be contacting you all this way. I have some…family matters…that need attending to, despite advice from my brothers to leave well enough alone. Hopefully I survive and am able to bring whatever news I find to you all in person, but for now, I must say goodbye to Elmerton. For how long, I do not know, but I will try with everything I have left at the end of this journey to make it back to the only place I have left to really call home. I will miss each and every one of you. Yes, ALL of you, no exceptions, but there are answers I need to find, and looking for them while residing in Elmerton will only put all of you in harm’s way.
Anyway, on to more pressing issues that may be of some concern to all of you. I recently spent some time this past summer taking a trip to the Nightmare Wood, or, at least what is left of it. It is the place Lex, myself, and the rest of our family called home for several years before we moved on to other things. While looking for information about this particular family issue I am dealing with, I came across the old village that once stood there. The paths were overgrown, and I saw smoke billowing from the treetops, so I made haste to see what was going on.
What once was the village that stood down the trail from my childhood home was now a scene of desolation and ruin. All but one building had been totally burnt and destroyed. As I walked further into the clearing, I noticed a pit piled high with burnt, skeletal remains, I assume the families of the villagers I once encountered as a child.
On the porch of the single, unscathed building was a figure sitting on a rocking chair. I am not quite sure who or what he or she may have been, for they were horribly burnt and disfigured. This person warned me that I should take my leave, as a plague had swept through the place. With some further questioning, I was told that the village was destroyed in retribution for crimes the people committed while whoever this was was away, a lightning storm caused a fire that rampaged through the town and killed everyone else.
I am not exactly sure if this information is pertinent to anything else anyone has heard, but I figured I may as well share it while I am still able to.
Sorry for taking so long to reach out to you all, apparently someone thought it would be a fun idea to teach his construct to develop a taste for parchment, and this is the third time I have had to pen this.
Best of luck and all that other emotional silliness,

Player Submission: Ayslee in Elmerton

Life’s last gasping. Hand to head.Autumn Fog

Trees soon sleeping; winters bed.


Chill fall breeze, the branches sway.

A path of light will guide the way.


Walk it slow and gaze off yonder.

Hold pain tight, refuse it wander.


Sniff and murmur. Let them know.

Break heart open, let it show.


Souls are writhing; hear them call.

The summer crumbles. Make the doll.


Tears and failure. Wood and bone.

Twine and sinew.  Teeth and stone.


Ruefully, Community, Soliloquy,

Apology, Memory, Eulogy

Ayslee. Ayslee. Ayslee.


Join us in the grief of goodbye. Meet at the fae circle an hour after dinner on Wakingday evening, the 7th of Boneharvest.  I will have the area prepared.  If you wish, bring a faedoll, a keening song, a sorrowful memory or a story of loss.