Magestry’s Best Of Stillbreeze, 123

Here are our picks for the Best of the August 30th-September 1st event:

Best PC star

This month’s Best PC really showed us the range of his role-playing skills when he donned a fancy hat and a new character for the first time since he started with us. Mark Dey as Felix Steiner surprised us with a character that demonstrated such different characteristics and mannerisms from what we have seen with Rakesh, that we were able to easily believe the new persona. PCs and NPCs alike commented and complimented Mark’s ability to flawlessly move into such a different character, and we got to see a whole new level of role-playing from him. It was a pleasure to witness! Great job, Mark!

Best NPC star

Our Best NPC for this month is a veteran player who has decided to help us out on the Dark Side for a while. Amanda Mooney has been an enthusiastic and helpful member of the staff since she joined in June. With her energy and creativity along with an ability to make things happen, Amanda has quickly become an invaluable help both between and at games. We are truly fortunate that she has decided to help us out, and we are excited to have her as part of the staff for as long as she wants. Thanks for all your help, Amanda, and Congrats!!

Magestry’s Best of Petalsong 2013

Magestry’s Best of Petalsong, 2013!

Here are our picks for the Best of the May 3rd-5th event:

This month’s Best PC  was a veteran player who showed us his role-playing chops this game. Steve Pulaski in his role as Cael Daithi wow’d many of our NPCs and impressed a lot of our PCs as well! Aside from shedding real tears at hearing about someone else’s emotional predicament, he really upped his level of role-playing and made it so that everyone truly realized just how strong a role-player he is. On top of that, Steve is very helpful before and after game and is eager to do so. We are glad to have him at Magestry. Thanks, Steve! Congratulations!

Behind-the-Scenes in Ops can get a little crazy, but this month’s Best NPC was someone who, with his easy smile and willingness to do whatever needs doing, was able to diffuse some of that chaos. Kenny Rocci was a fantastic NPC all event- tapping into a quietly inexhaustible font of energy, lending a much needed and extremely helpful hand all weekend, and displaying a creative mind that lead to many great role-playing opportunities with the PCs. Kenny is a wonderful addition to our already amazing group of NPCs, and we are glad to have him at game. Thanks, Kenny!

Magestry’s Best of Newgreen, 2013!

Magestry’s Best of Newgreen, 2013!

Here are our picks for the Best of the April 12th-14th event:

This month’s Best PCs were easy to spot in the PELs, on our Good Role-playing sheet in Ops, and across Magestry’s Facebook! Chris Galantich, Ben Cohen, Gabe Begun, Josh Howard, and Matt Mayo really astounded and impressed us in their roles as the orphans Jansang, Dragmar, Magno, Serik, and Phineas. Nearly every interaction that our NPCs had with this group was reported as fantastic, and we noticed that they were thoroughly In-Game the entire weekend. Your PELs talked about how wonderfully they did with their role-playing and how smoothly they were able to transition into the game and the world around them. We were extremely pleased to have them at game and are excited to see what they can do in the future. Outstanding game, gents! Thank you!

This month’s Best NPC was someone who has been with us for a while and has always been a great NPC. This event, however, Shawn Robbins really showed us how much of a rock star he really is behind the scenes. Whether it was playing new face characters like a champ, showing us all how to crunch like crazy, or offering his height to help make mod set-up easier, Shawn was the ideal NPC. He seems to have endless energy, a helpful attitude, and an easy smile- all qualities that make NPC HQ a better place to be. Thanks, Shawn, for being so awesome!

Magestry’s Best of Boneharvest, 2012!

Here are our picks for the Best of the November 2nd-4th event:

This month’s Best PC wow’d everyone with her dedication to her character’s obsession this weekend. Jess Dey as Umberleah not only brought page after page after page of drawings with her to game, but she was truly spectacular in her ability to keep adding obsessive drawings all throughout the event while still being able to role-play convincingly. She really added depth to her character and made the world around her a little more realistic and a lot edgier. We loved to see this side of Umberleah and are psyched to see more. Awesome job, Jess!


This month’s Best NPC was someone who, while pretty quiet, was a wonderful addition to the Dark Side. Andy Doucette really showed his role-playing chops this event, with several tough roles that he really excelled at. Aside from bringing tears to some eyes, Andy was full of energy and always willing to help out with whatever needed to be done, and always with a smile. We are extremely grateful to have him NPC for us, and we hope to see him again soon!