The Magestream Episode 2.5

We start off this episode with two actual emails that were sent between Angela and Andy as we struggled to get back on the podcast horse. However, we’re finally back from an unintentional hiatus! On this Episode of the Magestream: We’ll talk about the 2018 Spring Season, hear a performance by Anthony LaRosa, Clara-fy a couple of rules questions, learn about the DoD, and hear what Rybin has to say about the Changing of the Ages!



Thank you to Pete Dey and Nate Carr for submitting rules for Clara to … Clara-fy. Thanks to Simon T Garren for submitting questions for Rybin to answer, and Thanks to Toner  for his submission to our Command: Perform Segment. Thanks again to Sam Rochford for writing our theme music- you can find more of her music at And Thank YOU for listening!

You can find Anthony’s Rock Opera Here

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