Player Submission: An Open Letter to My Friends in Elmerton

My dear friends and residents of Elmerton,

It is with a heavy heart I must say ‘Farewell’ for an indefinite amount of time. Taking Aralia’s advice, I’ve decided to search for my father after many moons with no response to my attempts to reach him. It’s very unlike him to not answer, and I have not seen him in any of the places we used to frequent at certain times of the year…

I hope for the best for everyone in all of your endeavors. Incarnations know I will certainly worry about all of you while I’m away…

With love and hope to see you all soon,

Remari Wintercress

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4 Responses to Player Submission: An Open Letter to My Friends in Elmerton

  1. Rakesh says:


    Best of luck in your search. As I’ve recently been reminded, reconnecting with family can take longer than you expect, but it is certainly worth the effort. I hope to hear your happy harmonies echoing across Elmerton again soon.

    Rakesh the Smith

    • Fallyn Morrigan says:

      May you find what you seek, and may the your determination drive you forward through all obstacles. Buona fortuna mi amico.

      Goodbye Remari. We will miss you.

  2. Azareth says:


    Best of luck to you in your travels. I hope the roads are safe for you.


  3. Aralia says:

    My sweet birb,
    May you always find what you seek and may the road ahead always be a safe. Call on me if you are ever in need and I will come running.

    Your friend,

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