Player Submission: NOW HIRING!

Aces After Dark is looking to hire a new restaurant and bar crew as it plans an expansion to Tradegate. We’re currently looking to hire these, and other positions:

– Managersmedieval_kitchen

– Cooks

– Servers

– Bartenders

– Custodial Staff

A guaranteed interview with the classy establishment’s management will occur on Wakingday this Petalsong the 28th between the hours of 10-noon. All interested parties are welcome.


If you cannot attend this open session, please submit all applications via the Messenger’s Guild to Management at Aces After Dark in Elmerton.

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3 Responses to Player Submission: NOW HIRING!

  1. Fallyn Morrigan says:

    I may be interested.

  2. Fallyn Morrigan says:

    I may be interested in doing this. not sure… we will see that day.

  3. Marenna Mistwind says:

    I think I may also be interested… if it is open to those whom are new to town.

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