In the Name of the Crown

In the wake of the quarantine of Tradegate, the Crown calls to officially recognize Lord Vega of House Vondus from the dimension of Mortuan for an incredibly sizable donation of gold, aid, and resources in support of relief efforts to the great city and, thus, Irvanshire. 

Henceforth it be known: in recognition of these deeds; and in recognition of a stalwart resolve against decay and in betterment of humankind; insofar as the rights be extended throughout the kingdom of Irvanshire, the Crown doth decree an inquisition occur with the sole focusing of warding the state against future famine, disease, and plague. 

Effective immediately, the Crown doth decree Lord Vega of House Vondus of Mortuan, with all rights do, as HIGH INQUISITOR of this task force. 

So shall it be known.

Ambrose Glass
Herald of the Crown
House Brighthand 

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