Magestic Games Comes to Elmerton

Fortune’s Vanguard is pleased to present a new year for the Magestic Games! Happening in Elmerton on Wakingday, the 12th day of Petalsong, you will be able to find games! Prizes! Songs! and more! Entrance to the whole day of games is 5 silver pieces unless you are a dues-paying member of Fortune’s Vanguard. Sign ups can happen with the treasurer or highest ranking member of Elmerton’s chapter as soon as Gatheringday, the 11th and the Games will begin on Wakingday.

The contests that you will find at this year’s Games include the following:

Duelist Tournament: 1v 1 no spells, potions, toxins, or skills. First to 3 points wins.

Mages Tournament: Teams of 5 compete using only magic missiles.

Capture the Flag: Teams compete to steal the other’s flag 3 times.

Pick Pocket Challenge: an all day challenge to steal point ribbons, but don’t get caught or you will get a curse token.

Stealth Challenge: sneak through the area and steal the treasure fastest.

Grand Melee: anything goes, everyone for themselves, fight.

Bardic Competition: Sing off

Bounty Hunter: Nightime hunt vs. Competitors and monsters.

Join Fortune’s Vanguard in a day designed to test your skill and bravery and perhaps you just may find your Fortune!

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