Imps Boycott Bloomingport

The port city of Bloomingport hasn’t seen an exodus of imps of this magnitude since the “Concession of Concessions” was passed in 1785 AoA. Imps from all walks of life are packing up their homes and businesses and leaving in search of what the common census claims to be, “A safer place to live.”
Many are seeking sanctuary in larger cities like Tradegate and Point Edgar, while others aren’t taking any chances and have made the decision to leave the kingdom of Irvanshire entirely. Some going as far as relocating off Magesta to other dimensions like Ishria, Yefrines, and even Redbaal where they hope to find safety in numbers from the threat of being “Imp-napped”.
For those of you who aren’t an imp or not caught up on the current criminal affairs that have been transpiring in the dark alleys and unsavory parts of the City of Parks and Gardens, over the past year or so hundreds of imps have gone missing without a trace in Bloomingport and the local authorities have done little to nothing to stop it. Rumors abound as to why this is, ranging from incompetence in the ranks of the cityguard to corruption in its leadership and no one seems to know who is responsible or why it is happening.
Whatever the case may be, the criminals involved have been getting away with it for far too long and will continue to do so until someone steps in and takes charge of the situation or there are no more imps left to abduct.
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