News From Terl Ayre!

Reports have been coming in about the violence that has ravaged Terl Ayre for years.

Francine Libre, the self-styled leader of a group calling themselves the Terl Ayre slave resistance was killed in combat in the small town of Quiltshire, which was a sort of home base they where using.

Francine and her rag tag band of fighters and escaped criminals where soundly defeated by a mercenary army paid for by local nobility in the hopes that the violence against them and the local common folk would finally come to an end. One of these Nobles a man by name of Linmar O’ Rourke was quoted as saying this:

“Finally the good people of Terl Ayre have nothing to fear. Francine Libre and her band of Rogues will never again be able to hurt anyone. The long nightmare is now over and things can finally return back to normal for our country. We owe the brave men and women who fought these vicious thugs a huge debt of gratitude that coin cannot even provide. My fellow nobles and I spared no expense to ensure the defeat of this so called resistance and now all across our great land can sleep soundly.”

In the weeks following the defeat at Quiltshire it seems that the violence is finally quelled. Exports from the countryside have exploded as of late and the economy is in a giant upswing not seen since the start of the violence. Residents have noticed a sweet if not strange quiet and all seems well.

Purifinia Lightright

International Traveling Scribe.

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