Magestry’s Best of Boneharvest 126

Here are our picks for the Best of our November 4th-6th event:

Finley was TREMENDOUSLY helpful to us.

This month’s Best PCJ.D. Bates, has really created a persona with Finley Porter that shines at game. Finley is such a different character than Bastion and J.D.’s ability to role-play very well is very evident with the switch. J.D. also works to welcome new players to the game and shows a lot of dedication to his character’s garb and personality. It is a joy to watch Finley and we are happy to have J.D. at game! Congrats!


“Finley, because he as so energetic and is a sympathetic man.”

“Finley – great role-playing as always but being able to quickly digest the situation and deal with it effectively due to being a quick thinker and very knowledgeable with his and other abilities.”

“Finley did a great job role-playing and keeping the tavern running.”


Without this month’s Best NPC this game, some of the coolest moments of the game would not have been able to happen. Taryn Thomas was ESSENTIAL in setting up the totem on the island, acquiring row boats, and helping to make sure that people got across to the island and back safely. She is always incredibly helpful before, during, and after game with all sorts of things that need to get done behind the scenes and has recently joined the plot-writing staff to help in writing the game! We are so glad that she decided to come to game! Thanks for everything, Taryn!

Another huge help with all the coolest and biggest moments at this game was Cara Backman, who gets the Honorable Mention for this month’s award. We loved having Cara back at game and she was another HUGE help with all the physical arrangements that needed to happen for the game and really helped to keep us sane as we tried to do a million things at once. Thanks for all your help, Cara! Come back soon!