Falstoke Noble Gone Missing!!

Let it be known that Lord Ian Falstoke has vanished! His last known location was the Wining Spirit Tavern in the Fiddlehead Hilltown of Elmerton. Officials at the Lav’Endros Manor House report that he was in the company of five men at the time of his disappearance. The men named were Bram Norvin, Ukobach, Heinrich Lockberg, and two of the house guards of House Acciora. Since Lord Falstoke has not been found, the abovementioned individuals are the prime suspects of an impending investigation into the kidnapping and/or murder of a Noble.

Duke Abner Falstoke III has declared that, from the dawning of the first day of Enlightening, three months will be allowed for the return of Ian Falstoke, during which time he will be considered missing. If he has not returned by the dawning of the first day of Harvestwane, Lord Falstoke will be presumed dead, and all individuals suspected reasonably will be tried for the Murder of a Noble, a most serious crime in the Kingdom of Irvanshire.

Any found guilty of the murder or abetted murder of a noble will face Public Execution. If any of the executed should return from Death, as is rarely the fortune of a Magestan, they will then be magically Excommunicated from Irvanshire unless the patron noble of a given locale takes mercy upon them, in which case they will be subject to permanent magical detention within that locale.

Any information leading to the return of Lord Ian Falstoke will be rewarded by the Most Gracious Duke Falstoke.