Calling All Gatherers!


 It’s me, Baxter! I bid you a fond beginning to autumn, and hope that it comes with cooler temperatures, breathtaking foliage, and delicious pumpkin spiced coffee from Aces. (Please?)

aloeAs much as I’d like to spend the entirety of this announcement endlessly gushing about the glories of pumpkin spiced coffee, alas, I have business to conduct. During the heat of the summer months, I embarked on an expedition to gather some of the rarer components located throughout Irvanshire. While on the trail of a kaleidoscope of butterflies, I was brought close to Elmerton and, to my amazement, found what appeared to be components so ancient that they hadn’t been seen in eons!

My working theory is that some sort of time-disruption, caused by the Evernight Forest, may have brought seeds, spores, and stones into the era of today, causing these primordial components to appear! In addition to this, it seems is if, when transcending time through the Evernight, small collections of what I can only guess is the essence of the Evernight, as they appear to have coalesced into small, bead-like stones of the deepest blues and purples, appear nearby them. I can only guess that, as these time disruptions occur, more of these components will be left throughout your town. However, please do not attempt to gather these components unless you have specifically learned how to Gather Components- they are fragile and I need these intact. Crushed components are not great for anything.

I’ll tell you what. IPotion-2-icon plan on being in town around noon on Fortuneday to get some pumpkin spiced coffee, and will gladly pay you 4 silver nobles for every three primordial components you give me at that time. If you wish to sell me some in an amount NOT divisible by three, I will pay you 1 noble, instead.  It is my full intention to take these mysterious substances and study them, in hopes of unlocking mysteries related to not only alchemy and toxicology, but the history of each of the components and theories on how each component manages to grant the properties it does. Anyone seeking to discuss such things should seek me out at this time as well, so we may correspond in the future.

Yours in Cheesemaking and Romping Around In the Woods,

 Baratraxar “Baxter” Humboldt