Archminister Gallows Succumbs to Hearing Loss

Allegiant Symbol AloneNews from the Allegiant Temple in Point Edgar: Archminister Valvik Gallows has succumbed to total deafness after years of dealing with hearing problems involving a magical experiment in the year 97, Age of Fortune.  Sources within the Allegiant say that the Archminister has no plans to retire, and that his ability to minister to the people is not at all hindered by this issue.  In fact, he has recently begun plans to institute several new orphanages in the kingdom’s neediest cities and has the Allegiant working with Ghaatma’s Own to establish several hospice centers within their guild walls.

Porri the Advocate, Executor of the South Farthings and an agent of Community,  is reported as saying,

“He’s been working hard despite this disability for a long time, and the people around him have learned to signal to him to get his attention. He is also quite adept at reading lips.  His sermons are on the loud side, to be sure, but this only means that his words can be heard without magical amplification.  We will continue to support and stand by the Archminister.”