PC Submission: Return to Normalcy

Allegiant Symbol Alone

Greetings to all citizens of Elmerton.

It is my duty to inform those good people of Elmerton of the actions taken since the Allegiant invoked the Rights of Perdition.  Throughout the land of Irvanshire, the leadership of the Allegiant has stepped in to aid in the everyday needs of providing stability to some towns.  This by no means has occurred in the entirety of the land, only in those areas deemed at need or undesired by the noble leadership.  Elmerton is one such place that falls into that category.

As such, I have been placed as acting magistrate of the town of Elmerton and wish to conduct the towns business in a fair and reasonable manner, as our town has suffered under outside influence for several years now.  It is time to return to normalcy.

This coming moon, and for each moon after, we shall once again have a court session.  Court shall be held at one bell past high sun on Wakingday. In the fair weather it shall be at the amphitheater and in foul weather at the Whining Spirit Tavern.  Court should be viewed not only as a place to bring about grievances, or seek justice, but should be a time when the town can gather to exchange thoughts and concerns on the events that plague or occasionally benefit our lives.  Although not mandatory, I ask that representatives from any of the major factions of our town provide a representative to attend so that any thoughts can be communicated and dispersed to a wide audience.  Concerns may be brought to my attention prior to court if so desired.

Upon conclusion of court, I invite any and all merchants, smiths, alchemists, craftsmen of all kinds to gather at market to promote trade and fair exchange among those of our town, or just passing through.  Market shall be held in the same location as court, once all business has been concluded.  I encourage all citizens to at least browse those merchant’s wares that visit, so that our town may be known as a stop along many of the trade routes.

As we are a town full of heroes, and upon the advice of members of the town, I have elected to continue the disbanding of a town guard.  However, I have elevated three individuals to the position of sheriff to provide justice and order to the town.  They are Azmin, Kai, and Scindo and should all be given the respect due to their position.  Should anyone have need of their service, or should they need to report harm that has befallen them, they may seek either myself or any one of the sheriffs out to provide assistance.

I shall continue to do my best to serve the town of Elmerton until the incarnations deem my task complete.

Minister Oliver Finnestera

Acting Magistrate of Elmerton


Magestry’s Best of Petalsong 2013

Magestry’s Best of Petalsong, 2013!

Here are our picks for the Best of the May 3rd-5th event:

This month’s Best PC  was a veteran player who showed us his role-playing chops this game. Steve Pulaski in his role as Cael Daithi wow’d many of our NPCs and impressed a lot of our PCs as well! Aside from shedding real tears at hearing about someone else’s emotional predicament, he really upped his level of role-playing and made it so that everyone truly realized just how strong a role-player he is. On top of that, Steve is very helpful before and after game and is eager to do so. We are glad to have him at Magestry. Thanks, Steve! Congratulations!

Behind-the-Scenes in Ops can get a little crazy, but this month’s Best NPC was someone who, with his easy smile and willingness to do whatever needs doing, was able to diffuse some of that chaos. Kenny Rocci was a fantastic NPC all event- tapping into a quietly inexhaustible font of energy, lending a much needed and extremely helpful hand all weekend, and displaying a creative mind that lead to many great role-playing opportunities with the PCs. Kenny is a wonderful addition to our already amazing group of NPCs, and we are glad to have him at game. Thanks, Kenny!

Beaver Day Beckons!

On Saturday, June 1, 2013, Magestry will be lending its hands once more to Chesterfield Scout Reservation for it’s biggest annual service day, known as Beaver Day. The day begins at 9AM in the camp dining hall (module building) and ends at around 4PM. Over thejbbeaver1
past couple of years we have been the biggest and hardest working volunteer group; let’s see if we can keep that tradition going. Come prepared to defy both sun and bugs and be prepared to paint and/or walk into the lake! Remember that Brownie Point awards for service days are always first class. Ding!
The camp is providing lunch for us, but they need to know our numbers, so please email Paul at [email protected] and let him know what hours you can join us. Hope to see you there!

PC Submission: Fae Party!

Greetings fellow Elmertonians,

Some of this is going to sound real familiar but keep reading.  There are new details that you would be Ashynnied crazy to miss!

House Morlaix and yours truly are hosting an event on the twenty fifth day of Petalsong in honor of House Irune.  You are all invited.  I have that kind of sway. However, events are lots of work and I am looking for anyone willing to assist to contact me as soon as possible.  I would appreciate some servants, some music and a herald.  Do not fear, servanting will pay pretty well in magic, coins and gratitude.   We can work out how much of each you require later.   There will be food, drink, games and prizes.  Bring some food and drink if you want to partake.  House Irune of course need only bring their fiery selves!  If you have ideas for a game you want to run or entertainment you want to provide, do tell.  You can never have too much fun.

There will be a prize of a fine shirt.  It is a deep sanguine red that evokes images of flame and combat.  It would fit a range of individuals from men of moderate size all the way up to Battlekeep extra, extra muscly.  The shirt will be raffled.  Each member of House Irune will receive a ticket.  Fear not towns members and servants.  There will be additional ways to EARN tickets.  For one, you can help make the party successful by helping setup or cleanup.  For two, you can bring more than your fair share of goodies.  If you can’t bring anything and don’t want to help out, it is polite to ask before you take anything and to only do that after everyone else has been served.  For three, you can take a spicy eating challenge.  But don’t do that.  It will be terrible.

Because I like to paint swords, I offer a second prize.  Those


interested in a painted weapon can submit a theme for me to create.  I can either paint your current weapon or buy a sword and paint that.  An example of a theme could be “Spring” or “Dragons” or “Armpit”.  I will determine theme finalists and the crowd will determine the winner by volume of applause and other noise.

– Solun

PC Submission: A Town In Mourning

This moon we mourn the loss of Cael Daithi. He died in late into the evening on the 3rd of Petalsong in a tragic


whirlwind accident in the Aces Gambling Hall. His memory is so strong with all of the towns members of Elmerton that it was like his ghost was just walking around all weekend.
We will meet at 11 pm on Gathering Day in the graveyard to mourn and remember him.
He is survived by his dill dip and his three best friends.

In lieu of flowers, his three best friends ask that you just do not speak ill of the dead.


PC Submission: From the mountains of Mahitomo

Centuries have turned the monastery into ancient ruins, but I still remember walking these grounds as a child when the monks dwelled here. My old friend and teacher once taught me this poem:


It means:

Our life in this world – 
to what shall I compare it? 
It’s like an echo 
resounding through the mountains 
and off into the empty sky.

For the longest time I always found his poem sad that it focused upon our lives fading into emptiness above. Yet now, I can feel the truth to the rest of his words, we do have the power to make the very mountains of this world shudder. Living long is not the same as living loud, my friends in Elmerton have taught me that.

Even as I walk among the foot prints of my past I can feel the magic of that quaint town calling to me. I wonder how much has changed in the moons that I have been gone. I can even hear Takaeda whispering to me about returning to the waterfall in Elmerton. My friends, I hope you still gather round the hearth and share stories of your many adventures. I hope you still look kindly on strangers and help those in need. Set aside a cup of tea for me my friends, I am on my way back to you.