Food Raid Thwarted by Unlikely Guardians!

A group of former members of the Disciples of Dissension successfully thwarted a raid on local food reserves.

Just two nights ago a small group of unidentified assailants attempted to rob one of the larger food stores that is shared between locals and the Blackgate family. As they broke through the fenced off area to the main storage area, the robbers were met with resistance by the former DoD members. After a short but very violent clash the would-be-robbers where driven off into the night.

When asked for a statement about the successful defense the unlikely guards refused, saying that they had work to do to repair the fence and make sure nothing was lost in the scuffle. They went off to work and nothing else was said.

Not sure what has them so inspired but these are men and women who are very serious about the defense of both food and people.


Limnis Brodracker

Traveling Scribe

The Magestream Episode 2.2

On this episode of the Magestream, we’ll discuss the happenings at the September 22nd-24th event, we’ll hear a performance of Wild Mountain Thyme by Aralia, we’ll Clarify? what Knowledges are at game, and Rybin will talk about the Evernight, dimensions and who his greatest enemies are.

Thank you to Chris Fahey, Laura Button, Alex Fabian, and Caleb Baldauf for submitting questions for us to answer; thanks to Tonya Mathiason for her submission to our Command:Perform segment; and thanks again to Sam Rochford for writing our theme music. You can find more of her music by visiting

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