Magestry’s Best Of Harvestwane 127

Here are our picks for the “Best Of” September 22nd-24th event!


This Month’s Best PC is a long-standing vet and all around “good guy” Anthony “Toner” LaRosa as Majento. Besides being a good role-player and safe fighter, this event Majento was put to the test by the Furies. Everyone who bared witness to his trial felt the pain and emotion he endured throughout. Toner is also a huge help behind the scenes when he is available and we as a staff are happy to have his enthusiasm in ops. We were impressed with him again this event, as were you. Thanks and Congratulations, Toner.

“Majento was put to the test this game when his morality came into question from the furies and he really rose up to the challenge. Even dying from the pain from killing his sister was very telling in how great of a role player he is. His screams in agony and plea to the crowd for redemption was incredible.”
Even though I didn’t have the opportunity to interact with him much, I really appreciated Majento’s character! The plot-line with his trial was really interesting, and his acting was spot on.”
“Majento. Toner ALWAYS puts on some of the best role playing. Not only did I feel his pain at the fury council, but the deep discussions it caused were wonderful.”
“Magento. His trial was very painful, and felt very real.”




This month’s Best NPC goes to the one and only Dave Kopchick. Dave is an essential cog in the machine that is Magestry. As a former PC, Dave writes some of the most fun, exciting, and creepy plots that players love and enjoy. Most characters he plays are memorable and he dives head first into each role he plays. He keeps NPCs motivated and is always there to lend a hand in all that is done for the game. Not only do we love him as a staff member and writer, you as players love to fight and interact with him as well. Thanks Dave for all you do.

“Dave, he does an excellent job for all his characters and seems to enjoy interacting w the town just to see what they’ll do”
” Dave as the grain child was rad. I got to throw pumpkins off of the roof while I was sitting around. His interactions felt new and unique.”
“Dave Kopchick is great in every role he plays and is so enjoyable to fight.”
“Dave! He is so good! He really is an easy answer for this he always has a fast response during what seems to be very open ended rp and he is a very safe boffer opponent”
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