The Magestream Episode 1-6

On this Episode of the Magestream: We’ll talk a bit about character histories, we’ll sneak into the Evernight to learn more about the Ashynnied, hold Rybin accountable for all his hat-related hi-jinks, and talk up NPCing!

Thank you to Nate Carr, Kaza Ayersman, Sam Wagner and several “anonymous” listeners for their questions for Rybin. Thanks, too, to Alex Fabian for his suggestion for the Monster Manifesto. Want to be a part of the show, you can send questions, feedback, and performances to [email protected].

Angela is very excited about doing an episode on Death, Dying and Immortality soon, so send us questions and thoughts about character death, what you (or your character) would do for immortality, thoughts about how to deal with undead friends or family members, and other things that you think of!

Our theme music was written and performed by Sam Rochford. You can find more of her music at Thanks, Sam!

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