PC Submission: Ayslee and the Season of Remembrance are Upon Us

The summer grows old and feeble like thousands of summers before.  The faelings lay exhausted, their tireless efforts resulting in a thriving forest, bountiful harvest and months of warmth and joy. However, their efforts have left them too tired to make the trek home.  As is often the case, we are in a position to assist.  Having enjoyed the fruits of their labor, let us do them the favor of ushering them from our world.

Ayslee is not a celebration.  It is a solemn time of remembrance of the losses we have suffered, in their entirety but especially over the last year.  We have lost friends and family, seen strangers fall when we might have saved them, left behind parts of ourselves and in some cases had our perceptions of self obliterated.

So we meet as we do every Ayslee, at the Fae circle on Wakingday.  This year, the intention is to begin after dusk around 10pm.  The time will be somewhat flexible to accommodate certain surprises that may have been promised by certain Queens.  The time will be announced before the ritual begins.  You should come with a fae doll and an attitude befitting of a ritual of loss.

Last year we went beyond the standard ritual to honor Fae of watery decent by burning a doll in a paper boat upon the lake.  This year, we will be honoring the air or earth as determined by nature herself.

Join us in the grief of goodbye.



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