Portal Authority Declares 92% Portal Anchors Repaired!

Near the start of the Age of Fortune, the Portal Authority- an organization dedicated to the study, control, and use of both inter-dimensional and intra-dimensional travel on Magesta- wanted to make it easy for people (mainly of wealth and importance) to travel to and fro across the face of Magesta, and so they built portal anchors: weakened portal points reinforced through astral magic. These portal anchors, set up primarily in large and influential towns and cities, were widely used for over a hundred years with only a very few mishaps to speak of in that time. Oh, every now and again an anchor would be vandalized or overused, causing it to send someone to an unknown and unintended dimension or to simply explode, but those instances were generally few and far between and well cleaned-up.

portalHowever, just over a year ago, almost the entire Portal Anchor system throughout Magesta was systemically infiltrated and ultimately disabled. At first, Portal Authority agents thought it was the result of a combined effort of a loosely coordinated group of portal jackers  known as the Ledgerdemain to shut down the ability of the Portal Authority to move quickly throughout Magesta, however, the damage was so intensive and comprehensive that they ruled that out quickly. Now the going theory is that the damage to the system was done by a dangerous rogue Portal Jacker known only as “Fury.” Though not much could be found about this rogue jacker, suffice it to say that he knew the ins and outs of not only the Portal Authority (causing them no end of grief and trouble), but the Portal Anchor system itself.

His tampering could have destroyed over 100 years of continual building and construction of this important system, and though experts are still trying to figure out why he did not complete his work, they acknowledge that “there is enough damage to be getting along with as is without trying to figure out why he didn’t do more.” Repairs have been ongoing throughout the year and though an estimated 92% of Magesta’s Portal Anchors have been reestablished and working within an acceptable dependability range (89%), there is still plenty of intensive and extensive work to be done.

Blood Oath Sworn Against Skye

To All of Elmerton:

Greetings Elmerton, it is I, Bosephus Blackgate. I am sorry for the absence of myself, Boom and other members of my family this past moon. While Rebekkah was having her so called “ceremony” a massive force of shadows, shadow touched family members, and the few remaining true human cannibal Blackgates attacked us in massive numbers. It took hours of fighting for us to finally bring them down. In the aftermath of the attack Boom had to seal off one of our main chambers to prevent further incursions and we had many wounded who needed to be taken care of. We finally have the full story of what happened. I knew that her ambitions knew no bounds- I have known this since before my brother married her oh so many years ago. I knew she wanted to be shadow queen, as that would certainly be the nail in the coffin for me and my family. I knew that she hated us enough to try for something crazy, but I never thought she would be mad enough to try and broker a deal with a Vampire Lord to make her dreams become reality.
This tells me one thing, she is desperate. She is desperate and afraid. She knows that we can defeat her and she is backed into a corner. While that is certainly something we can use it’s also always good to remember that a cornered animal with nothing to lose is always the most dangerous. That being said I am doing something I have held back in doing for a very long time. I did it mostly in the memory of my brother as I was still trying to hold on to the foolish belief that somewhere inside her there was still a part of her that was still human, that could still feel and care. Now I know that if that part of her ever existed it is long dead. I will no longer show any mercy or hold anything back the time has come.
Rebekkah Skye Blackgate, I as the leader of my family have sworn a blood oath against you. You and the perversion of our family name will not only be defeated but erased from history. Every power I and my family have will be turned against you. Every ounce of blood that runs through our veins will be spilled if needed to ensure that you and your “kin” can never sully the Blackgate name ever again. I declare total war on you and your faction of bastard Blackgates and shadows. If our bloodline ends in this new stage of our war so be it. We will not stand by and let you try and drag our once proud clan through the evil you intend to bring on the world. I do not fear death, I have lived long enough.
Myself, Boom and the rest of the true family understand the gravity of what these words mean and are just as ready as I. If not by my sword then maybe by one of Boom’s special gifts your very life and you ambitions will be snuffed out.
May you be forever cursed.
Bosephus Blackgate

PC Submission: An Open Letter to Rebekkah Skye

An Open Letter to Rebekkah Skye

On the 17th of Harvestwane self-proclaimed Queen of Shadows Rebekkah Skye held court beneath the light of the full moon. This so called queen sought to rush the end of the Mores Consorti, a long standing tradition in the process of choosing a new Shadow Queen. In an effort to show her dominance Rebekkah invited the town of Elmerton to bear witness to her “triumph”
And what a triumph it was. Rebekkah’s favored champion, Vampire Lord Tarrygon brought forth the keystone that was required to both control the Darkwalker and win the Mores Consorti. Or so he thought…

When it was revealed as inert and therefore fake Rebekkah cut ties with Lord Tarrygon in hopes of distracting observers from what a sham her “court” had devolved into. Ordering her Shadows to attack both Lord Tarrygon and the observing Elmertonians, the “self-proclaimed Queen of Shadows” then fled her Court hoping to escape the shame it could bring.

Well, now I write to you Rebekkah Skye, well done with the show. I truly mean it. You sought to make a point and you certainly made one. You showed your Desperation in seeking to end the Consorti unprepared. You showed your Arrogance when you invited your enemies to observe your Crowning achievement. You showed the shadows who follow you how easily you will discard them and send them to their deaths. And most of all you showed your COWARDICE when you fled from your court.

You like to think yourself Queen of Shadows, but you and I know that title is not for you. Instead I name you Queen of Cowards, a fool who has perverted the traditions of the Shadow Realm in desperate grasp for power. I hope the defeat you suffered that night stings Rebby. But know soon you will face a permanent defeat and although i may not be the one to deliver the final strike, Know that I will watch you die with great joy.
Till Next Time Coward Queen
Dante Stormwind

Dearly Deluded Elmerton

To the town of Elmerton,

I apologize for not coming to you and speaking to you in person after someone from your town, once again, has stomped over my dreams of becoming Shadow Queen. It appears that I am not afforded with the same luxury of waltzing into the town and speaking with you as an equal as you grant Elonde. I often wonder if I had approached you first, if you would offer me the same respect as you offer her. I’m sure she has manipulated most of you well enough for you to think that you would not. I understand that we have had our differences in the past. I try to follow on my path of becoming Queen of the Shadows and you all continue on the path to ensure that doesn’t happen for whatever reason you’ve deluded yourselves with. Some of you may be blinded by the glimpse of the future that we have shared together, some of you may think that future is one I wish to have, you would be wrong.

Elmerton, I continue to not understand why you involve yourselves in matters that don’t particularly concern you. Why do you care about what happens in the Shadow Realm? Why do you see me as unfit to bring it the peace it so desperately deserves? The realm has been suffering from a civil war for years now thanks to none other than one of your own possessed towns members. The longer it takes to find a Queen, the worse the tensions will become for the realm. I assure you that I only want what is best for the Shadow Realm and I assure you there is more to this than you can fathom. If any of you would like to speak with me or assist me on my path to becoming Queen, I implore you to reach out to me. You will be free from any harm that you fear may come to you while speaking with me.

To those I have cursed with not finding contentment until Lord Tarragon is destroyed, I do apologize. However, I wouldn’t curse you with something that I did not believe you could not handle. I have faith that you will succeed in this task and wish you luck in doing so.

Yours in Shadows,

Queen Incumbent

Rebekkah Skye