Player Submission: Picnic in the North Woods of Elmerton!

PicnicCome join us around noon on Wakingday, the 28th of Petalsong, for a Peaceful meal in Greenshadow. You are more than welcome to bring food and drink of your own if you wish. For those of you with hammocks, feel free to bring them.

May Gwendolar bless this day with beautiful weather.

-Linarien Cedarwind

Innovation Within the Allegiant! Orphans Rescued!

Just outside of the city of Riverton is a rough and tumble jumble of ramshackle huts, crude tents, and dirty dwellings that look like they have been built and set up by children. In fact, that is almost entirely the case! They call this makeshift town “Orphan City” and it is filled with the lost and orphaned of many races from all over the kingdom and even the rest of Aszuron. These orphans range in age from 2 or 3 years old to sometimes as old as 18 or 19 and have been on their own for most of their lives. Orphan City has been a place for these lost and lonely to find help, companionship, independence, and even some semblance of family. However, being “ruled” by children and young adults with little to no means of making money and less ability and know-how about how to grow food or get other supplies, Orphan City has also become a place of where survival of the fittest and strongest has become the law, despite the attempts of several of the older inhabitants to keep it from becoming so. It has earned itself a reputation of being dangerous and hostile to “outsiders” and town officials have received many complaints about its existence.

The Allegiant in Riverton has been working on programs throughout the city to help orphans within its Fortune's Children Symbolboundaries and has recently developed an innovative new program called Fortune’s Children that will help to not only find these lost children homes that will help them build character and develop good, lifelong habits and strong moral compasses, but will help the working families throughout Irvanshire as well. Executor Porri the Advocate has been working tirelessly in cooperation with the Messengers’ Guild, the Freetradesmen, and several other organizations to secure homes with farming families in the more remote areas of Irvanshire to take in and adopt these orphans in order to help with farm life. In return, these families, hand-picked by the Allegiant, will feed, shelter, and care for the minds, bodies, and souls of those they adopt within a strict Allegiant-designed regimen, ensuring that they grow up to be strong, compassionate, and well-adapted citizens of the kingdom.

Fortune’s Children has been widely accepted as a true innovation of the times and is lauded for its compassion and wisdom. As such, it has been implemented very quickly and Orphan City was the first target. Within weeks the piecemeal village had been emptied and its inhabitants sent to various places around the kingdom. Cleanup is currently underway to remove all traces of the unsightly occupation and it is though that this program will extend to other cities where homelessness and large populations of orphans are prevalent.

Executor Porri also wishes to extend the invitation of a warm, caring home to those families within the kingdom who are in a state of poverty so extreme that they feel they can no longer take care of their children. If you find yourself in such a heartbreaking situation, please seek out your local Allegiant officials to apply to be a part of this wonderful program. Alternatively, if you are a family in a place to help those in need (and who may need extra hands to help with your trade or farm) and are willing to raise your family members (new and old) according to a regimen laid out by the Allegiant, please again contact your local officials to apply.

It is through innovations such as this that we find ourselves in a more compassionate, caring, and altogether more wonderful world and it is the wish of Executor Porri and the Allegiant that this will lead to many more programs and innovations in the future.

Magestry’s Best of Newgreen/Petalsong 126

Here are our picks for the “Best of ” the April 29th-May 1st event:

 Sebastion really stood out this game. His roleplaying is always fantastic, but it was nice to see it showcased!

Sebastion really stood out this game. His role-playing is always fantastic, but it was nice to see it showcased!


This event’s Best PC is none other than the Two-Years-Running-Town-Scoundrel/pirate faemin, Sebastian Dark played by Marque Sterling! Marque has been with Magestry for a while now, and we have had the pleasure of watching him grow as a role-player and as a valued member of our community. Marque has consistently showed dedication, loyalty, and helpfulness to the game, whether it’s flying from Washington D.C. to play (!!), NPCing for us for a while, or staying to help clean up whenever he can. This game we really got to see Marque’s role-playing skills highlighted, and we were duly impressed. Thanks so much, Marque, and congrats!

Here are some things you had to say about Marque’s performance this game:

“Sebastian – Awesome job role-playing a variety of emotions this event!”

“Sebastian did a great job with his angsty plot.”

“Sebastian for roleplay, not just for the major drama with Donovan, but also consistently throughout this event.”

“Sebastian, He really showed his role playing props in dealing with his friend and the conflict between his friend and the town.”

“I feel this event Sebastian deserves special recognition for his role playing when it came to Donovan and Amelia. He did a very good job of showing how hurt he was at what was transpiring.”

“Speaking of Marque, his roleplaying this event was fanTASTIC. He was legitimately distraught after the events of Friday night, and I overheard his and Silver’s conversation. It was very charged, and Marque showed some damn chops. He kept this up the entire game, especially when Donovan showed up again Saturday. I pretty much hung around just to watch him work. Very worthwhile.”

“Sebastian was my favorite PC. His role-playing shone brightly the moment he realized he could blink through the circle of protection and attempt to kill the Morticent, realizing that it was actually Donovan, and every moment afterward all throughout the weekend.”

Dave Kopchick. The man was everywhere this weekend. Fountain of energy which I think helped keep the awesome train going this weekend!

Dave Kopchick. The man was everywhere this weekend. Fountain of energy which I think helped keep the awesome train going this weekend!


This event’s Best NPC is, again, not a stranger to this particular accolade, but he is another NPC who truly deserves this award. Dave Kopchick was a whirlwind this event (and in the weeks previous to the event) helping to write plots, getting up early to put out speaks and spots and/or do early morning lessons, leading crunch squads, and generally helping to make sure that things ran smoothly throughout the weekend. Dave has become an integral part of the staff and we are sure happy that he decided to do so. Thank you so much for all your help, Dave!

“Kopchick with his variety of roleplaying and adding bits of non-essential, but environment enhancing little plots. He is always so wonderful!”

“Hanging out with Dave all morning as Baxter was a great time. I know Dave put a lot of hours into that component lesson.”

“The goblin that learned literacy with Dogwood. It was very comical and memorable.”

“My absolute favorite NPC this event hands down goes to Dave Kopchick. Hands down, without a doubt. He tackles each role with everything hes got, whether its a silly NPC like Gigglefritz, or a more tortured soul like the Emancipator, or even just as a crunchie. He has this enthusiasm about the game that is so blatantly clear and very nice to see. We are very lucky to have him back.”

“Baxter was certainly a fun npc to be around the excursion Sunday morning for components and his cheese lesson were both entertaining and informative.”

“Does Dave sleep? I think probably not. He is an unstoppable force of nature and I think has been a great addition to the game since he’s been back.”

Player Submission: NOW HIRING!

Aces After Dark is looking to hire a new restaurant and bar crew as it plans an expansion to Tradegate. We’re currently looking to hire these, and other positions:

– Managersmedieval_kitchen

– Cooks

– Servers

– Bartenders

– Custodial Staff

A guaranteed interview with the classy establishment’s management will occur on Wakingday this Petalsong the 28th between the hours of 10-noon. All interested parties are welcome.


If you cannot attend this open session, please submit all applications via the Messenger’s Guild to Management at Aces After Dark in Elmerton.

Player Submission: An Open Letter to My Friends in Elmerton

My dear friends and residents of Elmerton,

It is with a heavy heart I must say ‘Farewell’ for an indefinite amount of time. Taking Aralia’s advice, I’ve decided to search for my father after many moons with no response to my attempts to reach him. It’s very unlike him to not answer, and I have not seen him in any of the places we used to frequent at certain times of the year…

I hope for the best for everyone in all of your endeavors. Incarnations know I will certainly worry about all of you while I’m away…

With love and hope to see you all soon,

Remari Wintercress