PC Submission: Harvest Festival Bardic Competition!

Attention performers in and around Irvanshire!

You may have heard of me; my name is Simon T Garren, Master Maestro and musician. On the 8th of Reapingdusk, I will be one of the judges for a Bardic competition held at Aces in Elmerton for their Harvest Festival. I am hoping to bring performers of all kinds to Elmerton to compete for coin and prizes! As we all know, Reapingdusk will soon be upon us [or is upon us depending on the speed of the courier and publisher]. The weather is getting cooler and the tendency is for people of all kinds to seek warmer insular climes. Having read a few creation stories in my time, I came upon an interesting passage which reads as follows:



“… since death was one of the reasons for music, Music was to be the reason for Death …”

We all know that Reapingdusk is the moon dedicated to the Incarnation of Death, and so I would like to play along with this passage. Performers of all kinds will be competing for multiple prizes. Entry fee is five copper per participant. Prizes will be as follows:

1st place: 
Half of the entry fees, plus 5 gold from me, Simon T Garren. As well the winner gets first choice from our specialty prizes to be named on site [but will be exciting]
2nd place: 

One quarter of the entry fees plus 25 silver pieces from me, Simon T Garren.  The second place finisher will also get to choose a prize from the specialty prizes.

 3rd place: 

25 silver pieces from me, Simon T Garren and third choice from our specialty prizes.

 Bonus Prize: 

 Performance best symbolizing Death or paying best homage to Him [while respecting the safety of the audience and the judges] will receive a masterwork instrument crafted by me, Simon T Garren. We will discuss the crafting after the competition and the prize will be delivered within one years time.

Donations to add to the pot or for the specialty prizes will also be accepted by me, Simon T Garren.

So stop by the Aces Harvest Festival in Elmerton and put on your best bardic act for the crowd!

PC Submission: Aces in Tradegate Grand Opening!


The Owners of Aces cordially invite you to join in a day of festivities, followed by dinner in Tradegate for the grand opening of Aces Tradegate!

Aces Tradegate Dinner
Formal attire strongly encouraged

On the evening of Wakingday, the 8th of Reapindusk, a Fegorian-themed dinner will be held at Aces Tradegate in celebration of the classy establishment’s grand opening. Light appetizers, exquisite drinks, as well as a full dinner and dessert will be served.

Aces Harvest Festival
On Wakingday, the 8th of Reapingdusk, Aces Elmerton will be sponsoring competitions in celebration of the town where it all began!

5 copper entry fee per competition.

cakeBaking Contest
1st Place Prize: Free Food/Drink at Any Aces Establishment for a Year

Can you bake?  Have you ever tried? Now is the time to show off your skill!  All items must be completed prior to entry as there will not be any place to make your baked goods on site. The winning item will be decided by taste, appearance, creativity and name of the baked good.  Please make sure there is at least enough for 4 people to taste and please provide a list of ingredients, but the actual recipe may remain a secret.   

Fighting Competition
1st Place Prize: Heroism Cast On You Every Day for a Year by Majento

Come and put your skill on the battlefield to the test! No abilities will be allowed, for this competition we want to see your raw skill.

Bardic Competitionlute_19094_lg
1st Place Prize: Coin from Simon and the Opportunity to be the Opening Act at Our Grand Opening

Can you sing, dance, tell stories? We know lots of you have the talents. Come and show everyone what you can do! You have one act to impress! For more information on this event, please see the newsletter article written by Simon T. Garren, Master Maestro (Prizes listed in that article combine with the prizes listed in this section).  

Best Potato Contest
1st Place Prize: A Potato Trophy

Bring in your potato to be judged in front of a panel of potato-appearance experts. All types of potato encouraged.

Strong Man Competition
1st Place Prize: A Strong Man Sash Kissed by Elmerton’s Beautiful Community
Show Your strength by picking things up and throwing heavy stuff around.

Magical Competition
1st Place Prize: A Golden Wand and a Bestowed Spell of the Winners Choice Every Day for a year from Mira
Dodgespell. Last man standing wins.


Local authorities responded to reports of a farmstead being burnt to the ground, and its inhabitants slain, a day’s walk southwest of Riverton, sources tell us.

castle burns“It was…horrible. I’ve been working with the militia for years now, and have never seen anything like it.” stated Lebben Farseer, an investigator working with local Irvanshirian Militia troop. “The entire farmhouse was burnt to the ground, and all the livestock gone, but the family…the family was slaughtered. It weren’t no bandit group or wild animal did to those bodies what these THINGS did…it almost looks as though something turn’t those poor folks inside out. I don’t know what could have possibly done it to those folks, but others in the area have been told about it, and many of them are fleein’ the area, and rightfully so!…”

The bodies of the family have been identified as Pav and Ingrid Wilmer, local cattle farmers. Unfortunately, the bodies of their two children, ages fourteen and eleven, were also discovered on the scene. Recently, the Wilmers family had also adopted a young elven boy by the name of Owen through the Fortune’s Children program, but Owen was not found with the rest of his family, and his current whereabouts are unknown. Authorities are suspecting foul play, as there had recently been rumors of suspicious activity involving a group of unrecognized children in the area.

Anyone with any information on Owen’s whereabouts or any information on who could have committed this atrocious act should contact either the authorities in Riverton, the local troop of the Irvanshirian militia, or members of the Fortune’s Children group of The Allegiant.