Portal Authority Declares 92% Portal Anchors Repaired!

Near the start of the Age of Fortune, the Portal Authority- an organization dedicated to the study, control, and use of both inter-dimensional and intra-dimensional travel on Magesta- wanted to make it easy for people (mainly of wealth and importance) to travel to and fro across the face of Magesta, and so they built portal anchors: weakened portal points reinforced through astral magic. These portal anchors, set up primarily in large and influential towns and cities, were widely used for over a hundred years with only a very few mishaps to speak of in that time. Oh, every now and again an anchor would be vandalized or overused, causing it to send someone to an unknown and unintended dimension or to simply explode, but those instances were generally few and far between and well cleaned-up.

portalHowever, just over a year ago, almost the entire Portal Anchor system throughout Magesta was systemically infiltrated and ultimately disabled. At first, Portal Authority agents thought it was the result of a combined effort of a loosely coordinated group of portal jackers  known as the Ledgerdemain to shut down the ability of the Portal Authority to move quickly throughout Magesta, however, the damage was so intensive and comprehensive that they ruled that out quickly. Now the going theory is that the damage to the system was done by a dangerous rogue Portal Jacker known only as “Fury.” Though not much could be found about this rogue jacker, suffice it to say that he knew the ins and outs of not only the Portal Authority (causing them no end of grief and trouble), but the Portal Anchor system itself.

His tampering could have destroyed over 100 years of continual building and construction of this important system, and though experts are still trying to figure out why he did not complete his work, they acknowledge that “there is enough damage to be getting along with as is without trying to figure out why he didn’t do more.” Repairs have been ongoing throughout the year and though an estimated 92% of Magesta’s Portal Anchors have been reestablished and working within an acceptable dependability range (89%), there is still plenty of intensive and extensive work to be done.

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