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You may have known me from before, but behold: I am made anew! May we present to you the newest way of receiving all the news that is fit to hear on Magesta: The Magestic Messenger Blog! You can come here to see both in-game and out-of-game posts regarding the world of Magesta, just as you used to see it in Newsletter form. The Messenger will be updated after each event, as has been tradition, but it is likely to be updated more often from now on! Keep checking back for more information!

As you can see, there are, for now, two very distinct categories under which we will be posting: the In-Game Category and the Out-of-Game Category. If you are commenting or posting in the In-Game category, please do so in character and understand that any information you post there can be known in-game by anyone who reads this blog. This includes illiterate characters! If you are commenting or posting in the Out-of-Game category, your comments and posts should be of an out-of-game nature. And above all, please remember to stay respectful and polite in your responses (even heated In-Game responses can be done respectfully)- We will not hesitate to remove responses that are inappropriate or excessively rude or disrespectful. 

I hope you enjoy our experimental new path, and we look forward to providing you with the best news blog on Magesta!

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  1. Toner LaRosa says:

    Can In-Game or Out-of-Game additions be announced via Facebook to give people an idea of when to check the blog?

    • Hey Toner,

      I found a couple of plugins that I think will do the trick… but I might have to call in Tech Support on this one. We’re workin’ on it! In the meantime, I will try and do this manually. Thanks for the suggestion!

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