From the Riverton Town Watch: Be Advised!

Excerpted from the Watch blotter of Riverton:

14 NEWGREEN – Sir Gareth van Doren is seeking the assistance of the populace in his pursuit of an escaped criminal.  He styles himself a Bandit King who has escaped from the van Doren dungeons, and was last seen fleeing north to the Fiddleheads. Sir Gareth would like the criminal to be captured alive, but will offer a lesser reward for his corpse and effects, should it come to blows.   Please offer any and all cooperation in the apprehension of this dangerous criminal.

22 NEWGREEN – Concori Magesti reports to the watch that they had their magical storehouses broken into by a gang of criminals led by a large, bespectacled wizard, considered by some in the order to be Silas Stonecipher, a member who has been wanted for questioning by Concori Magesti for some time.  They would not divulge what components were stolen, but will reward any information leading to the capture of the thief and his coterie.

Grisly Parade of Death Strikes Riverton!

In what is becoming termed the “Blood Riots,” Riverton erupted in a night of frenzy and mayhem. It began during a performance at Hale Lonnigan’s Silver Harp, and escalated as throngs of blood crazed peasant rioters charged through the city, vandalizing and pillaging. It seems to have been sparked by some sort of unadvertised bardic performance, though the infectiousness of the high emotions seemed to spread beyond who could have possibly been inside the venue. House Van Doren has what they call “Very good leads,” and are investigating the source of the madness, which is said to have included active bloodletting, passive bloodletting, cannibalism, necromancy, and parading without a permit.

Lonnigan could not be reached for comment, but according to some of the employees of the Harp, the Farthings Five were slated to play, and the arrival of some Terl Ayran immigrants may have instigated some of the initial violence. Most of the peasantry who participated in the riots could not adequately explain themselves, and many offenders found themselves in the stocks, publicly beaten, fined, or pressed into indentured service. Anyone who has information about the origins or purpose of this heinous crime of terror can report to House Van Doren at their earliest convenience.