Families Displaced in Great Frostwood

Reports from the Great Frostwood indicate that soldiers clad in orange tabards displaying the spear and crook of the warmonger known as the War King have been displacing communities there.  Towns surrounding the Frostwood are getting increased traffic from migrants, straining their own ability to operate and feed their citizens, despite this year’s bountiful harvest.  When approached for an official statement, House Windlock, under whose jurisdiction much of the Great Frostwood falls, reports that no one is being forced from their homes, and anyone travelling under their own volition are welcome to do so pursuant to the internal migration policies of the Kingdom of Irvanshire.

Battlekeep Aids Against War King

For the last few months, the Battlekeep Army has kept a support line open to the town and outposts of Northwatch. Though Northwatch is an official holding of the throne of Irvanshire, which has no true authority over the independent holdings of Battlekeep, many thousands of troops and hundreds of wagons of supplies have been sent to aid the effort against a growing number of packs of roaming raiders.


Occasional raids have always been a part life for the people dwelling in the far northlands of Irvanshire, but since the summer, the number of raiders has grown outrageously, and they have begun to band together under a common banner. It is the banner of one who calls himself the War King. The War King’s purpose seems to be simple conquest, but only time will show how much land he wants and how much he will win.

It is known that the War King has a stronghold in Castle Frostmarch, which was originally constructed over 10,000 years ago during the Age of War to commemorate the notable Battle for Frostmarch. In the time since it was built, it has sunken into the earth and had another castle built on top of it many times; at least 20, though some historians think it may be as many as 50. While Castle Frostmarch is a mere 10 miles from Pith Sinkum, the War King has largely left that city alone. For now, the bulk of his attention seems focused on Northwatch, though scouts report that they have seen his forces in many parts of eastern Irvanshire and as far north as the Kingdom of Kire Dero.

Be warned: The War King’s symbol is a shepherd’s crook crossed with a long spear.War King Symbol3j