Explosion at Fledgar’s Fellers Work Site!


A massive explosion destroyed a major work site and a valuable piece of mining machinery just two days ago. Due to the nature of the blast, sabotage is the likely cause but clues as to who would do such a terrible act are quite scant. Hector Cavalerra, the foreman of the the mining compay had this to say:
“It was a terrible act of sabotage done by cowards who wish to remain in the shadows rather than own up to their own violence. Its a miracle no one was killed and the fire that it caused was small enough that no real damage came from it. The very expensive and complicated-to-build machine however is destroyed beyond repair. Our work is going to be held back another 6 to 8 months at the very least due to the upcoming freeze cause by the colder months. This couldn’t have happened at a worse time. We will exhaust every effort to find the people who did this.”
Anyone with any information is to report to the town guard, royal officials, or to the mining company itself. Stay vigilant!!!

Spring Brings Unusual Animal Activity to Elmerton

A Warning to the citizens of Elmerton

Citizens of Elmerton:

As of late the animals and various other beings that live in the woods around your great town have started becoming rather aggressive. In the past month alone three people have lost their lives to animal attacks in these woods. We at the Fledgar’s Fellers are doing what we can to keep the animals at bay, but there is only so much we can do and many from our company have been injured as well, preventing them from being able to work.

We wanted to warn you of these dangers in the deep woods area and advise you to stick to the main roads when at all possible. If you have a sword, bow or any other type of weapon to defend yourself please keep it with you at all times.

We are working to resolve this issue, and are searching for a source of the animals’ hostility and abrupt change in behaviors. No doubt it has something to do with the various “problems” Elmerton has faced recently. Thank you in advance for your understanding and for all of your help and please stay safe. We will all get through this together.

Lynnette Ilsfirmg
Assistant Project Manager
FLedgar's Fellers Symbol Color

Fledgar’s Fellars Discover Rare Rock

Citizens of Elmerton! Please heed these words!

As some of our men were running tests and mapping out the area of Elmerton in the winter months we made a rather shocking discovery: A large and odd stone not of this world was discovered in the woods.
Our initial tests have determined that it is certainly not of this world. It is like nothing we have ever seen, but a local shaman of sorts who calls himself Matrius claims that it bears a resemblance the surface of the moon, but it is different somehow. Our best scientists have come up with two plausible theories.

1. This is sort of a piece of the moon that has somehow made it through the Void and has fallen from above.

2. During the battle you and your fellow Elmertonians had with the “Moon Monster” a piece of the monster was fired into the woods and lodged where this rock now sits.

We are warning you of the presence of this stone for many reasons, chief among them is this news which, I must confess, is a bit dire. Orcs,wood trolls, wild men and a variety of other forest creatures
have begun to worship the stone as either a deity or the symbol of one. They pray to it and fiercely defend it. They have become increasingly aggressive and have forced us to stop work in the area. We are working on recovering/moving said stone, as its far in order to make the area safer and more hospitable for our workmen.

At this point, we cannot do more than warn you. That being said, if someone does wind up recovering this stone we would most appreciate it if it was brought to us for research. A reward of some note would not be out of the question.

Thanks for your time!FLedgar's Fellers Symbol

Hector Cavalerra
Head Foreman
Fledgar’s Fellers Mining Company