Grotesque “Puppet Show” Found in Riverton

alleywayA gruesome scene was found in an alleyway near the Spinster’s Sister Inn and Tavern in Riverton on the 11th day of Reapingdusk. A small stage had been erected in the darkened streetway and two bodies were discovered hanging by strings connected to their wrists, ankles, and necks as if they were puppets in a macabre show. Each of these bodies appeared to have been strangled by the ropes around their necks and had been brutally mutilated- a still-tinkling music box placed into a hole in their chests where their hearts should have been. The words “For Mother” were scrawled in black paint on the front of the stage.

One of the bodies has since been identified as Rhence Gelk, a relatively famous circus master from a Tohmshirian Circus that had visited Irvanshire recently. The other is a Septani woman with dark hair in her mid-late twenties. She has not yet been identified.

Anyone with information about these two brutal murders should contact the Town Guard in Riverton as soon as possible.

Noble Conclave Called for Windlock/Lav’Endros Dispute

Friends of House Lav’Endros,

It was two years ago this month that the Noble House of Windlock put forth the Declaration of Enmity against our House in an attempt to not only humiliate and discredit its members, but also with intent to acquire our lands and assets should the Act of Acquisition be approved. It is our understanding that at the onset of this Declaration, House Windlock was operating under the influence of a coven of Vampire Princes who have culled the bloodlines of many of Irvanshire’s Noble Houses into submission under their control. How strong this control is and how deeply it is felt within the Noble Houses is not yet determined, though it seems that House Lav’Endros and House Acciora are free from this control.

That said, though the initial Declaration of Enmity may have been influenced by these Vampire Princes, the actions of House Windlock since then against our House and the constituents under our care have been ignoble, deplorable and worth investigation.

As you may or may not know, a Conclave has been called and has been scheduled for the 4th night of Boneharvest in order to put an end to the dealings between House Lav’Endros and House Windlock. At this Conclave we will be expected, as a House, to present evidence of wrongdoing perpetrated knowingly and maliciously by house Windlock against House Lav’Endros. The Conclave will be overseen by a panel of impartial witnesses that will act as both judge and jury in the case. These are likely to be nobles knowledgeable in the Irvanshirian Noble House Code of Conduct, and possibly also an Adjudicator of The Allegiant.

There is a lot at stake in outcome of these proceedings. According to the Act of Acquisition, because House Lav’Endros is considered a minor house, if we are found to be at fault or to have misrepresented House Windlock, it could mean the end of our house entirely. It is likely that ranking nobility, primarily those at the top, would be stripped of our titles, at best, or imprisoned or executed, at worst. Our lands, assets, and all of our constituents would be absorbed into House Windlock, and those who have worked against them these long years would be punished. It is even rumored that the anger of House Windlock is so great towards Lav’Endros and particularly to the township of Elmerton, that the town itself will be disbanded and razed to the ground, its inhabitants arrested, banished, or exiled.

Alternatively, if we were to win the day with a solid display of evidence confirming Windlock’s malicious and ignoble behaviors, we would likely be promoted within Irvanshire’s Nobility to become one of the kingdom’s major houses. Additionally, we would acquire a significant portion of Windlock’s lands and assets in reparation for the damages caused to our House and its reputation. Though this would indeed be a boon to the House, it would mean that we would be stretched very thin as we attempt to provide representation for and protection to our new holdings. Should this happen, we intend to petition all of you to aid us in settling and taming our new territory.

Members of the township of Elmerton have been instrumental in gathering a solid presentation of evidence proving not only the innocence of House Lav’Endros in the crimes addressed in the Declaration of Enmity, but the wrongdoings of House Windlock as well. It is hoped that members of the town will be present during the Conclave on Gatheringday, the 4th of Boneharvest to not only present the evidence they have collected on behalf of House Lav’Endros, but to show their support for their ruling house. Observation of the proceedings will be opened to all who wish to witness them, though neither disrespect nor violence will be tolerated during this time.

Though Windlock seems confident in their claims against us and has said that they have sufficient evidence to back their accusations, we are confident that we have enough evidence to present a case that will keep House Lav’Endros and all who fall under our purview safe. We ask for your support and faith during these trying times. However things turn out, it has been an honor to have you with us since the first of your travellers accepted Lord Renwar’s Harvest Festival invitation oh so long ago, and we sincerely hope to be able to work alongside you in the

Yours Under the Tree and Wolf,


Baroness Lobea Lav’Endros

Lord Renwar Lav’Endros

Sir Xanthos Lav’Endros

Magestry’s Best of Harvestwane 126

Here are our picks for the September 16th-18th event:



This month’s Best PC is a veteran player with a love for playing characters in full makeup. Whether he’s a golden ray of light or a shadowy ball of emotions, Peter Dey as Silver is an great role-player. It is exceptionally rare to catch him out-of-character during game, and his stoicism broken by random and unexpected bits of humor makes him a likeable, if somewhat intimidating character. Pete has always worked to bring in new people to the game and always tries to make sure to help set up before game and clean up afterwards. His enthusiasm and kindness are noticed and appreciated by all. Thanks, Pete!


“I found myself unable to stop watching Silver as a newcomer. While [he is] on the quiet side of things, I don’t believe I ever saw him drop character.”

“Silver, while he was quieter than usual it showed that his character had some deep troubles going on.”

“Silver does a great job of staying in character, has an amazing costume and overall is a pleasure to role-play with.”

“Silver always plays a good Silver and I was more in awe of him this game than usual.”


Talya Goodman. She’s always fun to fight and to RP with she plays a great nipper and her enthusiasm is infectious.



This month’s Best NPC is always a breath of fresh air whenever she comes to game and is ready and willing to do whatever needs to be done. Talya Goodman is a wonder behind the scenes. She is equally as able to play a serious character as she is able to make your tummy hurt from laughing so much and she is a fun and safe fighter who will crunch at the drop of a hat. We are always thrilled to have her at game and are thankful for all the help she gives when she is there. Thanks, Tal!



“Talya. Hands down. She brings humor into situations which really should be terrifying.”

“Talya Goodman. She’s always fun to fight and to RP with. She plays a great nipper and her enthusiasm is infectious.”


Honorable Mention for Best NPC goes to Amanda Mooney in her role as Rebekkah Skye on Friday night! We were absolutely thrilled with her performance, and so were you!  Check out what you had to say about our Miss Mooney:

“Rebby Skye-(the woman who tried to become the Shadow Queen). She seems like a powerful long term villain, who has goal, personality, and a commanding presence about her. She makes a good Evil Queen figure, even if she is not yet a queen (just don’t tell her that to her face).”

“Rebekkah Skye, she just had this aura of power, but combined with that calm, sweet tone and overall scariness I have to say she was the best npc character.”

“Rebekkah Skye. She put off this aura of menace and tension that was phenomenal.”

“Rebbie Skye was very well done, the coronation was very tense and her discussions with the townsfolk and npcs was very captivating.”

“Amanda was soo believable as Rebby Sky, which is great because Amanda is such a kind soul. Amazing role playing.”

“Rebby sky. even though my character hates her, Amanda does a wonderful job playing her.”