Dearly Deluded Elmerton

To the town of Elmerton,

I apologize for not coming to you and speaking to you in person after someone from your town, once again, has stomped over my dreams of becoming Shadow Queen. It appears that I am not afforded with the same luxury of waltzing into the town and speaking with you as an equal as you grant Elonde. I often wonder if I had approached you first, if you would offer me the same respect as you offer her. I’m sure she has manipulated most of you well enough for you to think that you would not. I understand that we have had our differences in the past. I try to follow on my path of becoming Queen of the Shadows and you all continue on the path to ensure that doesn’t happen for whatever reason you’ve deluded yourselves with. Some of you may be blinded by the glimpse of the future that we have shared together, some of you may think that future is one I wish to have, you would be wrong.

Elmerton, I continue to not understand why you involve yourselves in matters that don’t particularly concern you. Why do you care about what happens in the Shadow Realm? Why do you see me as unfit to bring it the peace it so desperately deserves? The realm has been suffering from a civil war for years now thanks to none other than one of your own possessed towns members. The longer it takes to find a Queen, the worse the tensions will become for the realm. I assure you that I only want what is best for the Shadow Realm and I assure you there is more to this than you can fathom. If any of you would like to speak with me or assist me on my path to becoming Queen, I implore you to reach out to me. You will be free from any harm that you fear may come to you while speaking with me.

To those I have cursed with not finding contentment until Lord Tarragon is destroyed, I do apologize. However, I wouldn’t curse you with something that I did not believe you could not handle. I have faith that you will succeed in this task and wish you luck in doing so.

Yours in Shadows,

Queen Incumbent

Rebekkah Skye

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