Hail the New Queen of Shadows!

shadow-queenHer Majesty, Queen Rebekkah Syke, has all but claimed the long vacant throne of Shadow Queen. For too long the Realm of Shadows has been divided and at war within itself, but now Queen Skye has united this roiling Realm and will see the beginnings of complete unification under her rule with the completion of the Mores Consorti as the 17th day of Harvestwane begins, in this the 126th year of the Age of Fortune. Since Rebellion and Revolt have lain festering in the heart of her rule, Elmerton, her Majesty has declared that the ceremony to accept a Consort and therefore confirm her crown will happen there, in full sight of both support and opposition. The actual Coronation will be held at a later time in the Shadow Realm proper, in the Queen’s Halls.

Player Submission: Point Edgar Woman Goes Missing!

Outspoken critic of the king’s recent decrees, Sable Melas, has recently been reported as missing. Her last known location appears to be the site of other reported disappearances in the last few months. Ongoing investigations up to this point have been inconclusive but there has been no evidence of foul play, though the family suspects otherwise.
If you have any information, please contact the Melas family in Point Edgar.